Inchcock Today Tue 10 May 2016: Flat bound again!

Tuesday 10th May 2016

01Slept better last night and woke up feeling the knees were so much better stiffness wise.

I assumed this would have been through using the new second-hand recliner I purchased yesterday from the bloke in flat 48 at Winchester Court? The pressure on the back of the knees was without doubt far less, and this cheered me up no end.

02I nimbly (For me like) got up and to the bathroom.

Oh dear, the knees felt so much easier, but Arthur Itis had decided that today would be an imitation of Charlie Chaplin day for me. Hehe!

Haem Aroids was bleeding away and sore and Little Inchy was joining in too! And, the passing on the throne was really painful. But I was still elated at the knees feeling so… well, good, that I didn’t mind at all!

04I prepared the vegetables and seasoned them in the Crock-pot slow cooker. Just turnip, onions and carrots this time.

Got them slow-slow cooking.

Next, I made a cuppa and took the medications as I started the laptop to finish off the Monday post.

07Made a start on this one, doing the photographic touch-ups needed.

I remembered that Steve Age UK said he would call today to try and finish off the cancelling of Standing Orders for the old house.

I wondered why I’d written, ‘Stay-in’ on my paper diary for today.

We’ll see.

Facebook let me post again today. So I got caught up with the TFZer site, checked the emails and sent a photo of the new chair to Sister Jane and Pete.

I’ll have to stay in today, for when Steve Age UK arrives, but the wet drizzle outside is not encouraging to venture far anyway.

I rang Sister Jane to see how she was going. She seemed in good spirits. Some mail was delivered: One for previous tenant Magaret, three of bumph and one from the Cancer Treatment Centre. I’m going to have weekly checks before the cutting out session they have arranged for Tuesday, August 16th at 1515 > 1645hrs. They are to inform me of the day and times in a few days.

LyntGCThe rain is persisting still, not heavy mind, sometimes just spotting.

I did a graphic of my friend Lynton Cox and posted it on Facebook as a caption competition.

No sign or message from Steve Age UK yet.

I am surprised.


Had to turn off the Crock-Pot or the stew come casserole would have been too well done. Didn’t want to start to eat it and Steve Arrive and for it be wasted.

Steve did not arrive. Obviously, I’d got the day wrong – but with him not giving me his new phone number or email, I could not get in touch with him to find out the correct ay and time of his visit.

A tad dejected I got the vegetable stew served up and ate it with some Irish Batch bread.

Tried to watch some TV, but kept nodding off so got my head down with relative ease tonight.

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