Mon 25th May 15: Inchcock Today – Confused

Monday 25th May 2015

Awoke with remnants of a dream in me head – wrote em down. Seems I was trying to clean everyone’s shoes as they passed, I had a sink strapped to me shoulder and washed them, then spray painted them, ending up handing them back to the wrong person and then I was up in court being sued for something by a solicitor lady looking down her nose at me, a bit like Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances?

Got up, put the water heater on IMG_0043washed me dishes, took me medications (Forgot the BP again!).

Fed the pigeons and thought what I had on me agenda for today.

Take bag for Nottingham Hospice shop out with me, call in the GP to make an appointment for me INR Warfarin tests for tomorrow, walk up to Sherwood to the hospice shop, then catch bus into town to try and get some milk and curried beans and check out Fultons Foods to see if they had any microwave sausages back in stock, then return to the flea-pit and get some shredding done.

Thought I’d have a quick stab at the new laptop/notebook (What’s the difference?) first, to check if I could get a newer Coreldraw to download. Well, that took care of the next four hours… after much struggling I got one downloaded.

Got the lightest (Although it wasn’t light really) of the bags already made up for the Hospice along with me regular one and set off on walk to the GP surgery, full of plans like.

As I got to the entrance to Sherringham Medical Park and saw it all locked up – I realised it was Bank Holiday Monday… Wotta Plonker!

That means of course the Hospice Charity Shop will not be open. So I trudged back home with the bag, then back to Mansfield Road and caught a bus into the City Centre. The shops there all seemed to be open and I called in Tesco 

IMG_0052Got some bits from Tesco, nice tomatoes, leaves and bread, but they had no Curried Beans in?

Walked through the centre and out the other end, catching a good photo of the famous Nottinghamians ignoring the ‘Don’t Walk’ lights at the junction of Milton Street and Upper Parliament Street… again!

IMG_0053I decided to go to the Pound shop to see if they had any in like.

But no.

Walked down a crowded Clinton Street, back of the Council House, crossed over and down Bridlesmith Gate and into Broad Marsh Mall and the 99p store.

They didn’t have any curried beans in either.

Down the escalator and through and out on Wheeler Gate and called in the Poundland shop.

They didn’t have any curried beans in either.

Limping now, I walked through town calling at the Opticians on me way through, but as I expected they were closed, across the slab square and up King Street, where a bloke without any badging or licence showing stopped me to see if I wanted to donate to some Cub’s company. A bit farcical really, I couldn’t understand every thing he was saying and he gave me a scowl when I declined ant the same time he looked hurt?

IMG_0054On up to the bus-stop, bit of record while i was waiting in the queue I took photograph of the queue in the next stop down.

Best I could make out, everyone in the queue was on a mobile phone!

Note that when I took this photographicalisation the vehicular traffic was at stop – the pedestrians were on green – and true to the obstinacy of Nottinghamians none of the were crossing – they must have been waiting for the red don’t walk light to come on.

IMG_0055As the bus drove up Mansfield road from the City centre I couldn’t help but feel sad as the Rose Of England pub looked barren of customers. Years ago when there was plenty of on-street parking and dozens of little streets all around the building it did a good trade.

I dropped off the bus and called in the Co-op to see if they had any Curried Beans in stock.

They didn’t have any curried beans in either.

Wandered down to Lidl to check there.

They didn’t have any curried beans in either.

‘What’s going on?’ I asked missen?

Back to the bomb-site and a quick blast on the new laptop to keep me eye in on it like. Coreldraw didn’t freeze, but then again I was not doing anything heavy on it yet.

IMG_0056Made me nosh… me best one for ages. It should be mind, bearing in mind what it cost me for the Boczku like.

Up the apples and on the old laptop to finalise this diary and took me medications and goobled up the nosh of the day.

Soon nodded off for an hour.

Watched a DVD…

3 thoughts on “Mon 25th May 15: Inchcock Today – Confused

  1. There seems to be a run on curried beans Inchy. Or maybe some kind of conspiracy to keep them away from you right now. And being hungry at the moment — it’s been a long time since breakfast, curried beans sure sound good. I’m trying to figure out what I want to make for lunch now, and nothing sounds all that good right now. Good luck on finding your beans today.

    • It’s a puzzle innit Angel? What’s the betting that the prize of beans is about to quadruple? I hope you get some inspiration for yer nosh gal. TTFN

      • The price of everything is going up Inchy. And I did finally get some inspiration– sauteed veggies on toast, called bruschetta by my Italian friends, and probably spelled wrong here, but very good and good for me.

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