Wed 27.5.15 Inchcock Today – Carrying on Regardless…

Wednesday 27th May 2015

Woke remembering bits of some dreams at 0610hrs.

I’d made notes during the night, but they were unreadable.

I recall being in a cellar with shop accoutrements and equipment all over the place, not unlike the cellar at the old Co-operative House on Parliament Street in Nottingham was in the 60’s.

The old wooden cash drawer from No3 store on Carlton Road I recognised, with its divisions and round wooden pots for the cash, it even had the old dividend pad we had to fill in for each customer sale.

Scattered around were bacon slicing machines of various types, rusty delivery bikes with their baskets corroded, boning knives, saws, white staff and grey managers coats, the old wooden tubs of 60lb of Danish butter were even there.

Old counters and wooden floorboards and in the middle, many of the people I knew form those days were sat apparently playing cards?

I’m sure there was much more in the dreams because the notes I made were large – even if as I say, unreadable.

Down and started lap and Woes! When I tried to load Google Chrome I was informed that changes to the internet supplier has caused problems? I had the choice of reloading or resetting all attachments?

I reloaded but nowt happened. Then I rebooted the modem – and phew… all came back on. I hope this doesn’t happen again – the very thought of losing me internet connection makes me suicidal and panic in fear of doing something wrong and losing it altogether.

I wondered if it was because I was using the old laptop last night?

I IMG_0082nipped up to the WC and noticed me can of shaving cream was on the stairs with blood on it?

Had I been sleep-walking? I checked missen over but could not find any bleeding – even the little Inch and haemorrhoids were clear of blood this morning – but why the shaving foam should have blood on it beats me?

I had a rinse and noticed blood on the toothbrush? Weird!

What the flipping heck had I been doing in me sleep? (Hehehe – had to laugh to myself though).

Finishing this diary update now, and I’m going to do some Facebooking then get the shredder set-up and clear some of the mountain of paperwork… I hope!

Hello, I’ve just looked a piccy I posted in yesterdays diary, and the bloodied shaving foam is in that??? I’m losing it here…

IMG_0083On with the paper shredding for two hours.

Filled up a small paper bag and giant box’s with the shredded documents, nowhere left to store them for now.

I decided I’d get me laundrette duties done today, and I can get some nosh in at the same time.

So I got myself spruced up, fed the pigeons and set of to the launderette.

Many was on duty today, but she was busy.

Got the machine going and nipped to Lidl to see what they had for me nosh.

I got some New Zealand apples, jacket potatoes Silesian sausages and two cheese rolls.

When I got to join the queue at the checkout…


The chap behind me in the line swung up a pack of 6 large cola bottles onto the conveyor and the pack split as he did, hitting me on the shoulder and sliding down clouting me hip then thigh and knee.

The skin cancer growth took the worst of the blow.Tsk!

Shook me up a bit but I soon came round.

The security guard disappeared and a couple of youths from the staff came and asked me “Are you alright” “Yes” I foolishly said. And they disappeared too.

The young man that hit me was full of apologies and offered to help me home with the food. One of those things really.

I limped back to the launderette ad got me washing in the drier.

Mandy said I looked pale, what’s happened? I told her, she said Why is always that these things happen to you? I said: I was thinking the same. Hehehe!

Steve from Age UK rang me, I missed the call and rang him back. He’s going to call and see me tomorrow at 1400hrs.

Packed up me finished washing and trudged home.

The shoulder painful and the hip a bit so.

IMG_0084Put me stuff away and updated this diary.

Got me nosh prepared. Last of the Polish belly pork, Silesian sausages, me last can of curried beans (Sob!) cheese cobs, tomatoes, baked potatoes and tomatoes.

Very filling, nice.

Took me medications as I got up to visit the porcelain the stiffening of me shoulder was painful. Bet I’ve got some bruises, but can’t see the area of me anatomy to check.

Did some Facebooking but felt so tired.

Finished off this diary.

Must remember Steve from a

Age UK is coming tomorrow… please let me remember!

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  1. Interesting one! Some of the best stuff I’ve ever written (and let’s face it there’s not much of that) is unreadable come the morn. Fucking nuisance if you’ll excuse my French!

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