Inchcock Today Mon 9 May 16:New second-hand Reclining Chair purchased and used today!

Monday 9th May 2016

Kept waking up all through what was left of the night after I did eventually manage to nod off. Rose, well after 0600 hrs, and realised I’d had time for at 03 01ABCleast one odd dream, and odd it was too. I kept climbing out of tram onto the roof and ascending up a ladder that was next to my Crock-Pot, my giant Crock-Pot. Every time I got near the top of the ladder (No idea why I was climbing it in the first place), I’d fall off landing back in the tram and starting again?

Later I made and added this graphic as the memory was firmly in my mind.

I had a tiny emission of wind from the rear-end. Phew! In response to this very welcome indication of the urgency of my attending the Porcelain Throne, at last, I hobbled to the bathroom. A hiatus from the painful exertion, but no bleeding at all, so that was a good start to the day.

Brewed a cup of char and took the medications, then got the laptop going. Checked the emails, Google Calendar and did the graphicalisation above. Then I started this and finished the Sunday Inchcock Today.

Nipped in the bathroom and did my ablutions, and now smelling fresh, I got the rubbish bins into the refuse-shute.

Got in the lift and down and out of the building and walked to Bottle Bank in the car park area. Met Deana the coordinator for the flats en route and she told me about someone selling a recliner chair for £300 and said she would ask about it for me. Gave her a nibble and continued to the Community Shed and Julie had a nibble.

A lovely natter at the bus stop ad got the bus to Arnold. Dropped off at the Sainsbury store and got some potato cakes, some Anya potatoes and fresh cream cakes. (Ahem! Guilt mode adopted)

P1070159Hobbled to the Wilko store and got some Dettol lavender disinfectant (On offer at £2 from £3) Then on to Asda (Walmart) and got some Irish Batch bread, pots of mandarins in orange jelly, a parsnip, and carrots.

Passing the marketplace with its one stall open.

Very sad!

P1070160To the bus stop to get the L9 back to the flats and had a chinwag with some of the ladies that were also waiting.

The bench-seat was still looking a little the worse for wear.

Back at the flat and noticed coming in that a washing machine was available, so I got the laundry bag and accoutrements and nipped down and got the machine going. Had a gossip or two with some other tenants and listened to their woes. When they left, I had a bash at the crossword book.

P1070162Moved the washing from the cleaner to dryer, and nipped back to the flat to update this tosh.

Got the drying collected and back again to the apartment.

I rang the chap who was selling the recliner chair to see if he’s sold it yet. No, it was still available at £300. So I told he I’d be around in a while to have a decker at it. He was at 48, on the eighth floor at Winchester Court. 

When I arrived the flat was a duplicate of mine. Very nicely decorated. When I got in his front room, I was rather surprised to see three recliner chairs in there. The new one he was sat in, a very nice looking in brown to his right, and in the corner, the beige one he was selling. He explained a few things and I took the decision to go ahead and by it. The horrible colour was no problem, as I could use the extra large throw I was using on the old chair to cover the unattractive shade of it.

I told him I’d get in touch with the caretakers to see if they would assist in moving it to my flat and return to advise him of the situation. On the way back to the flat I saw Robert and the other caretaker and explained the situation to them, and they agreed to help and would be free in half an hour. I rang the bloke back and reported this to him.

The caretakers found me, and along with their wheelbarrow cart thingy, we went to flat 48. The man told them how the back can be taken off for transporting and they got on with it.

P1070163I thanked the tenant and paid him his money. Getting the thing back to Woodthorpe Court was a bother. They got in and positioned for me.

The only sad bit of this was having to get rid of the old swivel chair the Duncan Robertson had given me when I first moved into the flat to make room for this one. Having fallen-out of this swivel chair twice I thought it safer. At least now, when Duncan visits he has a comfortable chair to sit it when we have a cuppa and natter. I really hope he understands why this had to go. Thanks, Duncan, it was sad to let it go after your kind gesture. Cheers mate.

The quilt/cover fitted okay, and I know that somehow this is cool in summer and warm in winter. And the controls for the chair are simple enough, just two buttons. It doesn’t look too tidy, but no problems from me with this.

Set to updating this again.

Got the Anya potatoes on the simmer and prepared the carrots, onions and turnip roasting in the oven.

Did an order for groceries from Morrisons to be delivered for Thursday twixt 0730 – 0860 hrs.

P1070165Superb meal tonight. Fresh tomatoes, Anya Potatoes, roasted red onions, carrots and parsnips, polish ham with the last of the American BBQ sauce and a couple of slices of Batch Bread.

A deserved 9.25/10 rating.

Did the washing up and got myself ensconced in the new second-hand chair that the caretakers had moved and set-up for me. Tried out the mechanism for the first time, all working.

P1070164The large throw from the old chair sat next to it looking as if it felt sad (Hehe) covers it nicely without slipping off or moving me about.

Got the goggle-box on and was soon nodding off each time the advertisements came on.

I felt glad I had got this chair now and still have one for Duncan or BJ to sit on in comfort next to me while we have a chinwag when they visit. Still sorry I had to make way for it with moving Dunc’s swivel chair he gave me, though.

They can try out the recliner too! Maybe, Sister Jane and Pete when they can find time will love a sit and play in it I think.

I’ve got to get into the habit of putting is down before trying to get out of it, mind! Hehe!

TTFN all, from a resting in his new second-hand recliner Inchcock!

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    • Thanks, Duncan. First night report: Excellent! I’m tickled pink with it… but must remember not to try and get up when I wake up before lowering it. Hehe!
      TTFN mate

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