Inchcock Today – Wednesday 8th November 2017

Wednesday 8th November 2017

Kannada: ಬುಧವಾರ 8 ನವೆಂಬರ್ 2017

0115hrs: Woke after less than three-hours kip. Thanks to the flipping new Fire Alarm Strobe and Pillow-Shaker-Alarm going off again last night, like it did on Monday? Obergruppenfureress Deana is still off poorly I think, but I’ll have to mention it to someone today. Although, I had planned to stay in, just in case Sister Jane rang me with her hospital update… Life is complicated innit? Hehe!

0210hrs: Forced my gone-to-seed, highly-kneadable body out of the £300 second-hand recliner, got some clothes on and readied the laundry room bag. Had a Porcelain Throne session, very messy. Cleaned things up and took the washing down. Machine Two was in use, so had to use number One. It never washes the stuff as well as the second one does and takes a lot longer doing it. Never mind.

0222hrs: Up and doing the Health Checks first thin.

Then, took the medications. The Sys seems to have come back down again, nicely. Nothing to fret over… until I realised the teeth were bleeding still, well from the gingiva at the base of the loose Tootypeg.

Started the brain cogitating as I got the computer going and updated then saved the Health Check listing in Excel.

I recognised I’d forgotten to take the ‘ADRS’ capsule, so I ingested it belatedly, with my almost regular dilatorily fashion.

0222hrs: Down to move the things from washer to dryer. The stuff in number Two machine was still there, long after it had finished working. It might be one of the many new tenants who, like me, with a lousy memory and get easily sidetracked, deflected and redirected brain-wise. At least I can empathise with them. Hehe!

As I passed through the lobby door, I spotted a signing shelf and book on the wall. I assume it is for the workmen in case of a fire alarm? Ah, I see it now, it has the Willmott Dixon company logo on the notice on the wall. I get there in the end you know… sometimes. Hehehe!

0235hrs: Back in the flat, and finished off the Tuesday Diary. Took a long time, as I got sidetracked when I spotted a suitable graphic to use as a Diary-Topper and this took me over an hour to adapt. Then it was time to go down and retrieve the laundry.

0334hrs: Cor blimey, did lift number one shake and make scouring noises or what! Fritted me for a second or two.

I had to use the other dryer, because whoever it was who forgot his or her washing had been down and use the better one, Tsk! Hehehe!

I don’t know if it was the elevator incident or what, but as I was getting the clothes out of the dryer, Diahorrea Donald hinted strongly to me that I needed the use of the Throne!

I folded the clothes, cleaned out the filter and filled the blue bag, then had to use lift number one to get back to the twelfth storey and home. Straight into the wet room and another sloppy, slushy session. Had a good freshen up and put the clothing away.

I sorted out what was to be had for foddering later. One large potato to bake then mix the flesh with some cheese and vinegar, (No doubt burning my fingers again), got some dried mushroom and onion mix and Polish Herbs ready to make the stuffing, garden peas and the cooked beef I got so cheaply from Fulton Foods Store in Bulwell. I perused the contents printed on the label. Beef (88%) Water, Salt, Peppercorns, Stabilisers, (Triphosphates, Polyphosphates), Tapioca starch, Dextrose and Sugar? Not sure if I fancy it that much now. Still, it might be alright.

You’ll have noticed how the blood from the edge of the can of peas I’d just opened is a lovely deep vibrant red. A healthy sign that you know! Haha!

 Made a nice strong brew of tea in the big mug. Not easy to clean this, with it being tall and narrow – but on the plus side, it keeps the drink hotter longer. Plus, it has an excellent big handle on it.

The noises from somewhere nearby are getting louder and more often now. I assume one of the flats is having their heaters either disconnected or a new one fitted. Mary told me she was without a proper heater for a few days last week, but they left her a portable convector heater to use, that nearly bankrupted her! She is a witty-laugh bless her.

Each time I get up from the computer for a wee-wee, cup of tea or to check on the cooking things to make sure I’d covered them, the erection outside still makes me jump when I see it.

Not used to it being there, I suppose.

I spent, even more, time on Graphicationalising on CorelDraw and CorelPaint.

Went to check that I’d not left any taps running or lights on and took this photograph down from the window

I wasn’t sure if they were delivering or taking something away.

I was impressed with the tenant’s car parking this morning, I must say.

The view from the kitchen window, looking so lovely, but it belied just how cold it actually was at the time.

Back to blogging. I got the Wednesday, no, that’s today. Sorry! Tuesday’s blog Emailed and did some WordPress Reading.

Finally finished the latest TFZ graphic.

Hours and hours spent sorting the personal dictionary and getting it into some kind of order. So tired by the time I had to stop through mental fatigue.

Got the nosh cooking.

Health Checks were done, medications were taken.

Sat down to read the book and fell asleep. Dreams about my trying to get through a door but not being able to work out how the handle worked?

The stuffing mix I made in the small foil tray came out okay. The cheesy potatoes were right.

I ate and enjoyed it, took the dish and things into the kitchen for washing up and realised I had forgotten to put the gravy on the plate! Tsk! Got the pots cleaned, dragged me back into the recliner, nibbles some nuts, read the book, then put the TV on and stayed awake for about three hours with only a few nod-offs, turned off the TV and drifted swiftly into a much-needed sleep. Ahh!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 8th November 2017

  1. That’s quite an erection you have outside your window. That operatives sign-in sign seems a little spookish. I love your time related graphic. Good photos. Had a moment of clearing with blue sky I’ll never win the lottery around here because I never buy tickets. Don’t even know where or how to buy them. God for the food success.

    • I look at the erection and it still makes me jump. Hehe!
      Pleased you like the efforts today, Sir.
      I’m with you on the lottery. I did have a go when it first started but never had a win of any kind. So, after a few months, I stopped doing it. I’m not a gambler, Mother was a Gamblerholic before she ran away. (Well she always was until the end) The trouble it caused everyone, oh dear. This is why I buy raffle tickets at the Social to fit in, and give them away.
      TTFN Sir.

  2. I can certainly understand why that sight out the window is shocking & I imagine it will be gone by the time you grow used to it lol. Good to see you had wonderful success with the meal this time <3

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