Inchcock Today: Thursday 4th December 2014

 Thursday 4th November


Warmer today

Up and active at 0145hrs.

WC’d and checked ‘Little Inchy’ – not too tender and  no blood!

Went and made a cuppa and returned laptop on and updated yesterdays Diary. I had intended to do this last evening, but the fact that I was knackered from me standing around and being out late caused the onset of weariness and me falling asleep. Hehe.

Did some facebooking and blogging then started creating some graphics for me posts later.

WC’s and made another cuppa.

At 0600hrs, took me medications remembering to take me extra Warfarin and back to the graphicalisationing.

A bit warmer this morning than yesterday – but I can hear the wind a-blowing outside.

Got the things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and set of on a walk to Sherwood.


Dropped the stuff off, and caught a bus to town.

And what an interesting trip it turned out to be…

The bus was almost full when I got on, I had to sit on a drop-down seat in the ‘Buggy Bay’. By the time it had travelled two more stops, we gained a woman with on of those massive for wheeled shopping trolleys, another with one of those help you walk 3 wheelers with brakes, and two women with prams! I moved to stand and a young man gave me is seat.

In two of the four disabled/elderly person’s seat were two young ladies – well…

Nobody could pass the tubby woman with her square 4 wheeler shopper to get off or on the bus – then one of the senior citizen suggested the big lady moves her trolley, so the lady with the 4 wheeler could get hers out from blocking movements – then it started, the two ladies with kids in prams launched a verbal attack on the woman who suggested the other two women move their trolleys, erroneously I might add, I think they misunderstood what the old dear was saying, the two trolley ladies had a go… it got quite analogous at times.

Eventually the two ladies with the trolleys did what the old dear suggested and all the problems were solved!

A bit of indignation, puffing and huffing were muttered – but no blood drawn!

In town I nipped in the cut-price shop and got some Lion bars, then caught the bus to Beeston. I wanted to go see if the little shop where I bought some excellent butter from last year were still selling it.

Tram works en-route delayed the journey a good while, but luckily that didn’t faze Grumpy old Inchcock at all.

04Th03When we arrived in what used to be Beeston Square, the tram works were surrounding everything – and the little shop was now just a pile of a few bricks opposite the Tesco store (See photo).

I had a pop in the B&M cheapo store but thee was nothing I fancied in stock, so put back the basket and left going to the bus-station. The odd look I got from the security guard did not faze me at all, in fact I was hoping he would approach me because I knew him from years ago at Sawley Security – I imagine he would still be the same idle thick personage he was then.

So I got another bus back into Nottingham through the tram works again and then one out to Bulwell, taking a picture through the bus window.

The journey to Bulwell was a tad interesting for a while as I could hear a woman shouting down her mobile to whom I presumed would have been her Mother. Seems she was going to eat out tonight and bring her some fish and chips back after the Bingo session… If that bloody &(/>! dog started barking again tonight she is going to throw hot water over the fence… Marks & Spencers have some Slim-jams (Whatever they are) but they are too expensive… If her benefit cheque arrives put it in the side drawer … and she’s paid the loan off this morning!

There was more, but that’s all I can remember. I was a little sad when she had to get off the bus really. Hehe!

04Th04Dropped off in Bulwell and noticed that the Lion pub was now called the Lion Revived and had been renovated nicely. Took a photo… noticed they had England flags hanging up outside. Risky that nowadays, surely we can no longer claim to be English can we? Unless they had them up for the football perhaps?

I meandered into the cheapo food shop but didn’t get owt.

04Th05I wandered into Farm Foods and got cheapo bread for the mallard ducks.

I wandered down the pedestrian road to the river and took a photo that depicts how sad and depressed the folk looked today.

As I crossed the Market Place, an elderly lady dropped her shopping bag, and it was really funny, even at the time the both of us struggling to get down and back up again 04Th06collecting her stuff and re-bagging it.

Nice lady, thanked me and she poddled off cheerfully enough bless her. Just a shame no one else offered to help her.

 I hobbled on the River Leen and fed the avaricious ducks and pigeons, but the seagulls got a good bit of the bread before the ducks could. Hey-ho, yer can’t blame em.

04Th06bI enjoyed a few moments stood leaning against the bridge wall and letting my mind wander back to 1962 when I used to work in the Market Place at Marsdens Stores. Many memories came flooding back of how it was then and how very contented I was. Ah well…

Got to the bus station and caught a 17 back to Carrington.

Yet again a bit of interest on this journey today too – a poor woman could not stop coughing, the poor dear had a rasping smokers-like cough and boy was it loud. I almost said something when a couple of people started ‘tutting’ when the old dear coughed. Some people eh?

04Th07As we passed the City hospital I noticed how the houses from part of the Council Housing Estate that rises up and back a bit looked like they might be of interest to some of my American cyber-friends, so I took a photo of them. Didn’t come out like I wanted though, Tsk!

Got off the bus and walked back to the flea-pit.


Took some bags out to the bins.

Pottered about and made some nosh.

Could I find me mobile? After a marathon search I found it.

Then could I find me reading glasses – searched for ages and was getting a little uptight with missen – naughty words were spoken!

Started the laptop, then had another search for my glasses.

Naturally I found them in the airing cupboard… yes a bit worrying but at least I found them so I could update and post this on the web.

I rang Brother-in-law Pete, and he says his legs are alright after his exertions on the ice yesterday.



6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Thursday 4th December 2014

  1. 1. What is an airing cupboard?
    2. I seem to love feeding ducks lately. It used to seem like an “old people” thing, but I started this year and I find it so peaceful.
    3. What an interesting bus ride!

    • Hello Rachel.
      Airing cupboard: A small cupboard/room where the heating boiler is located with shelves above where you can put clothes to dry from the heat of the boiler.
      Your right about feeding the ducks Rachel, the mallards course quacks I love, although it annoys some people. This time of year with food scarcer they do get a bit annoyed with each other though. I try to ensure as many as possible get a nibble. They help keep me sane I’m sure.
      The altercation on the bus-ride into town was interesting, but was unnecessary if only folk had listened to what the lady said in the first place, it was good advice but the others got all defensive for no reason at all. Tsk… I’m waffling again, sorry.
      Take care and keep scribbling gal! Cheers

      • And with the ducks, don’t you get annoyed when one of them tries to bully his way into getting all the bread? LOL! I hate that! I’m glad you’re feeling better finally! 😀 YAY!

      • Cheers gal.
        Hoing to go and feed the little mites in a bit. Awaiting results from the INR level tests, just in case I’ve to go in for an injection.
        Then I’ll be off to the Nottingham Hospice Shop, then into Bulwell, things permitting. TTFN

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