Inchcock Today: Sunday 14th December 2014

07St01Sunday 14th December 2014

Stirred into semi-life at 0250hrs – well aware of some of the horrendous dreams I’d been having and made some notes of what I could remember.

Started the laptop and went down into the very cold kitchen and made a cuppa.

Returned and Word would not load until the third attempt oh dear!

Started to get the details down of me dreams as the memories were fading fast.

Within minutes the notes meant nothing with the memory gone. Drat!


Did a graphic from the words I’d noted, but by now they meant little to me.

Shame cause I think the dreams were interesting… scary, but interesting. Ah well

I wish some psychoanalyticalisationalistic person would look into these regular dreams.


Made another cuppa and took me tablets at 0510hrs.

Did some graphics then face-booking.

Made another cuppa.


Eventually forced missen to get up and get ready for me photographicalisationing walk.

When I eventually found me hearing aids, I was ready for the off.

Go on, have a guess where I found em, go on…

  1. 07St02

    Dark dank and foreboding sky again!

    A) On top of the kettle

  2. B) In me slippers
  3. C) In me spectacle case

I hobbled out to the bottom of the street turned right and was welcomed by the view of most unwelcoming sky.

It was dark, dank and foreboding yet again today. And this at about 1130hrs!


Mallards and pigeons – Love em! With a few unkown to me thrown in the feeding frenzy

I poddled on and walked into Arnold.

A long walk, but at least there was only the two Sherwood Hills to climb, the rest of the way was reasonably flat… a bit like my spirits.


Incoming Turbo Mallard – great!

I called into the Arnot Hill Park situated on the old Nottingham Road in one end and out of the other end – but once the Mallard ducks came to me, I got out the bird seed I just happen to have in me bag…

I moved along and at another point fed some more mallards – during which a mallard on the island centre of the pond turbo-paddled towards me at a rate of knots that Donald Campbell would have been proud of!


On this stretch of Front Street there were eleven premises either for sale or rent. Well done Cameron!

His accompanying quacks and phenomenal speed made me think of an incoming torpedo and I think will stay in my mind for a long time. I wish the photo was good enough to enter into some competition, of course it doesn’t show the little mites speed as it actually was.

I don’t know how he stopped himself being banked.

I exited the park and waddled on into Arnold.

A sad and lonely place it looked too.

I popped into Iceland where the kind lady on the till didn’t bother to talk to me at all, but her grunts were melodic.

On to the Fulton Food shop, where I failed to get any of the Blackcurrant and ice-cream lollies I was seeking, but did get some biscuits and a small bottle of vinegar. Oh, and this young ladies gave far less grunts than from the Iceland lady in Arnold, but there were far more effective ‘You old git’ glares from this one.

I decided to go and try the Fulton’s store in Bulwell and I joined the few people waiting of it, being a Sunday of course the wait was long – but pleasant as I had a conversation with a lady and it transpired we both came from the Meadows area of Nottingham originally. We spoke of some of the things we enjoyed, the Imperial Cinema, the Grove Cinema. And she could remember the toffee factory fire as well. Not only that she could remember the name of it ‘Waughtmoughs’ so that should give me a better chance to find something on the internet about it later.

She told me of many things and people I could relate to, and was in much better spirits when I got off the bus than when I got on to it.

I went straight to the Fulton store via the Bulwell Marker Place, another cold dark dank depressing place with the few folk around seemingly well depressed themselves.

But they did have some Blackcurrant and ice-cream lollies I was seeking, so I bought two packs to keep me going.

I popped into the Heron Freezer shop but they didn’t have owt appealing in for me.

Then up the road to the Pound Shop and got some seed and bird food with mealworm.

Then I hobbled over the crossing to the river Leen and guess what?

07St06Two more shopping trolleys had been thrown in – unless someone had take the two out and some other cretin had thrown them back in perhaps?

Any-road-up, these pellets that I got from the Pound shop really set off the Mallards, they had punch-ups between themselves trying at at em, even the pigeons got a little agonous.

The fodder didn’t last long either.

So I retreated across the road to the bus station and the next bus back to Carrington was in 21 minutes – so I sat myself down and looked for me book to read, but had failed to bring it with me.

The queue at the bus stop increased and I foolishly tried to start up a conversation with a bloke behind me in the queue.

“Looks like wer’e gonna get some rain?”


“Looks like wer’e gonna get some rain?”


That  was end of the conversation.

07St07As I sat sitting there, I could feel something picking at me ankles and looked down to find pigeons had followed me and were pecking at me???

I put it down to giving them the worm-meal pellets.

They persisted and I sneaked em  a handful of seeds.

They lingered at the bus shelter until the incoming bus moved the off.

I don’t think I dare risk getting them any of those pellets again – it reminded me of Alfred Hitchcocks ‘The Birds”!

Got onto the bus, and felt I was gonna fall asleep at any time, the weariness came on so quickly this time.

Got back in the flea-pit.


Then put me nosh away, and started laptop to update this codswallop.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Sunday 14th December 2014

  1. I hate when the memories of weird dreams you want to write down fade before the word processor starts up. Hearing aides were in the spectacle case? A dark day, but not for the ducks? Don’t you love pestering young girls, especially when the don’t have the right kind of lollies 😉 At least you found the lollies you were looking for! You have to watch out for them birds.

    • So many dreams nowadays Tim… it must be the medications?
      As for why I put the hearing-aids in me glasses case I’ll never know, maybe I did it in me sleep?
      Fancy me developing a taste for blackcurrant lollies in me dotage… I mean as I approach me dotage. Hehe.
      Thanks for commenting me old China. Take care, TTFN

  2. Loved the Turbo Mallard, and, in conjunction with the mention of vivid dreams, the bird motif generally. I’ve long been fascinated by the symbolism of animals and birds – and I think they are often messengers from the inner (as you might say). Felt to me as if you were being given a little moment of loveliness courtesy of nature. Very glad to read anyway. Have a great day! x

    • Many thanks gal.
      I have to repeat that the Turbo Mallard that paddled light lightning really impressed me.
      I’m easily pleased maybe?
      Going to the hospital in few minutes… well going to get ready to go – I’m going to call to see if I can get some more of the mealworms pellets for the mallards and pigeons.
      They don’t half love em.
      TTFN ta.

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