Inchcock Today Wed 11 May 2016: Malapropism ridden day


Wednesday 11th May 2016

01Kept waking during the night, unwilling to get up and that’s not me usually. Eventually around 0515 hrs, I lowered the chair (Thought I’d mention my new second-hand recliner again) and visited the porcelain throne. Performing the required motions was so painful again this morning, yet no bleeding from Haem Aroids or Little Inchy?

Made a brew and took an Entrolax pill with the usual medications, got the laptop on and finished the Tuesday diary. Somehow, I could not find the photograph of last night’s fodder, the vegetable stew in the camera? Mmm!

Did the graphics for today’s headers.

Started this page off and had a quick blast on Facebook to see if it would let me like! It did, hurrah!

P1070172Got the ablutions seen to and ready for a trip into town.

A decent conglomeration of tenants at the bus stop this morning. But I was the only one who got on the City bound L9 bus… either that or my lavender soap isn’t making it.


The rain started again on the way, and when I arrived it the city I nipped onto the pound shop to get an umbrella, cause I forgot to put mine in the bag, Tsk! But they had sold out with the downpours of recent days.


I had planned to take some photographs of certain areas of Nottingham to compare with the same shots years ago. But being as I’d left the notes of the areas in y dressing gown pocket and could not remember, apart from one, which areas I was going to photographicalise, I didn’t like. Humph again! I’ll post this one above on the Nottingham Now & Then site on Facebook later. (He say’s confident that he’ll remember to… Mmm) I cut down the new photo to try and match the ratio with the old one from… I don’t know when?

P1070173The Nottingham Pavement Cyclist were out in number again today. Bought the Nottingham Post.

Couldn’t risk taking too many photographs due to the heavy rain like, if yer know worra mean?

And me without a brolly too!

I had a waddle around and called in the pound Shop, where I bought some 07bits, well,  a lot of bits.

Nibbles for the tenant hour tomorrow, notepads, pens and treated me to a 20×2 biscuits pack of the caramelised biscuits, very nice they are too, especially at £1 a pack!

Great with a nice strong cup of jolly old tea yer know.

P1070175Made my way to the L9 bus stop, slipping some seeds to the pigeons en route.

The rain came a bit heavier then.

The folk who got on the bus all seemed a little miffed and unhappy, the weather I supposed.

I wish I’d taken the photographicalisation I did through the bus window a few seconds later. Then I might have caught a shot of the poor lad rushing over the crossing as her umbrella blew inside out.

P1070177As I passed the end of Clumber Street the rain had reduced the usual numbers of folks gadding about.

Mind you, they still need their coffee don’t they?

The journey back to the Woodthorpe Court flats was strangely bereft of gossip and laughter?

As the bus pulled up at the flats, I realised I’d forgotten to go and pick up the prescriptions. Well, fancy that me, forgetting something! I can call tomorrow if I go early enough because I think maybe Steve Age UK councillor might be calling about sorting the bank stuff out. Then again? Oh, no: The Morrisons delivery is coming then the Social Hour… oh dear!

Got the bits away, WC’d and got the laptop on graphicalisationing, Facebooked a bit, then got this updated and did the Newspaper funny post.

P1070188Nice meal apart from the Asda (Walmart) BBQ sausages, they were a bit of a let down tastewise.


Still, rated it at 8.2/10 for the rest of it like.

The potato cakes were grand.

The new second-hand Recliner began slipping just a bit as I was sat in it? Jerking perhaps a better word? Humph!

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