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Wednesday 3rd  November

03W1thermGot up 0540hrs and WC’d. ‘Little Inchy’ tender but no blood whatsoever! So I did not apply any of the diminishing stock of Betamethasone corticosteroid cream.

Went down and made a cuppa, returned and took me medications as the laptop started for me to do yesterdays Diary and get it posted.

It is damned cold this morning, in the kitchen the thermometer read -1c!

How the folk in America are coping with their cold weather amazes me.

The angina started playing up again.  I must ask the doctor if she can put me back on the under-tongue tablets thingies again. I can’t remember why she took me off of them now. But there was a good reason I’m sure.

The INR level results came back. Now at 1.9 (Target 3.5), still better than last week when t was 1.4 so going the right way.  I imagine many folk on Warfarin have the same confusing up and down results without ever finding out why? Or being able to control it.

Did some Facebooking after dong the Diary post.

Created some graphics for Troll Free Zone and later use in blogs. Coreldraw9 behaving well at the moment?

Going to see brother-in-law Pete at 1400hrs dong his skating at the rink in the Nottingham City Centre Winter Wonderland display.

Good heavens it’s gone down to minus -2c now!

Got missen washed and brushed up and set off on the bus to town. Talking of buses, there were so many in town they clogged the roads… ah of course… Christmas shoppers eh? I’m quick yer know.

03W4000Walked into the slab square and met Pete near the ice-rink thingy.

The skating sessions were of 45minutes.

The Prices:

Adults 12 & Over – £8.50

Under 12’s – £6-50

03W401Students/Senior Citizens – £6.50

Disabled – £7.50

Penguin Hire (Trainer sled) – £3.00

Pete thought the prices were reasonable, reckoned they were a tad high. But then again Pete is a lot richer than I am (Not due to his working, he retired at 59) bequeathed money yer know, better looking than me, fitter than me, he can Ice-skate and I can’t, he’s taller and less fatty than me, better looking than wot I am, attracts the women like flies to a dustbin, he’s got more and better… Oh dear I lost the plot there, sorry about that.

Jealous? Me? Huh… Yes! But he’s a great bloke really.

We had to wait a while for them to titivate the ice between sessions, and i took the opportunity while Pete was frothing at the mouth over the young lady in the payment booth, to go to the library to return my book.

03W3librWalked up the hill and into the library but could not find where to return the book? So I asked at the reception area and the lady pointed behind me to where I just walked into the place, and the two five foot long and 18inch high green and white signs, each above a large letter box opening that read ‘RETURNS’.

Oh I do feel a fool at times!

There was the most amazing little bench in the Children’s section, looked like a folded book – brilliant I thought.


Pete having an occasional rest – usually when a female was near-by I noticed!

I returned to the Ice-rink, and it was still a good while before they were allowed on the ice-rink, but out they came with Pete posing for the females and checking around as he slowly began on the ice.

It didn’t take him long t find his skates so as to put it, and he was off like a good un.

03W404Occasionally he’s come over to me, then he’s be off again.

I managed to take many photographs, but not me best because I had to be sharpish as, do you know, the skaters were moving. Hehe!

The arthritis was getting worse all the time I stood around – not helped by the fact that this morning (for the first time ever) I’d 03W406forgotten to rub me pain gel into the knees. Tsk and double Tsk!

Annoyed with missen I got a bit niggly.

Pete really enjoyed himself on the ice,

Never mind the very high price,

Seeing him happy was very nice,


Brother-in-law Pete in action on the ice.

Enjoying himself out on the ice.

I hope he doesn’t have too many aches in the morning. Even if he does, I think he’ll reckon it was worth it for so much fun.

Afterwards we walked to Argos where between us we managed to read the small print in the catalogue and purchased a stand alone diddy DVD player to replace the one I trod-on. (I know, I know!)

Pete wanted to get some stuff from Aldi so I tagged (limped) along with him, which was fatal for the money in me pocket.

We plodded into Victoria centre where Pete bought some shampoo on offer, for Jane I thought.

We parted, and I hobbled in great pain to the bus-stop and caught one back to Carrington, very weary indeed and I’d not been ice-skating!


Made some sarnies and stayed awake just long enough to get the DVD working okay… then fell asleep watching the first DVD tested ‘Primeval’.

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