Inchcock Today Sun 20 Mar: Spring has just Sprunged!



Sunday 20 March 2016

I woke up, bounding about dancing, singing and showing all the signs of what a healthy, fit, dynamic, handsome young man does when Spring arrives! 01W01

I’ll start again then; I awoke, feeling groggy, in pain and urgent need of the bathroom porcelain.

P1050281More pain, I might have to go back on the Entrolax.

In fact, I’ll take one now with my lovely strong cup of tea and the other medications.

Got the laptop on and titivated Saturday’s dairy and got it published.

I have to say, the shoulder and neck are a lot easier this morning.

Finished Part Two of the ‘Repairs’ series and got that posted.

P1020226Got the laundry things ready and in the bag, added my book and took the rubbish bags to the chute on my way down to the Laundry Room.

Got the washing machine working then sat in the Foyer to read my book.

When it had done I moved the clothes into the dryer.b

P1050282I had planned to go out and have a walk around outside, but, although it looked nice out there, it was flaming cold!

Cold enough for me not to go out after all and return to my book sat in the foyer.

The ‘Sniper’ book, is one of those annoying ones that you have to fight to keep the pages open and is printed too close to the centre when open.

P1050208I gathered the cleaned things and returned to the flat. Put them away in the airing cupboard, visited the porcelain and made a cuppa.

Got the laptop back on, opened CorelDraw X8 and WordPress, then I updated this earth-shatteringly interesting dairy off.

Then did some work on Part Three of the Repairs Advice post.

Took a while that did.

Hours and hours on Facebook, WordPress and CorelDraw X8. Then I checked the emails.

Pains across the chest rib-cage started itching like mad and stayed like that ever since. I’ll mention this to the nurse tomorrow. Because it got worse when I settled later?

P1050284Got the nosh on.

Lamb hotpot, roast vegetables, beetroot and sticks.

Rated at 9.22/10

Ate this all up with relish.

The itching getting annoying, and the scratching causing bleeding was irresistible and unavoidable. Driving me bonkers it is!

TTFN folks.

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