Inchcock Today: Fri 19 Aug 16 Continued: Hassle from British Gas, Virgin Media, Facebook and the Ulcer!




Friday 19th August 2016 (Continued)

Well, more bother when I posted the previous diary, couldn’t get back to do any editing, got the message: tgc6266 terminated the connection?

Not feeling bright at all now, frustration adding to the ailments. Tsk!

01d01eI tried working on Facebook to see it 01fthat had been affected by whatever had affected WordPress. Same problems: WordPress was slow, cutting out, freezing, etc. finally not responsive.  Facebook would not load!

So I reckon it is either the laptop or internet causing the hassle?

I realised it was the Virgin Internet causing the problems when I spotted the two top light not lit on the module thingamajig. (Left)

Turned it off and on a few times, tried pressing the reset button without any luck.

Decided to go to town and call at the Virgin Media store and get some help. For anyone already signed up with Virgin Media Internet, they will know what I mean when I say it is impossible to get any help from their stores.

01gDid the ablutions and I was all refreshed. I nipped out to visit Olive, who was not available?

Got to the bus stop, and an L8 was parked up, with a 92-year old fellow tenant, Norman getting on it.

A couple of tenants waiting for the L9 bus to Arnold supplied me with some gossip to listen to. Bless em!

01hThe rain continued to fall, and the Chestnut trees looked beautiful and were giving off a sweet aroma?

The bus arrived, and I was soon on the journey to Nottingham City Centre.

I got the crossword puzzle book out, but it had got wet in the bag while I was waiting for the bus to arrive.

01iThe driver was unconcerned with the wet weather, and we were soon pulling up in Nottingham, within 30 minutes.

A record that I think.

The brollies were out and were used in abundance.

I made my way to the bank to get some 01j20p pieces to use in the laundry room back at the flats.

Took this photo of Nottingham Beach as I passed.

The rain had taken a heavy toll on the amusement rides as well as the beach.


09Then I walked towards St Peter’s church and walked back up Wheeler Gate, back into the slab square.

The persistent rain gave the place a feeling of nostalgia somehow?

Then, back into the slab square.

Where a few people were around, but one on the beach again, some brave Nottinghamians risked the rides, though.

10Nobody seemed to be smiling or happy.

I called into the Pound World shop and got some choccies and a pork pie.

I hobbled around the back of the Council House, passing some shoplifters being removed from the ladies fashion store, and to the Virgin Media store to get some help with the lack of internet from them. Blind faith and Futility comes to mind!

10bI entered the store, shaking my brolly as I did, and no customers in the shop.

Eventually, one of the three unshaven assistants approached me with a monotone: “Good morning, can I be of use?”

I informed him of my hearing difficulties, that I had two questions for him, and explained about their connection going down so they could update their mobile phone system, and the Virgin Internet had come back in patches and had now stopped altogether. I handed him the paperwork with all the details on it. He perused it, then I asked if my package was with unlimited broadband… a few minutes later he said he could not find any details on his computer?

He consulted with the tattooed assistant, who told me, via the first unshaven one, that it should be?

I showed him the photo of the router box lights. He showed it to Tattoo, who whispered something in his ear-hole.

He then told me to phone 151 from my landline, and they would help sort it. I pointed out again my hearing problems, and he just repeated himself?

I left none the wiser.

I strolled in the rain to the L9 bus-stop and caught one back to the apartments. Who should get on at the next stop but Norman, I love listening to his tales. Made the trip a pleasure. He’s been to exchange a Record player with CD and radio combined. I told him I’d take the LP’s I’d got so he could see if he fancied any of them.

Dropped off at the flats, and left Norman chatting at the bus stop with Frank. Went up and called at Olive’s flat, not in yet, though.

Back to the apartment, WRWW, made a cuppa took the midday medications and investigated the Virgin Media box, now with all the lights on? Bemused, baffled and bamboozled at what to do with the internet box – I turned if off and on again, and the thing worked? The connection was still mega slow, mind.

Nipped to see Olive, who was not very well again, so I soon left her to get her head down, a little kiss and promising to call and see her in the morning.

Hello, the rains stopped!

Back to the laptop (Still running slow) and got this started off, then tried Facebooking again, crossed fingers here… No, let’s me do a bit then losing connection? Humph!

BR10Well well, well…

Another demand from British Gas for payment for the non-existent meter!

This is doing my health no good at all you know! 

Again they send it at the weekend so I have to wait and worry before I can see Warden Deana Walker for help again!

P1110612Updated the TP (TrustPilot) report.

Then got the food cooking. Appetising Crock-pot vegetables, the pork loin and some chips that were amazingly tasty!

Then I received yet another phone call from British Gas again. Wanting to talk to me about the Red Demands for payment of the non-existent meter they say I have!Deana told me not to talk to them at all. So I told the caller to contact Deana, telling him I have given her number to him on at least five occasions in the last month. He ‘told me’ to tell her to ring them – I refused. Repeating that she is my sole agent in this matter, and she must be contacted so we do not any more confused than British Gas has already made us, over this farcical threatening incorrect demand!

Now I sat there, dinner getting cold, feeling depressed as I fretted about the internet connection, Olive’s health, the laptop playing up and the now bleeding Little Inchy again, on the not working once more £300 second-hand recliner chair, and how to get out of it to throw away my festering fodder… Fed-up!

The ulcer started kicking off, took some Peptac, not that if does much to relieve the pain. It also ruined the chances of my getting to sleep later, that combined with the worrying… I feel terrible now.

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