Nottingham City Homes: Part Three: Repairs Guide for New Senior Citizens in Indepedendant Living flats

The Electric Fire and the Wall Heaters Fiasco!

01W04When you move into the flat, you’ll notice the previous tenant (Margaret Leadbetter) had installed an electric fire in the living room.

So naturally you will want to find out if it is safe to use and operates correctly.

You will consult Booklet Eleven of the Nottingham City Homes Tenancy Guidelines, page three, section two. Here you will find;

02 04So naturally, you will be concerned about this and read the next section of the pamphlet.

At this stage, you will most likely be starting to get somewhat deeper concerns.B

Make a cup of tea and your medications before studying this one.B

If like me, you have no relatives  left alive and kicking that can help you, the Flat Complex Coordinator is sometimes available to offer you assistance.

Well, tell you where you can get some help anyway.



Now you’ll be getting bewildered!

A bit more worried as well I should think?

But don’t let it get to you – you’ve got a lot more bumph to get through yet.

The electricity section in the What’s Your Repair pages ought to be tackled next.

Of course, naturally you’d have thought they would have carried out a safety check on it before you arrived, but cannot find a tag on the fire anywhere.

06Mind you, when you found the yellow and black tape stuck over the toilet bowl and you rang them, remember what happened?

They sent a plumber who stood looking at it a few seconds, pulled the chain and tore off the tape quoting “That’s alright, don’t know why you rang mate!” Gave you a sneering look and left!

The Repairs that are your Responsibility sections is a rather large one for you tackle next; Best leave it until the 07morning as your head is spinning at the moment, and being as it isn’t cold you won’t need to use the heater yet.

In the morning, y0ur left eye might be twitching somewhat, and your angina giving you some grief, this is only to be expected under the circumstances. Don’t forget your medications.

You may consider catching the bus into town, and hobbling the ¾ mile walk to the City Homes offices to report your needed Health and Safety Check on the fire. But I wouldn’t bother if I were you, best to see the Coordinator who will get in touch with them for you.

But do please remember, not before 0830hrs or after 1600hrs Monday to Fridays only, No one is there Saturdays and Sundays. Like the buses. This despite the claim made in the advertising for the flats of a Resident Warden present. 

Now, after the coordinator has made the Repair section aware of your needs (don’t forget to tell her about both cords dropping the wall heaters in the kitchen and bathroom while she is on the phone to them.

I’m afraid I cannot give a calculated time of arrival for you for the fire inspection, as it is now 6 months have passed, and I’m still waiting. Sorry about that.

01W03However, the gentleman who comes to, you think, replace the pull cords on the reflector heaters, will arrive within four weeks. By then, you will have replaced the cord in the 1967 built bathroom one yourself, but will not be able to reach the one high up on the kitchen wall.

He’ll condemn it, and another four weeks later, returns and fits one that does not have heater output control and runs at full ‘bank manager scaring’ belt all the time when on. I don’t use it and recommend this for you if like me you have unlimited funds.

But, remember you are paying rent for the ‘Nottingham On Call’ alarm system (As well as the ariel and extra on the rent for it, along with the community lighting, cleaning, waste disposal, caretaker… there are a few more I cannot recall them at the moment).

08This is such a comforting thing, to know that as long as you remember to keep the wristlet alarm on, and also to take in the bathroom with you for when you fall out of the bath.

A quick press of the wristlet or alarm panel that should be on the living room wall, but mine is next to the TV, as I’m still six months after having it delivered and connected for someone to call and fit it.

We are not allowed to drill into the walls (See Tenants Agreement book 2 page 11)

Do also remember, you need to call the Alarm Centre each week, using the wristlet button, to make a battery condition test. I did mine last week on Thursday; And got the engaged signal!

Part Four to follow: The kitchen draughts Repairs! 

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