Inchcock Today Sat 20 Aug 16: Out and about for a while, in the rain.


Saturday 20th August 2016

Up at 0455hrs: The £300 second-hand recliner woking again – a bit shaky, but operational.

The depression I got my head down with last night, was still with me. I managed a WRWW, no WRHD yet, though. I took the medications with a cup of tea and decided to get on with updating the TrustPilot British Gas comment straight away, while it was freshish in my mind. Well, I say straight away, I cleaned the dishes from last night and scolded my right-hand finger, in the process, I’ve never known such hot water to run from the tap so quickly before. Hehe, fool!

It took me a few hours to get right, Facebook was not letting me post again? WordPress was okay, mind. Got the posts done and sent off. Did some graphicationalisationing.

The light bulb blew in the front room. The fifth one since I’ve been here? I was glad there was no CCTV in the room, as I struggled to replace the blown one with the last of my spares. Going to Sherwood this morning to get a TV paper, having forgotten to get one yesterday, I’ll nip in Wilko to get a new spare one (He says full of confidence). The ulcer was stinging a bit. Still, I blame British Gas and Virgin Media for this yer know!

0835hrs: Did the ablutions, managing a WRHD of great effort and discomfort… ah well, at least I got it done.

11dBin bags to the chute called to see Olive, no answer, then down to the bus stop to catch a bus into Sherwood, then another into the City Centre. A jolly good chinwag session at the bus stop with the other eight tenants awaiting the same bus. This cheered me up no end, especially talking to Norman on the seat in front of me.

The rain poured down, bit got lighter later on. Over the road to the bus-stop for a City bound vehicle.

BGDropped off at Victoria Centre (Mall), and made my way up the escalator to the top floor.

The American Eatery place had a few customers in it, I noticed they were selling ‘Chicago Burgers’ at a Special Price of only £8.99. Blimey!

I limped on and over to the Market and visited the Nut Stall. I got some yoghourt covered cashew nuts and some chocolate covered Hazelnuts.

BR02Then over the walkway across and above Upper Parliament Street.

Took this photo of the wet road and the large number of buses about. I think there were six at least?

Then down and into the Poundland Shop to see if they had any of the chocolates in foil or Lavender Soap in stock.They had neither

They had neither available. However, I did get some Deli Choc biscuits to use as raffle prizes for the Winwood Social hour Session. Not that I’ll be attending next week, due to the surgery booking in my Warfarin Blood Test for the same time as the tenants gathering. Tsk!

JaneMC001Walked down into the slab square and took a photo of the Nottingham Beach, and the showers – in the rain and howling wind!

There were a few folks, like this chap and his daughter eating at the dodgy smelling takeaway stalls, but not many.

The sky and winds threatened a storm at times, but it never came.

I plodded up Queen Street to the bus stop, and found I had 20 minutes to wait, so I had a hobble down Market Street and had a look in the Charity Shop at the books and DVDs. Got a bit carried away and realised time was getting on, so bought a three DVD box set. I only just made it back to the bus stop in time.

The bus was packed well on the return journey.

Into the flat and a WRWW enjoyed. Put the bits away, made a cuppa, late midday medications took, and got some potatoes in the pan gently simmering, and nipped out to Olive’s flat again.

She was in a bit better spirits today. A chinwag and her grandson Roger called, and the chinwag was extended. Gave Olive a kiss and departed back to number 72.

Opened a tin of baby carrots into the saucepan ready for later, to have with the potatoes and the last of the pork loin, might throw in some beetroots too.

Laptop on, and WordPress working okay, updated this to here, then, with trepidation tried Facebook. It was functioning properly! Slowly, but still. Spent far too many hours catching up on it.

01bThe fodder was ready, including the funny shaped carrot, crispy bacon, boiled spuds, pork loin, baby beetroots and Polish veg mix in salted water.

Very nice.

Took the medications, sat worrying about the British Gas situation and faded.

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