Inchcockski – Wed 11 Nov 20: Part Two: The continuing medical-mayhem, madness and mental maelstroms!

About to become a reality, and drive me bonkers!

Wednesday 11th November 2020 – Part Two

I had a snack of some Morrison’s crushed Frazzles and their reshaped and squashed mini raspberry and vanilla rolls, with an absolutely foul, crap, bitter, irony-tasting decaffeinated tea. Eurgh! I didn’t get beyond taking two small tentative slurps of the poison!

I got on with the updating of this blog, in between done, in between diversions to make graphics in between.

A couple of hours later, nipping into the kitchen, to prep and cook the dinner. I took a couple of shots of the view outside.

Billumski, the Obergruppenführer the ORCMC (Ohio Red Car Monitoring Services), will note that three of them were on the site today, at 15:00hrs.

I was getting a bit wearier and decided to pack-up (losing concentration now). And get the meal tended to.

While ding this, I got a definite warning from my EQ. ‘Be prepared’ – ‘Incoming Hassle! I’m afraid he is rarely wrong! But I still ignored his caution.

Doing the prepping went almost smoothly. Of course, there were the usual dropsies, care of Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, and the occasional shaking from SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley).

Which at the time got me irritated, but it was nothing compared to the EQ warned-about mental-hassle I was to suffer later.

The meal was passable, but of course, the following events ensured that I would not eat even half of it, thanks to the highest ever amount of telephone calls I’ve ever received and had to make. I’ve no doubt missed some off, and got them in the wrong chronological order, but I just had to vent my frustrations!

I was feasting away on the Chilli-Con-Carni, soaking up the gravy with the bread rolls. Feeling almost contented, at the taste of the fodder, and thought of getting my head down afterwards, as very appealing… but it was fated not to be!

Matron Jackie called me. She questioned me as to the situation with the Dioctyl®, ascertained other health conditions, and said she would call the Doctor to get some Poo-Softeners added to the monthly prescriptions. Bless her! ♥

Back to the meal, but it was too cold to enjoy, so I just dunked the cob in the gravy…

Someone from the Cardiac Monitoring team called. About the thrice-cancelled follow-up appointment. He/she (I wasn’t sure) wanted to know if I was available on November 27th, and could I get to the hospital for 17:00hrs, as Consultant Mr Chamkanni will be available then, it would be best if I could, because he was present when the mechanical valve replacement operation was carried out. I had a look at the Google Calendar and said yes, I could get there. After I’d rang off, that it dawned on me; 17:00hrs, that’ll mean no kip then. Getting home will have to be a taxi. Hey-ho!

Back to the meal, but it was beyond salvation. I gathered everything up and off to the kitchen to get the washing up done…

The landline came to life again. Back to the telephone…  giving myself a decentish Toe-Stubbong Thomas en route. Argh! It was the Doctors Surgery.

She told me that the prescription for the tablets had been sent to the Chemists. Who informed her that they would not be delivering any prescriptions again. ‘Could you collect them?’ I pointed out that the Government letter I received, had the clear message; ‘You must not visit any chemists!’ on it.

Actually, I found out I was wrong when I reread the paperwork (Fool!) She said the only thing they could think of, was to get a taxi to pick up medicines, ‘Would you like me to arrange one for you?’ I was confused and dithering a bit and uncertain of what to do.

Back to the washing up, with my head all in a muddle. I decided to ring the surgery back, to ask them to arrange a taxi. On the eighth attempt, I got through. Okay, she says, you can arrange one then! The only thing I could do now was to pester Jenny again, explain things and beg her to arrange a cab for me, to collect the tablets and bring them to the flat. I’d be lost without Jen’s help. ♥

Before I could get to ring her, the landline was flashing again! It was the Eurologist to check on the progress with the bladder and bowels. She was on the line of ages, assessing, questioning etc. bless her. I was losing track of the conversation. But hse did tell me four times during the call, that they will not be able to supply me with any PPs, only pads. (Cost-cutting and saving time, with the Pandemic and all that). Same as when they told me that they would not be cutting my toenails again on the last visit. They are getting long and uncomfortable again already.

She wore me down with wanting me to try the pads, and I gave in, she said she’d send me some. Then she launched into demanding that I: stop drinking all teas apart from decaffeinated, and all drinks that are carbonated! Mmm!

I called Jenny and explained my situation with the tablets, and what the surgery told me to do about getting a taxi to collect them. Jen was most understanding and calm about me harassing her again ♥. She kindly said she’d call them, and ring back to let me know what’s what. I thanked her muchly and got back to the washing up again.

I was in a bit of a picklement now. Drained mentally, confused, discombobulated, anxious and fazed somewhat. Dizzy Dennis came on, and Duodenal Donald started to give me a heck of a pasting. There seemed so many ailments at the same time; I think Anne Gyna was in there with them somewhere! Hahaha!

The landline lit again. Jenny told me she’d arrange a cab for me, and it will be coming, and the driver will bring it up to the flat. What a compassionate woman!

It was the taxi driver who was calling. But I could not make out most of what the chap was saying, the accent and my bad hearing being the cause! But I felt sure he was outside somewhere on Chestnut Walk.

I pestered Jenny again to advise her of the taxi, and she said she’d go down to collect the tablets from the driver, pay him and bring them up to me at the flat for me. What an Angel! ♥

As anticipated, it was Jenny. She had her caring hat on, and spent some time talking with me, and encouragingly about my current problems. She’ll never know how much that helped! (Well, she will when she reads this of course. Hehe!) ♥ She’d not only ordered the taxi for me and gone down and paid the man, but also brought the medicines to the flat for me! ♥ And offerred to help in fetching next months prescriptions for me! ♥

I got the capsules taken with the other evening medications, got down in the c1968 recliner, and soon flaked out! At last, my worries were reduced, and precious sleep was mine!

Thank heavens for Jenny being there for me, again! ♥

6 thoughts on “Inchcockski – Wed 11 Nov 20: Part Two: The continuing medical-mayhem, madness and mental maelstroms!

  1. Wild day with the landline. That is so sweet Jenny is taking care of you. Having to have a taxi driver get your meds. That is just crazy. Too bad you couldn’t enjoy your chili, especially with it being in short supply. I think you need to think about how you can get a microwave set up so you can reheat your food. It doesn’t have to go in the kitchen.

    • High there, Tim. Jenny used to eork in care, with Stroke sufferers, and know how affects folks differently, and looks after sweet, witty Doris (90), who I do miss seeing with the lockdown. They have a ‘Hub’, so can mix together, and its lovely to hear how they are doing from the ever-busy Jenny ♥.
      The taxi company told Jen that they had stopped collecting prescriptions, but did it for me as a favour to Jenny. So next month will be another battle, with the chemist stopping delivering Tsk!
      But this dwindles to the return of Spunk! That news helped get me through. The little scallywag!
      A stack if Chill-Con-Carni cans in the kitchen now, Tim – and more on order! You’ve converted me! Haha!
      Somewhere in the junk room, I have a microwave, I bought it new when I moved in the flat, but first time I tried it, smoke set the fire alarm off. If I do get any help with the de-cluttering, I’ll ask the Firemen to check it out for me.
      Then again, I may have given it away, I can’t see it anywhere in the room, which is not surprising, mind.
      TTFNski, Tim, cheers.

      • Another fight on getting meds? Sucks. How many people are dying from being locked in and not getting meds because pharmacies won’t deliver and people can’t go out to collect their meds? Someone needs to develop a Star Trek-like transporter so stores can beam good to people.

  2. Thank you for the kind photo of three (3) red horseless carriages —
    Two (2) discovered in RESIDENTS PARKING ONLY spaces,
    One (1) appears to be in motion, near KEEP CLEAR entry/egress road.
    Time: 15:00.
    I shall, of course, submit a copy to Secretary Lisa for further processing and distribution.

    Good of Jenny to be such a kind soul — eine Menschin.

    You do indeed have quite a high EQ, kind Sir!

    • You is so kind midduck.

      I’m certain that you PA Lisa, will take control of and utilise the aforesdaid details for actioning.

      As I’ve said too often, Billumski, its the IQ that is the lowest (proven at the UPS interview), and thus my get up and go for job searching got up and went! Hehehe!

      Love to you both, and the kitties.

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