Inchcock Today 18 Feb 16: Windwood Community Hut meeting today

First lawyer: “You’re an unmitigated liar.”
Second lawyer: “You’re a lowdown cheat.”
Judge: “Now that the lawyers have identified themselves, let us proceed.”


01W01aUp at around 0400hrs, bit of the dream I’d had still milling about in my head, by the time I got onto the laptop to record them, many had disseminated into the ether. Tsk!

I was trying to collect the fairs from passengers on a trolley bus of old. Folk kept running away from me. After much of this frustration I swapped position with the driver and he had a go at collecting the fairs in. He gave up after two stops and came around to the cab wanting to change back again. I refused, he disappeared and returned with the passengers, and they started to cram themselves into the cab with me? Somehow I escaped, as I jumped out of the cab, found myself in a giant inkwell, with a dangerous pen nib being dipped into it, that I had to keep avoiding. I recall being glad that I had learned to swim in this dream; Yes, I knew I was dreaming. I think I tried to wake up without any luck. I then ended up somehow in the gutter of the road, comforting a dying sparrow?

The right leg felt far less painful, and I arose to make a cup of tea and take my medications. A bit nippy again this morning.

To the porcelain, and found no blood leaking anywhere! Well done I said to myself. Had a good wash and did my ablutions, and then had a shave and accrued a cut on the chin. Huh!

I got on with doing some graphics for the “This week’s helpful advice accrued for fellow Senior Dodderers” post.

It was soon time for my mate BJ to arrive, and go with me to the Thursday Morning Meet at theWinwood Centre Shed. He was a little late; I did tell him the meeting was from 1000 to 1100hrs… or did I?

When BJ arrived, he called me just before he did so that I could meet him downstairs.

I got me bits and to the lift, and realised I’d left my hearing aids, so had to go back and get them. Down again, and met him in the car park.

We poddled to the Community Shed, and it was full of folk enjoying themselves, but 1040 by then. This was when BJ said he’s misunderstood my telling him the meeting was from 10 to 11hrs hours and thought I meant for him to get here for 10 to 11hrs? Nice to know someone else can get it wrong. Hehe!

We had a great time nattering away and listening to the other tenants. but we had only a short tie before they were packing up. BJ said he’d come again next week.

He gave me a lift to Sainsburys on his way home, bless him.

P1050018The shop had some of the almonds I fancied, I got them and quickly got out, just in time to catch the L9 bus back to the flats.

The sky was again unusual, in such as the clouds looked like they had been painted onto it again.

These photographs I took from the P1050019bus as we were travelling through Daybrook and Sherwood in the second one.

Wonderful dramatic clouds in the sky again!

When I got back to the flats, I was again pleased with the improvement in the right leg.

P1050014I got into the front room, took my coat off and knocked two photographs off the corner cabinet. Huh! I replaced them.

To the WC,  then onto the laptop to do this diary.

Heeding the call from within for fodder, I got the nosh ready in between nipping back to the laptop.

P1050020Got the beef in the oven first, potatoes and mushrooms in the pans and added the parsnips to the meat later. Hoping that it all comes out correctly.

Patti Beckert would be proud of me today, I hope.

One giant mushroom with some small chestnut mushrooms, boiled potatoes, beetroots with orange bits, roast beef and garden peas. The gravy didn’t come out right mind. I used the juice from the mushrooms to make it as well. Tsk!

Took the medications. Managed to drop the tray on the way into the kitchen.

Tired out again now, I did the washing up and interned myself in the armchair.

For a change, I drifted off quickly, the TV still on when I awoke at 0215hrs.

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  1. You may have used this one:

    Lawyers occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.
    – Winston Churchill

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