Thu 30.4.15 Inchcock Today – Feeling Ficulnean

Thursday 30th April 2015

Oh boy whadda dream!

I was back in uniform – TSM Hopkinson was there as well as Lynton Cox, Gaz Hoadley and Clivey Danton, the last three being Internet cyber-friends and others unknown – I seemed to be the opposite of what I was, a competent fully trained RAMC medic and I could not get the wounded Gaz and Clivey to stop moving long enough that I could apply dressings to their wounds – the TSM kept interfering and wanted me to use a mixture of bleach and Guinness to treat the lesions on them – I think we were in an underground train station somewhere? – Lynton was CO and brain surgeon kept asking if he could have the brains yet, I insisted he waits until they are dead – the TSM chipped in “We’ll make dosh out of this mush – help em on their way Private… – Lynton was getting impatient and suggested I give them each a crossword to do? – Suddenly we were all in an aircraft and Gaz and Clivey were in parachutes all ready to jump and when they did I jumped with them but didn’t have a parachute on, Gaz caught me in mid air and said “Told yer your memory will be the death of you didn’t I?… found myself in a rest home on a porch leading to garden and some gravestones – Lynton appeared in a white coat and I asked him who were in the graves, “They are political promises” he quipped and laughed as he swigged from a bottle of gin and toppled over onto a settee falling on a cat?

Seemed so real this dream did.

060101M04WC’d – plenty of blood to clean up from the piles and the Inch – Tsk!

0715hrs: Moved down to make a flask of tea and pot of porridge. Took medications.

IMG_0171Flipping nippy this morning, been raining now drab and dour – still windy.

Took me BP: Sys 176 Dia 79 Puls 78 Temp 33.3c.

Couldn’t find me pay-as-you go mobile – I was sure I had it yesterday?

A search ensued: Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, all me clothes pockets, nooks and crannies, and I got missen all worked up… I hoped against all odds that I would not have to go through getting a replacement again…

IMG_0172A mental ‘Ping’ went off in me head – I checked the inside pocket of me jacket and there was the mobile – Phew!

Relaxed a bit now I had me almost cold porridge and a cuppa.

Started the laptop as the angina started playing up. Huh!

Coreldraw9 crashed – Corel Paint Pro crashed and I was well fed-up now!

Restarted laptop again – started this Diary.

Did some Facebooking.

0401porkOrdered some stuff from Iceland.

Ordered some American Pulled Pork and bean hash that looked nice. ‘Cooked Diced Potato (38%), Water, Cooked Pulled Pork (15%), Black Eyed Beans (4.5%), Kidney Beans (4.5%), Sugar, Tomato Paste, Black Treacle, Modified Maize Starch, Barley Malt Vinegar, Worcester Sauce, Rapeseed Oil, Caramelised Sugar Syrup, Mustard Powder, Smoked Maltodextrin, Garlic Purée, Salt, Smoked Salt, Dextrose, Ground Black Pepper.’ being delivered Saturday morning with the other stuff.

PpaintKentucky Angel suggested I loaded up with nosh in case the weather forecast is right and we have snow coming at the weekend.

Did a graphic of Patti Beckert at her easel painting with her radiant smile.

Got missen cleaned up nicely and got the stuff ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop to take with me on a little walk into Sherwood this morning.

0401The sky was a site to see this morning.

I set off up the road, fed Fatima and Fred their breakfast and hobbled onto Mansfield Road.

Up the first hill and the sky was even more picturesque than earlier.

0403Just over the top of the hill I passed a block of large old houses that Sister Jane used to live in – she had a flat with Pete there when they first got married – by gum that wer a long time ago.

Harold McMillan was Prime Minister then I think!

0402The sky here caught my attention once again – the different shades of grey blues and whites intermingled and ever moving – a bit like me innards today? Hehehe!

Down the hill I tried to photograph  pesky Nottingham Pavement Cyclist… but did it so quick it turned out I 0404missed him but managed to get the old chaps head who was at the pelican crossing, and informing the rat-bag of a Nottingham Pedestrian Cyclist of his disfavour at nearly being ran into by the nerk!

I limped down to dip near the library and popped into the charity shop there to see if they had any books in I might fancy. Not sure why, because I’ve currently got Spike Milligan, Tony Beever and the Quintinshill Train Disaster books on the go?

0405They didn’t have any so I plodded on passed the library and noticed the trees having their leaves and branches blown all over the place in the wind.

The sky still dark with fast moving clouds.

Onward up the hill and the aroma from the take-away noshery tempted 0406me to get something – but I resisted, knowing I’d still got one lamb shank and the pulled pork to consume back at the bomb-site.

Up to the top of the hill and the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop.

I handed them me carrier bag of bits and we had a natter.

As I was walking back down the hill approaching the bottom, it dawned on me that maybe BJ might have found me mobile that I’d lost in his car.

0407So I called at his house and he was in luckily. I explained the situation and he got his car keys and came out to search the car – it took a while but he did find it under the passenger seat.

I explained the sim had been cancelled but I wanted to take the new one out of the new Nokia Lumia because I couldn’t cope with the new type of touch phones and put it in the old phone. After I get to be advised by Brother-in-law Pete on how to operate it I should be okay.

Funny how I can recall all the stuff I learnt years ago – but recent additions to me education fade?

Anyroad – neither of us knew how to open either of the phones to change the batteries. Sad innit?

But all part of life’s rich tapestry and cruelty!

Had two dizzies while at BJs.

BJ offered to run me home, I thanked him for the offer but didn’t want to hassle him any more and I was feeling fine then, bless his friendly foibles.

0409Poddled back to Carrington and WC’d. No blood from the Inch or rear-end – but found a new boil – Huh can’t win can yer – Tut!

Made me nosh and a flask of tea – feeling  weary again, it seems to come earlier each day this… Tdk!

The pulled pork was alright, the sauce with it very good – the BBQ beans and Co-op bread thins were okay.

sTried watching a Hustle DVD but kept nodding off – decided to get me head down – but could not get to kip. Grrr!

Put some Adam Faith old songs on YouTube and listened through me headphones while doing this diary like.

Since starting the dairy – I’ve been summoned to the porcelain four times already by me innards – was the pulled pork dodgy? Oh dear.

Occasionally it can get you down like – no freedom from pain of some sort or other in me old age. If it ain’t Arthur Itis or Anne Gyna it’s the skin cancer growths or the duodenal ulcer, the boils or bleeding Inch, the hernia or the dizzies, the hemorrhoids or the ear drums, the ticker valve or… I’d better stop I’ll depress missen… Hehehe!

I really shouldn’t complain, there are so many people worse off than me. I feel guilty now.

FooeynCame across this photo that Jane and Pete sent me.

Love him to bits I do!

Bless him.

Brother-in-law Pete emailed me to tell me I could go to visit them on Sunday 1230hrs.

Emailed him back telling him I would like to – and get some help with the Lumia mobile, fuss Fooey, take their nibbles and have a chinwag.

Tired but no sleep yet.


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