Mon 20.4.15: Inchcock Today – More frustrations

Monday 20th April 2015

DSCF0018Up and down stairs, made a flask of tea.

Not feeling good at all.

Feeling worse after going out to spray the weeds in the back and found 3 pallets that someone has donated near me back door?

Attempted or planned break in? Yobs? Oh dear now I’m worried…

DSCF0017The dank sky misty sky didn’t cheer me up any either.

Laptop on to start this and get me LOMM posts done and off before BJ calls about lifting me to the Post office fer me pressie.

Forgot to take me BP and medications, I’ll do the BP etc later – took me medications a bit late like.

Must sort out me medication box’s for the cancer clinic visit tomorrow later as well.

Now I feel apprehensive taut worried and nervous – got enough to fret about with all the medical procedures this week without owt else – I’m genuinely getting so depressed again now – ashamed to tell yers, but something has to improve soon…

Managed to get the LOMM posts done anyroad.

BJ rang, he’s on his way be here in half-an-hour.

DSCF0019Got he ablutions done and went down and fed the pigeon family their lunch.

BJ Picked me up and we went to fetch the musical pressie from Shirley Blamey from the Post Office.

BJ dropped me off back at the demolition site and carried the box in for me. He is going to a train museum in Loughborough on Friday and asked if I wanted to go with him. I thanked him and said I would.

DSCF0020The sky had brightened and I took a poddle down the front shops to get some tomatoes.

Called in Lidl got some tomatoes cobs and mushrooms.

Walked around for a few minutes appreciating the spring weather but dreading what advantage of the light nights the local yobs will take… apprehensively I toddled back to the dump.

DSCF0022The sky looked wonderful as I passed the OAP home. Thinking I should be in there – somewhere I could feel safe and secure in?

Still feeling unaccountably low when I got back.

Took me medications.

Kept dropping things, me fingers seem to be doing their own thing lately – even typing this is not easy. Tsk!

DSCF0023Made missen some nosh getting well annoyed with myself at everything I did – including when  dropped the water bottle?

Started to do this diary.

Put on some Rick Nelson music through me headphones on.

Rang Pete about meeting tomorrow for the hospital trip – no answer. Pete not going with me cause it’s his and Janet’s shopping day.

An unhappy Inchcock signing off. Hehehe!

8 thoughts on “Mon 20.4.15: Inchcock Today – More frustrations

  1. Feel better Inchy. I drop things all the time so I am right at home with that one. Usually the stuff I drop is breakable though, and I cut myself. Get the owies from it. That’s not much fun at all. I’m thinking hard about you, so you had better behave yourself. Or is that impossible?

    • Haha… thanks a million gal. I hope the St Peters Wort might help perhaps? Your in my mind too gal – I hope you can cope with it all – not easy is it? But you seem a brave battler to me. Hey-ho the sufferers – United in coping! Oh we are good! Hehehe TTFN

      • But we have to be good at it Inchy. And we also have to be good actors when we leave home and move about around the people who brush past us, upset because we are in the way of their busy lives. Over here there’s just no place for old folks, except the grave of course—and the sooner the better for that, according to the powers that be.

      • How soon can you get here? Seriously, Inchy, are you okay? I worry about you. Take care of yourself so we can meet on this earth someday—and make it soon plz? Not sure how much time I have left myself. 🙂

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