Inchcock Today: Monday 15th December 2014

 Monday 15th December 2014

01Mon01Up at 0315hrs.


Really annoyed at not being able to recall dreams yet again. I woke up a few times and repeated to myself what I had just dreamt of in an effort to remember later to put it in this diary because I thought them so weird they should go in this diary… no such luck, the mind was blank – then again the missus used to know that fifty years ago.

Started laptop.

Down and made a cuppa, back up to start this Diary.


Great news from the lower regions… not a single drop of blood from ‘Little Inchy’ And the lesions are healing a lot better now! Just thought I’d mention it like… by way of a desperate effort to find summat positive to write about to ease the gloom a tad. Hehehe!

Another cuppa was brewed.

Yesterday’s Diary finished and posted.

Another cuppa brewed and mediations taken.

Got a bit carried away with graphicastionalising and somehow thought it was 0930hrs when I’d finished abluting and was ready to go out. I even waited a while to make sure I wasn’t going to get on the bus in the pensions-panic-period of between 0930 and 1000hrs when the bus fills-up with us old foggies using out bus-passes.

When I arrived at the bus-stop, the time on the read-out thingy was 1035hrs – hmm, I lost an hour somewhere there?

I Caught the bus to town, then another one out to the Queens Medical Centre.

01Mon02The sky over the Medical Centre when I arrived was so beautiful I took a photo of it from the front entrance.

Being a tad later than planned to arrive (By an hour – Tsk) the haematology dep’t waiting area was like a football match crowd.

Still it didn’t really matter, so I got out me book and delved into it.

Eventually my number was called and I hobbled into the blood room. The nurses greeted me with affection and a smile – nothing to do with my promising them some extra treats for Christmas last week. I’m sure the reason for their jollity was the arrival of my magnetic personality?

They were soon delving into the carrier bag to pick their favourites before I left. The big box of biscuits extra was in for a bashing I suspect too.

Bless em, someone has to prove their value and worth, I’m proud I did.

I took me leave and walked to the bus-stop for the bus to town.

01Mon03Next to the stop was some railings that fenced off some trees and grass, this was where i had a dizzy turn and leant against the railing for a moment until it cleared. I noticed the amount of things that had been thrown over or through the railings.

Food and drink containers mostly, but there were some cigarette packets and other bits deposited there was well – Nottingham the cleanest city in the  UK? Huh!

I caught a Broad Marsh bus as opposed to a City bound one, so I could go in the 99p shop to see if they had any of the meal-worm pellets for me Mallards.

I got off at the bus-station and saw three women having a hell of an argument… but being a natural born coward that I am, I didn’t take any photographs like!

I walked into the centre and up the escalator to the 99p shop.

They didn’t have any of the pellets, but I did get another pair (the last on the shelves) of the headphone’s like the one  got last week, because they worked okay. But they are delicate and I feel sure it is only a matter of time before I break them. Usually by my falling asleep with them on. It has been known several times in the past you know?

Then I poddled along towards the bus stop far end of town, passing a Pound Shop and thought it would be a jolly good idea to call in to see if they had any of the meal-worm pellets.

Unfortunately they had their pet section up the stairs.

Undaunted I slowly and carefully mounted the steps and found they had got some, so I got some.

Pleased with this, but not with how my knees reacted to going up and down the stairs, I paid and made my way to the bus stop.

01Mon04I noticed as I limped over Upper Parliament Street that there were not so many people about today, bet it won’t be like this in a day or two?

I walked through Trininty Square and the sky over the little use new food Court caught my eye (Not that I was throwing it like) and I put down me bags to get out me camera.

But me arthritic fingers stuck a bit and somehow the camers tool a few photos on its own before I realised it. (Tsk!)

01Mon05I took a photo of the sparsely populated new £3m food court anyway cause the sky appealed.

Then I hobbled down Trinity Walk to the bus-stop for Carrington.

When I got in, I took me things out of the bag made a cuppa and started to update this Diary.

Three photo’s I imported into Coreldraw to resize I did not recognise, in fact two of them were just plain grey – the third was through a window of a lady in a shop?

01Mon07It took me while until I realised these were the one’s taken when my fingers froze in Trinity Square.

Oh dear… I hope the lady didn’t notice? (Red face at the thought of it developing now I can see in the photo that she was showing a bit of flesh off)

I went down to make a cup of char and a leaflet had been posted though the door.


Have you received treatment from Mr Desmond D’Mello at Daybrook Dental practice?

Desmond M’Mello has been suspended by the General Dental Council. It is said that he did not wash his hands or sterilise equipment between patients.

Up to 22,ooo former patients have been recalled for testing of blood-borne viruses.

* If you have been a patient then you are entitled to claim for the worry and stress of having a blood test.

* We are already acting for clients for the stress and worry and will be dealing with cases for HIV, Hepatitis B and C should they arise.

* We work on a No in No Fee basis.

Blah blah blah…

Don’t miss out…..


0800 634 7 7 Call us 24/7

I’m not sure why, but I find these types of leaflets from so called professionals offensive and rather crude.

Just saying like…

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  1. Okay, so it’s obvious that you wrote this daily journal entry in an attempt to disguise the fact that you’re seeking out naked people to photograph! I think in light of your newfound career, you need to get an eyeglass camera. Then you can take photos of what you see, and not have the risk of getting caught. The left eye could be a still camera, and the right eye could have video. Then you could also have sold the footage of the three women fighting to the local tabloid and picked up some extra holiday cash. 🙂

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