Mon 15.6.15: Inchcock Today

Monday 15th June 2015

IMG_0144Got some kip in last night at last – broken up with waking in pain everytime I twisted wrongly or moved – Tsk!

A strange band of cloudless sky on the horizon this morning?

Made a cuppa.

IMG_0145Laptop on and set about doing me posts for the League of Mental Men on Wodpress.

Took me medications.

After a few hours I’d got them done and dusted like.

Then some progress with me trying to learn how to get out of the Windows page on the new laptop! I found a page on Google search that informed me: Press Windows icon + D to exit – it works! Hurrah!

Finished yesterday’s Diary and got that posted.

Did some Facebooking and enjoyed that.

Decided to marinate me beans for later. Tried a slightly different recipe this time:

Nature Camping & Hiking - Postcard - Large

I hope it comes out alright. I plan to have some bacon and sausage with it – and wholemeal bread of course.

I think the shoulder is starting to get better, as the urge to scratch it is getting harder to resist.

The sore throats getting no better, but the voice is.

Started doing this diary up.

Got a good wash and scrub-up, and left for the surgery, feeding the pigeons en-route.

I arrived and booked missen in with the receptionist lassie.

The nurse came and collected me – she has always reminded me of a Nazi concentration camp leader yer know. (Only joking – honestly)

By the time we’d walked to her surgery, about 20 seconds – she had made me aware that: She is only allowed seven minutes with each patient – I was to hurry and get me things off for her to do me INR test and I must not keep on gaining weight! (Didn’t know I had?)

She talked her way through the procedure and told me to hold the cotton wool on the vein she’d just used to extract a bit of blood from.

As she was inputting things on the computer I bravely told her about the receptionist cancelling me CHD checks and making it for the next day along with me stitches to be taken out appointment.

She gleefully changed all the appointment around and made one pro-tem one for me.

Thursday 18 June – Wound dressings to be checked and changed..

Monday 22 June – Pro-Tem INR checks according to todays results when they come back.

Thursday 18 June – Wound dressing to be checked and redone.

Friday 19 June – Clinic to see if the new cortisone injections are working.

Wednesday 24 June – Wound stitches to come out. Oh joy!

Thursday 2 July – CDH starvation-health checks to be done.

A stiff lecture about not doing anything too physical and I was bundled out of the door. Leaving them a bag of nibbles on me way out.

IMG_0147Wandered down to Lidl and had a look around. Got two lemon cheesecakes, a tin of potatoes and a lemon curd yoghurt.

As I left to walk back, I observed a group of four yobboes lurking near the cut-through again, so I took the long route avoiding contact with them.

Better safe than sorry I thought.

Got in and stirred me marinading beans, WC’d and made a cuppa.

Then got totally lost trying find out why the laptop had started asking for passwords when it started? And also failed to find a way of stopping it doing so. Another two hours wasted. Huh!

Took some stuff out to the bins and regretted doing so when the wound played up.

IMG_0148Put the medical appointment on me Google diary, so they should show up on me windows mobile?

Made me nosh and devoured it!

Sat up to avoid catching me wound to read me book and….

The cramps came on suddenly – Ooooh, argh…. eeck! followed by an elongated earrrrggghhh! when I twisted withpain and caught be wound… ah-well.

Did a bit of Facebooking.

TTFN all.

4 thoughts on “Mon 15.6.15: Inchcock Today

  1. does me good to visit your blog, inchy – reminds me there’s other buggers worse off than me 😆

    p.s. used my auld git’s free bus pass for the first time last weekend to go into town with a friend – mind you, what I saved on the fare I more than gave away to a couple of homeless guys (with dogs) begging on the streets

    ah well, their need was greater than mine !

  2. Read you on FB, so now reading you on WP. I still think I prefer the second curried bean recipe at least for a little while. this one is in my bookmarks though, if I decide to try it later. Keep on keeping on Inchy. We care about you a lot. 😀

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