Inchcock: Gloriouslly Inane – Saturday 5th December 2020

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Saturday 5th December 2020

Welsh: Dydd Sadwrn 5ed Rhagfyr 2020

02:20hrs: I stirred, dreary-eyed, and found in the folds of my tummy fat layers, a page from the notepad, and as I looked down, a pencil dropped from behind my earhole. The reading glasses were hanging on the very end of my nose and fell off to join some (I found as I began to move), biscuit crumbs as well. Nocturnal Nibbling Guilt!

The scrawl on the paper was hard to decipher. Bits I could make out were, ‘dreams put in the blog’ and ‘wee-weeing…’ But unfortunately memories of having the dreams I’d apparently had were lost into the ether. They must have been interesting, or I would not have made the regrettably unreadable comments on the pad. Shame!

I went through the routine of getting up, catching the balance easily enough this morning. Noticing that the ankle ulcer was clearing up so quickly (Not complaining). The papule underneath the left foot was still tender, even though it had grown back on the bottom of the foot.

I tended to the Health Checks first.

The Harpin Xian Di Thermometer gave a good reading of 36.7°c, a very fair, in the green range result. Then, I got the sphygmomanometerisationing machine out to use, wondering if it will take a few tries to get it to work today, and worked on the third effort: The SYS was still a little too high, but it’s been worse many a time.

As I took the medications, I thought I heard a noise coming from the hallway, I went to investigate. There was a letter on the floor at the door, but that must have been there from yesterday. No one would be posting letters at 03:25hrs of a morning, so that wasn’t the noise I heard. No signs of anything fallen was identified, so I returned, and got the medications taken.

Then I opened the letter. It was an eight paged A4 notification, from HMG (Her Majesties Government), Department of Health & Social Care. It consisted of the following: Guidance for the festive period – Shielding – Access to health & care – Important Information about Covid-19 – Access to Additional Support – Vitamin D supplements – Socialising -Care & Support – Tier 1, 2, and three rules to follow – Going to the shops and Pharmacy regulations. Whether or not I will live long enough to read and digest it all, is questionable.

But, Hatt Mancock’s… sorry, Matt Hancock’s end quote of “We will Continue To Support You in your efforts to keep yourself & others safe!” gave me a warm-glow of bile, that did.

I assume he may be talking about my not getting my prescriptions without a battle on the phone each month with the Chemist I must not visit, to get them delivered? Or being unable to get my toe-nails cut? Or the cancelled Oncologist – Cardiothoracic – Endocrinologist – Pulmonologist – Neurologist – Urologist and Audiologist cancellations?

Or maybe as is likely, he’s more working towards the next general election than actually bothered about us all. He feels a bit of creeping and ersatz care pretending now, belatedly shown will ensure the votes? Who knows? You can’t blame him! Hahaha! 

I remember the then New health secretary Matt Hancock receiving £32,000 in donations from the chairman of the think tank that wanted the NHS ‘abolished’! Matt Hancock received nine donations between £2,000 and £4,000 from the man who heads the board of the free-market group, the Institute of Economic Affairs.

I also remember him, defending his spending almost £50,000 on takeaways for his staff from just one London restaurant during the peak of the Covid crisis. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) spent a total of £47,528 on takeaways from Bong Bong’s Manila Kanteen earlier this year, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed. Just nine orders costing £43,348 were placed at the fashionable “Filipino-inspired” eatery during April, then another £4,179-worth of orders placed in March! Just thought I’d mention it!

I got the updating of the Friday post done quickly. Sent it to WordPress. Did some Facebooking catch-up, then on the WordPress Reader section. Finally, got around to site comments.

Made the first mug of Glengettie tea of the day, and had a bag of Frazzles with it, well, no time for brekkers, I have to get on with making the templates up.

I took regular breaks over the.. wait for it… seven-hours I spent, getting the templates finished! The first being for some brekkers, of sorts. I had a pot noodle, and some nuts to nibble.

Back on the template slog.

Turned everything off computer-wise, to let it cool down, and got the ablutions done.

The ankle was looking much better now, but had still got the odd itching, with it? Feeling as if worms or maggots were underneath the skin?

The session went safely enough, dropsies of course, and just the one nick shaving.

The medicating went so easy as well!

I got the clothes all washed and sanitised afterwards and hung them on the dreaded, not used now if I can avoid it, doing so by not wearing any socks, Sock-Glide.

I must make an order for delivery soon, I’m low on disinfectants.

I got the unopened old but ere new when I bought them, trousers on. They were classed as brown, but only just. Hehe! 

They fitted perfectly. Well, what I mean is; The legs were far to narrow, my ever-growing, bulging, flabby-belly made it hard work to fasten the waistband clip, the pockets were too small, the cotton thread hung from the bottom of the legs, the belt buckle supplied with the trews broke. The bum fitted a little too snuggly. Other than that, they were fine. Oh, and the back pocket had a hole in it!

I hand-washed the old black trouser, all done, done, rung and hung above the sink to drip dry.

Back to the templating. I got the computer going again, and got a message telling me that the hard drive is running low in space. I’ve no idea where the message came from, Microsoft, Google or the computer. After a few moments of frowning and fretting – the message disappeared?

I took a breather, of sorts when it started to be a grind, rather than pleasure, in doing the CorelDrawing.

I made up the small waste bags, added them to the others in the box, and got them on the three-wheeler guide, and taken off to the waste-room and down the chute. As I got into the lift lobby, I used the Cannon (It’s far easier to use when on the move, cause it fits in the pocket, which the Nikon Bridge camera will not do, too big). The first one, the view as I entered the lobby straight ahead, the none along the length of the lift lobby, and one as I turned around and snapped the three flats lobby. Mine being the solitary single one on the right. It was eerily quiet out there! With no workers, no noise from Herbert, and even the blasted ‘Hum’ seemed quieter to me?

I got the bags down, in the process gaining a pretty deep blue bruise on the knuckles as I trapped the hand as the lid shot back closed.

Back to the apartment, and took these shots of the darkening day from the gallery.

Back to the templating again. I worked through uninterrupted for a few more hours. Got the templates finally finished and began thinking of what to have for my nosh. As I nosied around to see what was available, favouring doing the meatballs and potato shapes, to help clear the freezer, then I can free Jenny’s space up and fetch the meatballs she has kindly stored in her freezer for me.

Then it hit me, the usual late weariness, lack of concentration and feeling of being oh, so tired and worn out.

I decided against doing the meatballs, in case I fell asleep with them being in the oven for much longer. I got the potato shapes out of the freezer, and dropped the damned bag, catching it before it hit the floor, but a few of the shapes fell out. I noticed as I picked them up that the letters spelt ‘Thick’. (A link there somewhere?)  – Ah, clairvoyant potatoes? Hahaha!

The sky was changing as I farted-about making a right mess in preparing the cooking. Nicolas’ Neurotransmitter had been so kind all day. Still, it now was causing some dangerous situation with the oven and saucepan, like. I took a photo and another close-up of the picturesque peeping pink evening view.

Getting the pasties and potatoes out of the fridge, I caught my right arm on the oven. Puggleclumpdimwit! Ah, well!

I got the fodder l plated, and was amazed at the fact that I’d just made this meal! I was so, out-of-it, and drained? I must have engaged auto-pilot—a taste-rating of 7/10.

Too was tried to bother doing the washing up, and I required Sweet Morpheus.

But the Thought-Storms destroyed my hopes. Spurgledamnations!

16 thoughts on “Inchcock: Gloriouslly Inane – Saturday 5th December 2020

  1. It is quite amazing how much you accomplish gadding about, fetching a nosh, stashing the crumbs in a belly fold file, adjusting spectacles, and writing finely indecipherable information of an unknown kind. A mystery of rare device? Perhaps a bit of Coleridge or the aftermath from an alien abduction, at the UK equivalent of Area 51. Area 52 perhaps. Your dreams are a fascinating grand scale adventure, epic in scale. Beowulf in modern times? The key to undo Brexit is found when three spirits visit No 10 on Christmas Eve? Is Sherlock available to decipher your handwritten important words?

    • Gadding about, surely hobbling good Sir?
      I’n confused as it is.
      I is afraid bad news (not that bad). The Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA. Tel: 0115 9605453, has delivreed medication pods with no covers on the. Hence, I an currently on my knees, (well, I was) crawling around trying to retrieve the absconding medications.
      A bigger problem wot I am writing into the IT now as we speak – and not speak, as I type.
      Why would one want to undo Brexit? Ah, I see!
      My dream a rare and few an far between nowadays, at least rm,emebering them is. Har-har!
      As one migh gather, sorry I’m not up to much at this m,pment, but will returneth when logicality, and the spell checker returns.

  2. “Thick” is right. Do you remember Jethro Tull’s song “Thick as a Brick”? You know how it goes. What’s good the the health secretary is not good for the rest of you. Getting prescriptions is getting difficult around here. Our governess has placed a 75 person limit on all stores that she is allowing to be open. That means to get into Walmart that is housed in a 500,000 square foot building, you have to wait in line for a long time for enough people to come out so they can let more people in. There were lines to get in when the limit was 300 people. In the meantime the pharmacy at Walmart is short on staff, so they changed their hours to from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm to 10 am to 4 pm. I work from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, with a 30 minute commute between work and home, and about the same time from work to Walmart. Needless to say, I left early to pick up a prescription last Tuesday, and I got there in plenty of time, except for the fact I had to stand in line for 40 minutes in freezing cold wind before I got into the store, minutes after the pharmacy closed. I was pissed to say the least. The prescription is Laurie’s. I don’t have any prescriptions that I have to take. I have one prescription for a strong anti-inflammatory that a take occasionally, so I only have to fill it every year and a half or so. I had Laurie move her prescriptions to the Corrales Pharmacy which is about a mile from our house and has reasonable hours.

    Your toenails are getting that “Wolf Man” look about them. Quit shaving and you can turn into a wolf man. Nice set of photos. Decent looking meal.

    • I don’t recall thick as a brick, Tim. But might do when I hear it on youtube.
      Had a bad turn a while a go, coming out of it now. Terrible answering Billums comment.
      You’ve done the sensible thing then, with Lauries prescriptions. Hope all goes well, Sir. What a performance with the chemist over there and here. Worrying, do you think that our Governments are involved? Corona and all that?

      A disaster today with my prescriptions, I’m writing on the blog. Bad do, I think that is why I had the bad-turn. Hey-Ho!

      Wolf man, hehehe! A sahve today… not joking… without a single cut! Yee-Haa!

      Meatballs and Chilli Con Carni with added peas tonight. Cooking them up now, I better give them a check…

      Oh. dear burnt it a bit!

      TTFNski. be careful


  3. I recently changed from a pharmacy that habitually forced me to make a long walk from parking lot to pharmacy, telling me lies about home delivery, to one that has actual home delivery or the options of a short walk from parking lot to service window or a drive up window. Timothy’s nightmare pharmacy with hours that probably affect a significant part of their patrons is what we get for so many going maskless early on and, now, getting together in large groups for holidays though our Center for Disease Control recommended staying in place. I have an appointment out of town with a rheumatologist on the 9th that I’m cancelling because Thanksgiving get togethers have turned the United States of America into a death state, Nr. One in the world for new cases a day and amounts of one day deaths approaching or exceeding those in a one day event on September 11, 2001. When the Center for Disease Control recommends staying at home, I take them seriously!

    • You are spot on, Doug!
      Options here a few and far between for changing while the Code Red is in place. I cn’t see things improvong yet, so many twits going out and about as they did before the pandemic! Grrr!
      Stay safe, mate.

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