Sat 6 June 2015: Inchcock Today –

Saturday 6th June 2015

IMG_0043Woke at 0400hrs, tried to get back to kip, but gave up and hauled missen painfully up made a cuppa and had a pot of porridge and medications for breakfast for a change.

While eating this some memories of the dreams I’d came came back to me – not a lot – but some.

I was serving in an old counter shop and the queues outside led for miles down the road? Somehow as I served fruit and veg and fresh fish to people, the stocks seemed to get replaced automatically. This seemed to go on for hours and hours, then suddenly I was in a tiny lift, with goblins attacking me, blood all over the place… then a lady came into the lift to complain about the noise and hit me over the head with her umbrella? That’s all I recall.

I got the laptop on and replied to some emails, then opened Coreldaw X7 and did the header for today’s diary. Then did a graphic for Danny Soz, then got carried away trying to sort out the options again on the screen.

Did a bit of Facebooking.

Then started to create me next ‘It’s A funny Old Life’ instalment. Took me hours to compile and get something like right, then I didn’t like it after all – so will do a new one later. I update an old one about the Royal Visit to Nottingham and got that posted instead.

The next few hours were spent between researching me ode facts, getting myself confused and doing graphics.

IMG_0044Decided to have a walk about – so went up and made missen presentable-ish and fed the pigeons as I left on me little walk around.

I thought how beautiful a day it was and took a photo of the trees and sky – that was when even I heard the crunch of one of the cars in the distance at the Pelican lights hitting the one in front!

IMG_0046I caught the bus into town and called in the Victoria Shopping Centre as I wobbled along on little walk around the City Centre.

I dropped into Tesco and had a stroll around and bought some bread thins and cheapo little swiss rolls – * Please note that at various point I put other stuff in me basket, and through sheer will-power and the desire to do the right thing – I returned the cream Horns and spreadable butter back to shelves where I got them from… I hope you are suitably impressed with this?


Oh sod-it… alright, I’d not taken enough money with me! Tsk!

IMG_0047I considered going down Clumber Street to go in the Jessop Camera shop to ask for advice on why me photographs on me SSID card have started turning themselves around on their own.

But the crowds put me off and I thought I’d walk the long way around to IMG_0051the City Centre to take some photographs and then approach Clumber Street from the opposite direction.

It was busy in the City Centre too.

I noticed a wedding was taking place in the Council house building and they IMG_0049had hired the old Routemaster London Bus for the fans, family and spectators at the wedding.

I managed to climb up on a raised concrete seating to take the photo – Ha! you should have seen me struggle to get down again – Farcical it were!

Parked where it was seemed a bit IMG_0050potentially dangerous to me, as folk coming out of Exchange Walk had to go into the road to see if any trams or traffic was coming?

Some of the Nottinghamian citizens were full of their usual zest I noticed. It’s good ale they must be selling locally perhaps?

IMG_0052Made we way down Wheeler Gate and called in Marks & Spencers to see if I could find an interesting shot of something to take.

I did, I got two – one on the second floor ladies department.

I’m not sure what the display was supposed to be selling – stockings tights I imagine.

But it was bit different, so I tooketh a photograph of it for the TFZ gals on Facebook.

IMG_0053On the third floor I came across a display of Gents summer-wear I thought might interest the TFZ lads in, so took a shot of these here mannequins in the Gents department.

I wondered just why they had made them with twisted wooden arms, pale legs and a white mask in place of a face?

There must be a reason? But why?.

I left the store and as I did IMG_0051some of the crowd started arguing between them selves about something – and a melee come altercation ensued!

So I braved the crowds and went through them up Exchange Walk and through the Slab Square again on me way to Jessops Camera shop on Clumber Street.

IMG_0057I photographed some art-work the Council had put up in celebration of Nottingham being hailed the cleanest City Centre.

Made me way to Jessops, where luckily they were not too busy, and i asked a lady assistant (Clerk for our American friends) if she could offer me some IMG_0048advice about me photo’s changing orientation on their own on me SSID card.

She was terribly helpful and patient with me, and let me take her photo to put on here with my thanks to her after she’d sorted me out.

She even told me how to change the things again if it happened again bless her sympathetic socks.

Not many as kind and patiently understanding as this gal in the shops nowadays.

IMG_0059Really cheered e up she did.

When I got on the bus I looked in me bag for me book and thought – Oh no, me cream cakes had disappeared!

Of course I soon remembered I didn’t get any. Ahem…

Back into Carrington and lurking IMG_0060yobboes were around again, so I took the long route back to the flea-pit.

I noticed how the clouds were so attractive and took a photo of the sky.

They looked like an artist had arranged and coloured them.

Got in and attended the porcelain.

IMG_0061Updated this diary.

Made me nosh – Vegetable curry, seasoned potatoes, with bread thins and an iced blackcurrant iced lolly.

Not bad.

Took me evening medications with some spring water.

Nodded off around 0200hrs – well that’s the last time I remember taking note of the time like.

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