Sun24.5.15 Inchcock Today – Huh!

Sunday 24th May 2015


Despite being so tired, had a job getting off to kip last night – managed around 0300hrs. Woke, springing awake at 0545hrs.

Dreamt something about being in a cave, rope ladders kept falling at the bottom were my old teachers with canes ready to clout me as I landed. The massive high caves had candles on the walls?.

Wondered about whether the deliveries would be coming today and what time – then thought about what I could be sorting while waiting.

Took me morning medications.

The little Inch lesion was bleeding again.

IMG_0043Made a cuppa and laptop on.

Fed the pigeons, all young ones today, I could tell by their feet being a deeper red coloured yer know.

Then I sorted some old paperwork into the bag with the mountain of paperwork in it, in readiness for when the shredder arrives (?) today, to get ‘shreddeded’.

l can feel the stomach brewing up for an evacuation (I hope).

Forgot me BP thingies again this morning – Tsk! Mind on other things methinks.

 IMG_0042I mused for a while over the painting that Patti Berkert did for me when I came out of hospital after me ticker operation – and realised I have many kind understanding friends on the internet who do wish me well without finding faults in me. (That would be oh so easy too – hehe)

I think it was one of Patti’s early attempts at painting and it means so much to IMG_0044me.

Got some more paperwork sorted to shred later… I hoped.

Made a cuppa and read me book for a bit.

The pulled me back again bending to get stuff out of the bottom cabinet to sort out some for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop others in the black rubbish bags.

I think I swore again?

IMG_0045Cleaned around a bit and then on laptop to start this dairy off. As I did I noticed that the skip across the road had been raided and white paint scattered on the road – Tsk!

Waiting for me things to be delivered for hours and hours.

When I gave up doing any more IMG_0046painful sorting out, another cuppa and back to the laptop – when I espied the culprit (Well one if them) that had been doing the antisocial activities at the waste skip across the road.

He’s returned to make more mess again!

Totally care free and apparently IMG_0048without any concern too.

I decided against saying anything or going out to him as he looked like the younger brother of the leader of the gang that mugged me last year – and I did not want to get involved with them again.

Under any circumstances.

A few hours later I got a call from the PC World chap to say he was outside the house trying to deliver me goods.

I opened the door and saw him at the other end of the road outside someones house with a barrow of goods at his feet. I called him back told him to look behind him and see me waving at him!

He put the stuff back in his van and moved down to the flea-pit and handed them to me. The man in the shop when I bought them said they’d set it all up for me, notebook and scanner, he said like the man who phoned yesterday did: “All set-up, ready to go!” I thought the driver had gone to get some paperwork from his van, but he disappeared. Humpf!

I got the laptop going and set up the scanner. The instruction manual for the scanner installation said to put in the CD that came with it and follow instructions… if only life was so easy eh? After moving half way in the the installation window it went no further. After 5 minutes I got messages telling me if I wished to continue with this installation I needed to install an update – so I clicked Yes. It froze. Then tried afresh and got the same message again? Unsure whether to click yes or no again I gave up. Help needed here then!

Not confident using this new Windows and  I didn’t like the gaudy background picture on it.

It was getting late now and I was well tired, so decided to switch of the notebook to clear the frozen messages, restart and put a plain colour on as background… Hehehe! I didn’t know how to turn it off, to sleep or restart it did I!

I went ont web and found out. It said slide pointer inwards from the top or bottom of the right side of the screen to get these Charm Bars up – it didn’t work and I delved into the help files ont web again. Transpired that loads of people have had the same problem. Press Windows button + C and they come up.

Grand I thought so I did, and clicked Restart – that was the start of a marathon wait while it downloaded 87 updates!

IMG_0049I made and ate me nosh while waiting, it were beginning to get dark now!

I have to say, despite me annoyance at having to wait over 2.5 hours for the updated to install, I really really enjoyed me nosh today. Well smoked Kippers in tomato sauce and vegetables, new potatoes and nice sweet canned Petit Pois! Even the tatties were excellent!

As the notebook told me it had completed the downloads I nearly cried out with joy – then it started Configuring the 87 uploads – oh dear…

Managed to get me blue background on the screen then: W+C, Settings, Power, then selected Turn off – seems a bit convoluted to me for the new windows 8.1?

Fancy figures on a sticker on the notebook: Aspire E 17 ESI-711-P3LV Fancy name that?.

A bit not fully comprehending these figures though, I know it is a powerful machine the man at PC World said it was: HDMI port? 100GBHDD? 6GBDD23 LM? With Pentium 90 Core Proc 83540 I know this one I think, it’s the processor innit?

I wrote these figures down on the back of some letter I was going to  scrap, so as to remember em and put em on here like.


Realised when I did, it was a letter from the Manchester Council in reply to my appeal against a parking ticket. An interesting incident this was, a few years ago mind:

I got this fine through the post about me leaving me vehicle on Granby Row in Manchester on a day I was at work in Nottingham with me car on CCTV for 15 hours naturally including the time they said I was in Manchester illegally parking!

Well I was in fine form and returned the summons with words to the effect of: I was in Nottingham with my vehicle from 1500hrs to 0600hrs on the sad day, the vehicle was parked in the car park on the premises and I had the CCTV recording to prove this. (I also gave names and contact numbers of several officers I was working with on the night shift.)

If your Parking Warden would like, I can send him the address of several excellent opticians in Nottingham that might help him? I’m afraid we have no Jobsworth or Stiff-upper-lip shops, so I’m afraid I cannot help you Sir!

By gum I felt good when I sent that…

This letter was the reply Michael Herbert sent me, a right Herbert as me Dad would have said – no sense of humour at all some folks Tsk!

Must try to some sleep in now, don’t want to get up late in the morning cause I must go book an appointment with the GP for me next INR Warfarin level test. And I want to take some bags to the Hospice shop, and I’m short on nosh too.

Really want to get some shredding done, and learn about the new notebook, but we’ll see how things go – chaotically perhaps? Hahaha!

Huh! me piles are bleedin’ again now…

TTFN all.

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