Inchcock Today – Tuesday 31st October 2017 – Poorly old thing today

Tuesday 31st October 2017

Sudanese: Salasa Tanggal 31 Oktober 2017

0145hrs: Woke, pandiculated gently and dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner. And off for a wee-wee. The grey-cells were seemingly operational.

Made a brew and did the Health Checks. Then took the medications. W 14.95 St

Cleaned the pots I’d left soaking in the bowl from last night.

The computer on and started to finish Monday’s Diary and posted it off.

Off for another wee-wee. Little Inchy’s Lesion and Harold’s Haemorrhoids were both doing well and no bleeding at all. Duodenal Donald was beginning to show signs of giving me some hassle, though.

Back to the computer, and had to revisit the wet room and Porcelain Throne. Things in this department were a little reluctant. I got carried away reading the Lenigrad State of Seige book as I waited for the evacuation to start. A fascinating chapter or two held my attention.

Back to the computerisationing and did the top graphic for this diary. Took a while, but I enjoyed doing it. Got it done at 0440hrs. Started this record of the day, up to here, then got yesterday’s onto Emails then WordPress Reading.

Facebooking next.

Time for the ablutions soon. Off I trotted (well, limped) to the wet room.

Teggies cleaned painfully. Had a delicate shower. Dried off and the medicalisationing started. Little Inchy’s Lesion Cortisoid cream carefully applied. Harold’s Haemorrhoids ‘H’ creamed, Olive oil in the ear-holes. The boil antisepticised. Arthur Itis affected areas and wrists pain gelled. The battle to get the socks on, accompanied with many Ohhs, Arghs and Eeurks, was eventually won. Checked I’d turned off the wall heater, not left any taps running, I’d turned off the water heater power and the light. Hard work all this keeping clean when you’re getting on a bit. Hehe!

Got the things ready for the trip to Arnold. Turned on the Crock-Pot potatoes. Checked taps, lights, plugs, had I got my hearing aids in, had I got the right spectacles on, bus pass and the card with me? All seemed good. So I sort out to the bus stop.

Only the one lift was working again. Daisy and hubby, then Welsh William got in on the way down. Lots of pointless banter flew back and forth, with the odd sarcastic laughs.

To the bus stop, and I wondered if the place had been evacuated and no one had told me, there were so many residents waiting.

Arrived in Arnold and the plan was; Into Asda to get the Stilton biscuits, milk and nibbles for the staff and residents, then back to the bus stop in time to catch the L9 bus back home. I had around 30 minutes to get this done. Of course, muggings here got sidetracked when I could not find the Stilton Biscuits and soon realised I’d ran out of time as I wandered around looking for substitutes. I ended up getting, Lemon disinfectant, bread thins, various nibbles, TV magazine for next week, crisps and biscuits. The bag was not heavy, but full.

So, I missed the bus, I had an hour to kill. I decided to take a stroll around the Front Street shops. Fatal for the bank balance and back-pain this was. Hehe!)

I nipped along and over the road and called into the Fulton Foods Store. I came out with a giant box of 240 Yorkshire tea bags, a substantial bottle of Sterilised milk at 69p, Chocolate Peanuts x2 £2, and Digestive Creams 3 for £1. Took the spare-bag out and split the things bought between them to balance the weight.

Wobbling a bit now with the bags, I limped along to the Iceland Store and had a perusal for some sliced Sourdough bread they used to sell. I didn’t find any but still came out with marshmallows, jelly babies and a bag of four large potatoes. Tsk!

Suddenly thought to check the time, and I had about 8 minutes to get to the bus stop, which was by now a reasonable distance away. Not wanting to miss another bus, I pressed myself painfully as fast as I could with the heavy bags to get to the bus stop. Within a minute or even less, the ailments let me know their displeasure at this sudden rushing about. Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald all kicked off. I arrived at the bus stop but wasn’t in good condition physically. Two minutes to spare before the bus came.

Daisy and hubby were there, and they said I didn’t look very well. We got onto the bus and when it arrived in Sherwood, Glenda, Welsh Bill, Roy and Matilda got on. Many laughs and comments of mirth were shared. Welsh Bill sat next to me and told me I looked very pale. That cheered me up. Haha! We had a laugh,

All off at the Winwood Flats, and they left me lagging behind again and made their way to the block. By the time I caught up, I was sure they would all have been long gone up the lift to their homes. But Daisy and her hubby were in the lift lobby. Only one lift was working still, and they could not get in the first one they said. We piled in when the lift eventually arrived. On the 3rd floor, it stopped, and two workmen with a trolley full of equipment wanted to get on, but obviously, there was no room for them. Then on the 5th floor, three workmen this time wanting access, but we denied them, with their whatever it was generator-like looking machine.  The elevator stopped on the 6th floor, but nobody was there?

It transpires that the workmen are doing flats heating system, not by floor, but randomly and will naturally be using the elevators, or should I say elevator all day long.

Daisy and hubby got off at the 8th storey, and I got into my home on the 12th, feeling weary, drained and pained.

I was beyond doing anything productive then. Put the purchases way, checked on Little Inchy, Harold Haemorrhoids and had a wee-wee. Took the medications and did the Health-Checks.

I’d forgotten all about the potatoes in the Crock-Pot and made some oven chips to have with the nosh.

As tired and unwell as I felt, this meal went down well. I’m learning how to cook the chips, so they come out softer for the teeth nowadays.

Washed the pots and got settled in the chair to watch some TV… drifted off nd woke up at gone midnight. Knowing I had been dreaming, but not the foggiest idea what about.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 31st October 2017 – Poorly old thing today

  1. Can you get things like putrid shark and skate at the Iceland store? The putrified shark is called Hákarl, and the “stinking Icelandic skate” is Skata in Icelandic. Shark meat, except for the fins, is toxic to humans unless you putrefy it because of the high levels of urea and trimethylamine oxide in the flesh. Apparently, putrefied shark and skate have an strong ammonia smell and taste to them. But since they are fermented, they might be soft on tender teeth. They sound pretty disgusting, but in harsh environments like Iceland, preparing and eating putrified shark and skate meant survival. Since I don’t much like fish, Hákar and Skata might be even more disgusting than orejas (pig ears I ate in Spain that were slimy, hairy, and crunchy all at the same time — they were awful).

    Good set of photos you got waiting for the bus. The food looks good. Nice to hear it was edible.

    • Blue shark steaks from the pacific ocean Vietnam are vacume packed for long storage life and so that they keep the best taste, cna be bought online, Tim. I tried shark steaks once when I had the fish shop. Tasted like pork to me.
      You got me thinking about this, I found a site about Icelandic foods:
      The goats testicles made me wince!
      You’ve certainly tried many different foods. Hehe!
      Thanks mate, from your Northern mate, Inchcock. Haha!

      • I’ve had shark steaks, also. Made from the fins. The environmentalists get upset about eating shark fins because they have to discard the rest of the shark because people outside of Iceland won’t eat putrefied shark. Shark fin steaks are not too bad. Kind of like Monk Fish, not terribly fishy, and no little bones to choke on.

      • Testicles reminds me of a Spanish joke. A guy was at the restaurant next to the bull ring and the waiter brought the patron sitting next to him a plate with two big balls on it. He asked the waiter what the balls were and the waiter said they were the bull testicles of the day. The guy wanted an order of testies, but the waiter said there were only six a day after each bull fight and there was a waiting list. The guy looked sad. A little later the waiter came and told him there was a cancellation for the 3:00 o’clock fight the next day, so he could get that spot for a plate of testicles if he wanted. The guy made the reservation, and was at the restaurant at 3:00 salivating thinking about those big bull balls. The waiter soon brought him a plate that had two little balls on it. The guy asked what the deal was with the little balls. The waiter told him that most of the time the matador wins, but sometimes the bull wins.

  2. That sounds like a hell of a mad dash to catch that second bus & I can only imagine that you did not look healthy at the end of that major exertion. Maybe the potatoes in the slow cooker will still be good later? Glad you’re figuring out how to do chips in the oven so that you can eat them. <3

  3. Good early morning hun!!!…5:00am here…
    Just wanted to wish you a happy Wednesday…
    Your dinner looks good!!!…love hot dogs and beans…n french fries heheh…
    Hang in there love…
    ♥ Suzette♥

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