Inchcock Today – Sunday 9th July 2017

Sunday 9th July 2017

Welsh: Dydd Sul 9 Gorffennaf, 2017

0500hrs: The Strange Awakening.

I woke, very late for me, and found I had my feet up on top of the £300 second-hand recliner and found the DVD remote control, the camera and the box with last night’s medications, not taken and a pencil, all of these were laying on my ample multi-fold ridden belly? The curtains were open, yet I recall closing them last night.

And, why the heck would I have all these things laying and in my folds of my belly? The remote perhaps, if I fell asleep using it?

As soon as I moved, both Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna attacked! Arthur, obviously because of the ridiculous position I’d left the legs and knees in. Why Anne Gyna had a go at me, I don’t know.

I painfully straightened the knees and legs, and gurgling issued from the innards and an urgent mission presented itself – I must get to the Porcelain Throne ASAP. – I’m afraid I didn’t make it on time. Oh dear!

The session although lasting only a few moments contained, Splashing, gushing, spurting, squirting and pebble-dashing of the porcelain and me. Humph! It took me ages to get the room, and myself cleaned up. Still feeling a bit queasy, now.

Took the morning medications and made up the pots for next weeks doses. Needless to say, I was happy I still had some of the Morrison Acute Diarrhoea Derek tablets and took one with the other medications.

Carried out the Health Checks, during which I had a wee-wee… twice?

Sys 163, Dia 86, Pulse 89, Temp 34.9 and weight 14St-8.8lb.

Made a mug of tasty tea.

On the horizon, out of the kitchen window, I thought I saw smoke.

I’m still not sure what it was even after looking at this photograph?

Noticed they had cut the grass in the bottom field so I might be able to get out and have a 7Sun04wander through the Copse later, take some nature pictures perhaps… hello, the rumbling innards have started again. Back to the Porcelain Throne.

The session went alright, not so messy this time at all. But Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were still having a go at me. Tsk! I suddenly felt so old for some reason?Then I thought about the things I have to do this coming Monday. Only the prescriptions to collect and see one of the Obergruppenfureresses about the bill from the 3 phone company demanding a months rent again. And this, after Obergefreiteress Julie had told them last month that I wanted to cancel the contract.

Then I thought about the things I have to do this coming Monday. Only the prescriptions to collect and see one of the Obergruppenfureresses about the bill from the 3 phone company demanding a months rent again. And this, after Obergefreiteress Julie had told them last month that I wanted to cancel the contract. Huh!

Also, I have to fill in a City Care Satisfaction Survey about the nurses who did the Enoxaparin injections for me, five pages of this.

Also, the Police Pegasus Contact Management Update needs doing, only three pages though.

Got the computer on and started this diary off to here. Then finished off yesterday’s log and got it posted.

7Sun4bHad a wee-wee. Went into the kitchen to get some more antiseptic wipes and spotted two things out of the window below.

Only one double-line-parker this morning, and I think there is an animal I spotted in the bushes?

Opened the Emails and replied responded and did some WordPress reading.

Did some Facebooking, then created a graphic or two for the TFZers site.

This one, for a celebration of Sandie Lentz’s Birthday. I hope she has the best one ever! Lovely woman:


This one of a group of TFZer lads making a fuss of Eve. I was quite pleased with one, it took a few hours, but I like it and hope the others do too.

Film LindaN

7Sun4cStarted another graphic off, and the Amazon man arrived with the parcel, containing the hearing-boosters and lid remover.

What followed was such a farce, failure and frustrating hour and a half, that I am going to make a single post about the mayhem, blood, injury and property damage caused while I was sorting out and getting the items assessed!

I’ll do it now while I’m still angry at myself!

Done it.

Far too late up for me, now. Feeling all drained again.

Got the meal cooked and did some Facebooking while it did do.

Just smoked bacon with BBQ sauce, a bit of sourdough bread and (At last I got to try out the Chinese mushrooms) fungi.

When I had to stab holes in the lid of the jar when I failed to get it off with the new wonder lid-removal tool from Amazon, I was lucky enough to have an empty beetroot jar to transfer the fodder into. Not big enough, so I had to throw some away, though.

They really were delicately tasty, mind.

Shame about breaking the mirror, I keep looking, expecting it to be there. Hehe!

I’ll have to get another one soon, or I might be deprived of looking at my distinctively handsome and attractive young face.

Took the medications and did the Health Checks.

I think the weighing scales might be broken?

Settled down after the meal, to watch some exciting programmes on the TV. Huh! Nod-off, wake, wee-wee, nod off, wake, wee-wee, television viewing, nod off, wake…

To make more frustrating, I was having dreams on each nod-off but could remember nothing about them. Grr!

TTFN all.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 9th July 2017

  1. I’m sure Amazon has all kinds of mirrors on prime! Were the Chinese mushrooms worth all the carnage you went trough to get them opened? The smoked bacon looks very good. I get those stupid surveys at times. Half the questions don’t seem to apply, and I would ask totally different questions anyway. Depending on my mood I either mark everything as great and say they were wonderful or mark everything as 1 and tell them they sucked. Once or twice I have received rather frantic phone calls over the 1 scores and telling them they sucked. Good to know they read it. That’s a lot of mowing from your aerial shot. I assume they didn’t do it by hand, like I do? They probably should hire a goat to keep it mowed. Nice set of graphics. The birthday girl should be thrilled.

  2. I tell myself yes, it was worth all the effort and Whoopsiedangleplops to get the lid off of the mushroom jar, Tim. But I’m fibbing to myself! Hehe!
    I’m bravely going to see Obergruppenfurher Julie, who I got to phone the cell company last month and cancel my contract, to tell her that I have received another monthly bill from them! I anticipate a reception that will be non-enthusiastic.
    See you later, if I’m not hospitalised. Hehe!

    • Cheers Sir.
      I dare not try the video, I’m having troubles when opening video links for some reason with the computer?
      I’ll look into this when I do another order with Amazon, it offers free delivery with orders over £25. But I’ll try it then.

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