26.5.15: Inchcock Today – What a Palava!

Tuesday 26th May 2015

Up at 0525hrs. Down and started laptop

IMG_0057Back up to the porcelain. Back down and kettle on (realising I’d forgot to get me milk yesterday – Tsk!) and took me medications.

Photo’d the sky on the way down.

Thought through the days designs.

I’ll skip the launderette today, because yesterday being a Bank Holiday I couldn’t get an appointment at the GP to have me INR Warfarin level checks done, so will have to go to the Queens Medical Centre haematology department today to have it done.

I wanted to set up the shredder and get sorting some paperwork out today, also to get some stuff off to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop.

Missed call from BJ on mobile last night – but with me collapsing and falling asleep? I’ll call him back later at a reasonable time. He was probably calling to see if I was still going to the launderette?

 I rang BJ back and explained thing and he said he could not get to take any bags for me until Thursday, and then not for certain. Told him I appreciate his circumstances and thanked him for his help.

I tried to learn about adding deleting fonts on W8… huh! gave up and loaded IMG_0058my old MS Office onto the new laptop – what a performance, I lost two hours getting it on right… damned new technology!

Set off on me walk into town with me bus-pass and list of things to do and get.

I called in the launderette and had a natter with BJ as he did his washing.

Then set off on me walk into Nottingham City Centre.

IMG_0059I’d not gone more than just over the side road in this picture above and one of the famous Pavement Cyclists made an appearance – with one in the distance too!

I plodded on, feeling a bit better thinking it’s about time I had a decent walk.

As I started down the hill the traffic lights at the junction of Mansfield Road and Huntingdon Street were IMG_0060blocked, traffic at a standstill.

Soon as I got me camera out they started to move a bit.

I called in the Victoria bus-station and got a time-table for the 141 service to Mansfield – hoping I can find time to use it soon.

IMG_0061Went into Tesco and got some bread but forgot to look for me curried beans.

As I came out of the centre the two old Post-boxes caught me eye and I wondered how long it would be before they are replaced.

A bit of Olde England there I thought.

I caught a bus to the Queens Medical Centre, the Y36 ran by a private company. They have bought all Mercedes Benz buses.

IMG_0063I was a tad concerned when I saw the drivers left leg shaking like wot teenagers and druggies do like.

IMG_0064We were soon at the Queens Medical Centre.

There was a good sized queue for the haematology department, so I took a ticket and sat down and got me IMG_0062Dunkirk book out to read. Then changed to reading the free Metro newspaper, where I came across an interesting article about City Cycling… It seems they are to spend £6m on widening the cycling lanes and introducing more of them!

Seems to me the Pavement Cyclists of Nottingham would prefer to use the side-walks and pedestrian areas as it is! IMG_0065The dangerous gits!.

Got seen to by the nice new nurse in the blood room and gave her their nibbles and said me cheerios – no time for a natter as they were busy.

Caught a bus to Bulwell in search of me curried beans.

IMG_0071Amazingly and unintentionally as I took a photo en route – I caught yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist through the bus window on the left!

Got into Bulwell and called at the Fulton’s store, but they had no curried beans or microwave sausages either Huh!

So I caught a bus to Arnold… well Arnold eventually that was. It went all over the place – not that it mattered apart from I was not going to get me shredding done later, but it was a nice ride.

IMG_0067Spotted more Nottingham Pavement Cyclist en route. Tsk!

Got to Arnold and went in the Fultons Store there.

They didn’t have any curried beans or microwave sausages either.

I got some milk and cheese though – but after standing at the checkout for ages with no staff appearing I dropped the basket where I as and left.

I went over to Iceland and guess what?… They didn’t have any curried beans or microwave sausages either.

I did get a couple of bits, milk, tomatoes and Bertolli Original Olive oil spread – but no curried beans or microwave sausages.

IMG_0068IMG_0072Caught a bus back to town, believe it or not when I saw it I thought ‘Hello, this bus is in a state. When it moved off the engine didn’t sound very good to me, and it was loaded with Nottinghamians with mobiles and ankle-snappers.

First time on that bus for me – What a route it took as well: Arnold, Oxclose Lane through the Bestwood Estate, Chippenham across to Beckhampton through Rise Park to the shopping centre – and that’s where it IMG_0073happened… the smoke from the engine accompanied by the fumes and the driver had us abandoned the bus and wait for the next one in 15 minutes.

The woman next to me got my sympathy cause it was a cold wind blowing and we were at the top of a hill while we waited for the bus to arrive.

From there we piled onto the new bus and it continued on it’s circuitous route into the City IMG_0074Centre.

We passed the shop I used to manage for the NCS years ago, sadly all closed up and for sale now (Right).

My mind went back to the good and bad times I had there.

IMG_0075Then we travelled up Alfreton Road into town and we passed what was the first ever Marsdens shop I worked at – more memories evoked.

There I was, a 14 year old ankle-snapper full of hopes aspirations and good intentions starting off on me chosen career… and I loved the job as well!

Into town and down Derby Road, I dropped off at the top of Friar lane and walked down and IMG_0076across the Slab Square. 

Odd, but I felt I didn’t belong or fit-in the photograph I took?

Funny that.

The blue blow-up things you can see in the slab square are mini-tennis areas using soft balls.

IMG_0077On the left were mini-tennis courts set-up, and very popular they were too!

I knew they were not using proper tennis balls as soon as I put me camera back in me pocket and one of the balls clouted me on the back of me head. Hehehe, could this only happen to me?

IMG_0066Waiting for the bus to Carrington to arrive (Gawd I love my pensioners free bus-pass to bits!) I had a read of the Post Light.

The letters page had this on the right in it.

So glad to see others want the death penalty bringing back for Pavement Cycling!

Only joking!

Arrived in Carrington and nipped into the Co-op to find that they didn’t have any curried beans or microwave sausages either.

IMG_0078Out and through the twitchell, and got a shock as this twit of a Pavement Cyclist came passed me from behind making jump – the Gerplonkergit him!

Fed the pigeons en route to back to the asylum.

WC’s and cleaned up my bleeding Inch and rear-end piles.

Had  wash and put me shopping such as it was away IMG_0079and got me nosh prepared for later.

Found a letter ont floor – the clinic were not happy with missing last weeks visit – I sent them an email apologising and explaining the reason I missed the  appointment.

I feel such a fool now!

Not that I wasn’t one before like…

IMG_0080The loaded cheese and onion tattie-skins were nice, the English tomatoes very nice.

Used up the last of me Polish belly-pork with garden peas along with some of the tomatoes and gorgeous caramelised red onion relish with some bread thins.

Oh and me last Cox’s apple too. 

I’m getting leg cramps now. Tsk!

Well tired but I did some Facebooking before I tried to get me head down – could I sleep?


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