29.4.15 Inchcock Today: Forgetful Fool!

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Woke at 0530hrs.

DaktacortWC’d – I’m afraid the lesion on the Inch is still leaking. Applied some more cream.

Took me morning medications then made a flask of tea then took me BP thingy tests:

IMG_0163Sys 162 Dia 94 Pul 82 Temp 32.2

The rain was falling and it looked a bit drab outside – are we in for some snow later I wondered?

Should I get out and get some food in today while it’s not as bad as it might be and is in some areas of the country?


So glad that if it does come, it’s forecast for tomorrow to start here in Nottingham, local shops aren’t too far away.

Regarding the bleeding Inch, the GUM clinic is a devil to get to. I think I’ll carry on using the cream I have in the hope that is clears it up so I don’t have to risk it going out in this weather – but the lesion seems larger than last time. Huh, Tsk and bother!

Decisions decisions.

IMG_0164Finished and posted yesterday’s Diary and spent a while trying to master Corel Paint Pro without much success.

The rain had stopped and the beautiful clouds were milling about in the high winds just before I left to catch the bus into town – with the hope of getting some advice from the EE shop about the new mobile phone worra got from em yesterday.

IMG_0165In the few minutes it took me to get to the bus-stop the clouds had turned a bit threatening.

Minutes later the sky was bright once again?

The only constant this morning was the wind.

At the bus-stop  managed to drop me bus-pass – you wouldn’t believe the problems I had trying to retrieve it from the floor – even I had to laugh.

IMG_0166Caught the bus into the City Centre and walked down Milton Street and over the lights into Clinton Street.

A police car with blues and twos on turned into the pedestrian area just before I did – I’m glad to say.

There was a Street Musician playing a tiny banjo and I felt a bit sorry for him so dropped a bit in his hat.

I called in the EE shop and asked a chap about locking the phone, and how to download pictures to the laptop – explaining that the other chap yesterday told me there was a lead in the box – there wasn’t. This chap explained it is part of the battery connector that has a plug both ends. I thanked him. Later when I got home I found this to be untrue, the lead is permanently fixed at the charger with no facility to remove it – Huh!

I walked and caught a bus into Arnold.

Straight to the Fultons shop and had a poddle about. They had some chilled lamb shanks in gravy that were microwaveable at only £2.99 for a box of two. Gonna have one of them tonight methinks.

As I left the shop I narrowly missed being Whoopsidangleplopped by a Pavement Cyclist!

IMG_0167Caught the bus back to Carrington and the asylum.

Passing the Arnold Police Station I wondered if it was still operational. Couldn’t see any vehicles anywhere, no lights or bodies in sight anywhere at all.

As we drove down Oxclose Lane the IMG_0168block of shops on the housing estate I noticed still only had one occupied and open.

Two people seemed unscared enough to have left their vehicles outside too – maybe the owners are part of the local Mafia?

A few hundred yards further on were IMG_0169two vehicles on the side-road that the drivers had intertwined with each other in a head-on crunch. Moment later the paramedic was arriving on scene.

Clever how I managed to miss of the crashed cars in the photo – Tsk!

Still bright but breezy weather.

Dropped off at the Co-op store in Carrington to get some bread-thins. I noticed they have put Image result for co-op bread thinsup the price of Warburton Thins 6’s from £1 to £1.39 now… shame!

They did have some Co-op label ones in eights that were smaller at £1 so I got a pack to try em out tonight.

The twitchel (Definition: A slang word particular to the people of Nottingham meaning a path/alleyway/cut-through in a residential area) was free of anti-social elements so I cut through and back to the hovel, dropping a few seeds for Fatima and Fred.

…. I’m back, sorry about that I got the cramps with me arthritis and a dizzy spell all at the same time then. Botherski! Took me medications while I waited fer me fingers to return to near normal – nearly dropped me tablets too. Hehe!

Got me nosh prepared.

Lamb shank  in gravy, potatoes, garden peas, & Co-op Bread Thins.

Followed by two iced lollies.

Nosh Report:

IMG_0170Lamb shanks  in gravy (Fultons): 9/10

Tinned New Potatoes (Iceland): 8/10

Petit Pois (Farmfoods): 8/10

Bread Thins (Co-op): 4/10

Iced Lollies –

Blackcurrant / Ice-cream: (Fultons): 9/10

Strawberry / Ice-cream: (Tesco): 5/10

Took me evening medications and applied me creams and lotions.

Did some Facebooking and Blogging and created the header for today’s Diary.

Soon felt tired, but could I nod off when I wanted to?


4 thoughts on “29.4.15 Inchcock Today: Forgetful Fool!

  1. Your dinner looks delicious Inchy. I’m still worried about you though. You are losing too much blood, and some of it could be internal, and that could be why you are dizzy. Please see your doctor.
    And for heavens sake, stop diving for your bus pass. I’m laughing at the thought of the spectacle you probably made of yourself. Did you get some food in so you will have it in case of bad weather? I think that is one area where I have it over on you. I have my emergency food on hand in case we have bad weather and I can’t get out. Or if I don’t feel much like getting out, whichever happens first. Take care, my friend. Please take care.

    • Thanks pet. So glad you’ve got some nosh in just in case. I’ve got some canned food in the cupboard and bread in the freezer. But I keep forgetting to get stuff and use it up. Hehehe!
      Lost me mobile again this morning Tsk! Took ages but I found it. Dank and drizzling here at the moment.
      BP is high this morn but that might be because I lost the phone methinks and panicked a bit.
      The bleeding affects me Warfarin levels, I’m booking an appointment at the clinic today thanks.
      Thinking of you gal.

      • Thinking of you also friend. We’re having nice weather again, so I’m enjoying it, and not keeping up with my reader. Naughty me, but I need the sunshine.
        I’ve lost my cell before and had to have a friend keep dialing me until I answered, because of so many places it could be in this place. She had to call about 4 times before I found it, but at least I finally found it. That is not a good way to handle getting your phone ready in the morning. And yes, it will raise the BP a bit, no question there. Very annoying.
        I think I’ll soak a chicken in buttermilk now so it will be tender enough to cook tomorrow. A chicken sandwich sounds like a good idea right now. Might even make some flatbread in the morning for the sandwiches.
        Thinking of you sir.

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