Inchcock Today: Monday 24th November 2014


I awoke around 0200hrs – almost like getting an electric shock – wide awake!


I poddled down and made a cuppa, too early for me medications yet.

Returned upstairs and started to update posts for the League of Mental Men site.

WC – and no blood from little ‘Inch’ – tender, but no blood! dabbed a tad of Betamethasone cream on and managed not to scream-out. (Hehe)

Feeling depressed this morning… why? No idea!

 0515hrs: Cuppa and took medications. Inch still no blood. (Good)

Got the things ready for me walk to the QMC for me NRI blood level tests – but could not find me Anticoagulation record card. So I’ll have to go up to the fourth floor and get another one – good thing I’m setting out early (0630hrs still dark).

-2ºc the cars windscreens well frosted over. Took a photo.

Hobbled down to the Queens Medical Centre taking 1hr 35mins for the hike.

As I passed the college on Triumph Road I took two photo’s of the fancy shaped new buildings

Arrived to be greeted by Unison members on picket duty just outside the hospital. Took a photo.

Slowly I ascended the stairs to the anticoagulation unit and had to wait a while for the printer to be turned on, got me record card and back down to floor B and into the waiting area outside haematology.


Again two staff had not turned up for work, last week it was three. The two left on duty were well pee’d off. I wondered if they ere taking industrial action but didn’t like to ask while she’s got the needle in me arm. (Hehe)

Came out and foolishly tried to get on a bus to Bulwell and the driver pointed out that I could not use me free-bus-pass until 0930hrs. Red-faced I got off and started to walk to town (55min’s) taking a photo of the wonderful but dark sky. There I caught as tram to Bulwell (0932hrs)

Now this is good, even for a twit like me – I went into Fultons Frozen Foods  shop, and was overjoyed at seeing they had some of the giant packs of microwave sausages in stock again and bought one post haste, well pleased.

I then called in the cheapo shop to see if any bargains were available and while in there it dawned on me that I have no longer got a microwave! Huh!

Fed the ducks on the river Leen and caught the bus back to Carrington.

Took  a photo of what was left of a chained up bike near the Kebab-Pizza poisoning shop- it was not a lot.

Got in and WC’d.

Now… throughout the course of me mammoth walkabout I took about eight photos, some of which I thought were good.

Started the laptop – but no internet connection at all – closed and opened Chrome again, still nothing. I went down and reset the BT hub, and got numbers off of it in case I needed them later.

Came back up and restarted the laptop – nothing again.

Went down and checked what I could and reset hub again.

Came back up and second try it started?

I downloaded the photo’s I’d took, deleted them from the camera card – and the laptop turned itself off: lost em all!

Hence no photo’s in today diary. After all that bother as well. Tsk! blow and damnations!

Restarted again after going through the checks demanded and it seems alright again now.

Updated this diary – but me heart wasn’t in it after losing me photographs.

And… after losing/misplacing me bank card and going embarrassed to the bank and helpful lady helping me sort it out, I should get new card around Wednesday/Thursday… when I was at the hospital earlier I found the blooming thing! Oh… fed-up I am fed-up frustrated and low… still that’s about normal fer me nowadays. (Hehehe)

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