Inchcock Today: Wed 7th January 2015

Up at 0210hrs. Laid thinking about the dreams I’d had.

WC’d, started laptop went and made a cuppa.

Couldn’t recall too much of the dream just bits:

I was having for some reason I can’t remember to run between different shops and was panicking, rushing and feeling under great pressure. Some of the shops I remember as one’s that I’d worked at others were new to me? I had a pack of mezuzah’s with me and was attaching one to each door I entered? That’s all I recall of that dream.

In another, I was on an oil tanker at sea, and was running around (again) trying to sell everyone on board, and there were many more crew members than needed, in fact I think some were falling off the ship into the sea, but seemed happy to do so… to sell them each a packet of cooked chestnuts? I think I and everyone else were speaking in French? Not that I can speak French… but?


Stomach churning, chest congested and I was coughing again. Arthur Itis and angina lingering again. All in all, not feeling too good today. Even worse when I heard the wind banging the letter box flap and the rain belting down!

Then the Coreldraw9 or laptop stopped me from viewing anything before I imported it! Turned everything off and restarted but it wasn’t having it at all.

Depressed about that – but it was letting me watch YouTube again, so I did until it was time to get missen scrubbed-up and down ready for the Iceland delivery between 1100 > 1300 hrs.


Had a cuppa took me medications and read me book while I waited. As the possible delivery time neared I took me reading glasses up as I went to the WC so as not to leave the door in case the delivery came.

Continued reading me book until the Iceland van arrived – took it in and put the stuff way but was a tad confused (Not a rarity I know!), when  found two packs of Chicken legs had been delivered. Don’t recall ordering them, but knowing me?…

Set off but not on a walk as originally planned due to the wind and rain, and caught a bus into Mansfield using me Pensioners Bus-pass of course.

Read some more of me book en-route. I was going to take some photos out of the bus window but they were were too muddied.

0301When I got into Mansfield bus-station I waddled down to the open Market. There was a police van parked on the market, no one it it and not many folk about either.

The rain was still coming and it was getting a little gloomy.

I poddled around and made my way up the hill to the B&M store and popped in, but they nowt I fancied or needed on show. But I saw some really cute 0303kids booties on sale that I took a photo of on display.

I left empty-handed and limped up the road to the Pound Stretcher outlet and had a wander around in there. They had the Warburton bread-thins on sale at £1, and some cans of All Day Breakfast at 89p so I invested in one of each.

0304I took a photograph of the end of a gondola that was displaying clearance-reduced in price clocks.

Top shelve £1.99

Next shelf down £3.99

Next shelf down £6.99

Rather good value I thought.

I retreated and out of the store s the security guard approached me!

0302As I came out it was like deja-vu of the last time I took a photograph from that place and angle – depressing!.

There was even more outlets for sale or to rent than two months ago.

A female warden was taking photos of the cars parked in between the lines. Despite the wind and rain she had a smirky-smile on her face bless her! Nice to see someone enjoying their job innit?

Walked back to the bus station and caught one back to Carrington.

The journey would have been pleasant if I had a TV and watched Coronation Street. A lady with a loud piercing voice shouted at her friend sat next to her and just to my left all the time about Coronation Street! It didn’t bother me really… bless her.

I dropped off the bus and the rain abated.

0305I was going to go directly back to the hovel, but didn’t like the look of three yobs sat on the bench near the cut-though drinking plonk. So I went the long way past St John’s Church.

While taking this photo a burk-on-a-bike belted passed me on the pavement, and skidded at the end of the road near the corner and came off of his bike.

Made my day that did.

Got in the hovel feeling a bit more cheerful thanks to the git on the pavement falling off his bike.

WC – made a cuppa and started the laptop, searched for me reading glasses for ages. Eventually found them in the bathroom where I’d taken them so as not to lose them this morning. Tsk!

Took me medications and finished off this diary.

Did some work on a graphic to use later, and coreldraw was letting me preview now? Not complaining at all mind. not while the wonderful picture of the yob toppling of his bike remains in my mind…

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