Inchcock, the Silly-Shilly-Shallier. Sunday 6th December 2020

TFZer Keith solves his accommodation problem. Hehe!

I hope the Harold Shipman-admiring apothecarist will be investigated when I snuff-it? Hehe! (Details below, dang, dang, dang… Dang!)

Sunday 6th December 2020

Dutch: Zondag 6 December 2020

01:15hrs: I stirred, shuffled, and a blasting emission from the read end that set Harolds Haemorrhoids stinging convinced me to escape out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly-beige-coloured, not-working, rickety recliner. I caught my balance and limped to the wet room and the awaiting the Porcelain Throne.

But regrettably, things didn’t go well at all in there this morning! I was in plenty of time and seated my rhinoceros but wobbly -shaped body down, and in anticipation of a long session, like yesterday’s, I grabbed the crossword book, like yesterday. I wasn’t disappointed!

Trotsky Terence was again thrashed by Constipation Konrad in the PTDDS (Porcelain Throne Daily Domination Stakes). The pain grew worse as things kept starting and stopping mid-stream several times. When the evacuation finally and blissfully stopped, there lied a rock-solid light grey torpedo, steaming and proudly ticking-up out of the water, fin end up! Gawd, what a relief! How in hell, that monster was cleared with one flush, I’ll never know?

I washed and cleaned up, ointmentated the delicate regions, and as I was leaving, I spotted the mildew killer that I’d sprayed on the bad spots of the floor yesterday. It looked to me like by forgetting to go back and rinse it away, I may end up with the floor looking worse than if I’d not meddled with it in the first place. (My life has been a little like that, not to mention the errors, bad choices, and… I’d better stop, there are too many woebegone, voodooed, hapless, Jonah-like and ill-fated things to mention. Haha!)

I got the Health Checks done, Sys still high.

And the body temperature was once again very fair indeed!

I got the new packs of medications out of the prescription bag, putting them with the Enoxaparin and yellow-dirty bin on the fairer, and made a brew of Glengettie.

I took a moody shot of the view from the unwanted, disliked, impossible to get cleaned, kitchen windows. I tried to get the Christmas light in it, and the street lights that gave me the impression, that I’d soon see the Three-Wise-Men coming into view. Hahaha!


Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, were playing with me again. I cannot win with them! Fair enough, they were kind enough to deliver this month’s prescriptions and sent a beautiful young lady to deliver them… but they never fail to take the piss, short deliver, send the wrong amount of medications etc. but this time…

They sent to packs of pods, without any seals of them! When I opened the first one, without my realising, (they are always transparent)

The pills and capsule bounded, shot and flew out all over the place! Some ending up on the floor, I found others on the recliner, others on the floor! Two in the hallway, two in waste bin! I ended up painfully bending on my knees to gather up as many as I could, but there were and still are five absentees that escaped and hid somewhere they are not to be found!

Getting back up, I hit my shoulder on the doorframe as I pulled myself up, and now the previously today, well-tempered SSS (Shuddering Shoulder Shirley) is giving me some mild agony! Flibblegonknackles! 

  Glunglegnatsworth Then, I had the impossible task of sorting the tablets out to get back in the pods!  I had to end up guessing which was which, and some of the escapees were never found. The photo here is one of each of the three medications, you can see how hard it is to identify them. Glunglegnatsworthy!

I ended up having to use the old pods from when I made my own up, but it wasn’t easy. I dropped a few tablets with the shaking right hand (Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters) and even more were lost, or rather couldn’t be found. So through no fault of my own, I’m going to be short of medications again!  That is if I don’t kill myself first by taking the wrong medications?. Granglesknackersbuggerit! 

I lost hours, thank you to, Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA. Tel: 0115 9605453.

I’ve no confidence in my having got any of the medication pots right. Gumph!

At long last, I get on the computer to update yesterday’s blog. A mixture of anger, hatred, frustration and fear slowed me up, oh, and Nicodemus didn’t help.

A second-summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. With a sort of panicky-dread, I got the wetroom and found that exactly (almost) the same type of evacuation was suffered, as the first one! But the whole thing was over so much quicker this time.

I was getting a smidge depressed now, I could still not believe what the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, next to the pub and Lidls had done to me! Concentration and coping with SSS was getting me down.

I decided to get some belated breakfast. I pot noodle with added gravy, and the last three slices of bread thins. Nae matter, I’ve got some part-baked baguettes to use. I must get a food order done later on.

I’d try Morrisons, but am not prepared to take their substitutes, the smaller Protection Pants they subbed, could have been returned I suppose, but would the driver wait for me to try a pair on, the accept them back having opened the pack? I think not. I dare not risk getting AAA batteries in place of toothpaste again! It’ll have to be Sainsbury’s then. They are not any better substitutors, though. Instead of bread, they subbed pikelets last time! My own thoughts are winding me up now! Skullclogglebonks!

Time to get Josie’s meal cooked and served soon, I’d better get the ablutions sorted. The session went well. Too well, it was worrying, in fact. A grand total of only seven dropsies (Oh, Yes!), no, I say NO shaving cuts, no dizzies, no knocking anything over, toe-stubbing or walking into anything! Just when I was feeling down and sorry for myself (Thank you, Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA), this happens, and I bounce down to depression Defcon Three! Hahaha! One thing though, as I anticipated, mt leaving the scourer on the floor overnight, has made it look worse than ever now. Tsk! Always summat int there?

I got the handwashing sone, rung and hung. Almost forgot about Josie’s nosh, guilt-mode adopted!

I pressed on keeping my eye on the clock. No much coking in this feast for the gal, fresh tomatoes, last of the pickled eggs, cooked beetroot, Mackerel in BBQ sauce, and my world-famous cheesy potatoes… well, Josie, Jane and Pete like them?

A few minutes before midday, at the time the Madam likes her Chef to deliver the Sunday meal, I arrived at Josie’s front door and rang the bells (well, I thought it was a good idea, yer, see). I handed Josie the tray of fodder, with the Rum & Coke drinky, and Limoncello dessert. We had a short natter, and I took this photographicalisation of Josie and her tray. The gal seemed happy enough with it, bless her.

I set to washing up the cooking pots and pans. During which, I knocked a measuring jug and funnel off of the draining board. I thought it rather funny, finding a missing potatoes letter from yesterdays Accifauxpas when I got down to retrieve the jug. The letter Y, why I asked myself. Hehehe!

  Then, reaching down near the cooker for the funnel, I came across a diamond-hard pea! So long since I had any fresh garden peas? Giggle! Shows there is hope for maybe finding some of the missing tablets, yet?

Took the photo of the end car park at the side of the flats. Oddly, all the vehicles in view were either red or black. The Mafia, and the FBI, came to mind?

Note the new Balcony pods? Well, they are not new now, are they?

Back on the updating of this blog. Hours flashed by, as did the getting my head down, thank you, Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA. Tel: 0115 9605453.

For some reason, possibly Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA. Tel: 0115 9605453, I was not really hungry now. Humph! But this soon changed after Roger Reflux started working, and had rid itself of a symphony of wind. So, I got on with the Chilli Con Carne and meatball nosh.

I soon had it digested. Tasty enough too. A Flavour-Rating of 7.5/10.

Then took the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, collated, dispensed, and inspired, “Risk-Yer-Life’, ‘Take Pot-Luck’, ‘Cross Yer Fingers’, medications.

Got down to get some kip, which arrived quickly, but did not last long. I woke up at midnight, sickenly with a jolt, that put a ban and the mockers, on getting back to sleep. Humph!

18 thoughts on “Inchcock, the Silly-Shilly-Shallier. Sunday 6th December 2020

  1. The prescriptions stuff is a total mess. Do you have any on-line choices for getting meds. I think it’s getting to the point you need a nurse to come in and sort out all your prescriptions to help you figure out which ones you really need. Josie’s tray of food looked dandy. Noodles for breakfast, CCC with meatballs for dinner! You are making really decent meals.

    • Afternoon, Sir,
      I’ve just phoned the City Care people, and asked for Matron Julie to call me. Finger crossed, the options are limited, Tim.
      So much for the Governments advice letter. Hehe!
      I’m eating more than ever, well, better. Haha!
      Cheers, Tim.

      • Getting those medications identified is a priority, in my opine. Too much of one and too little of the other is too much like roulette, innit? Furosemide could cause a “wee” bit of trouble. Hahaha!
        Speaking of two different kinds — those red and black cars look like playing card colors, what’s the deal with a deck like that?

      • Your reet, Sir Billumski my old Mon Ami. (I don’t say that very oftern Hehehe!)
        THe reluctan wee-weeing this morning indicates I’ve made a cock-up somewhere, but have I taken an exta Beta-Blocker in place of…? The BP had shot up to the highest it’s ever been this morning, excuse me a second … AAAARGHHH!
        I’m back now. The Matron is calling on me today, when I don’t know, but it will do me no good if I have to stay up late again and miss more kip?
        An anagram of roulette is, ‘el true to. I don’t know why I mentined that?
        Well, they may have got a good deal from the car-factory, who need to sell pap-paps urgently, to stop going bankrupt? Which in turns places the blame on Coronavirus, which is guilty of so many atrocities being cast on the tellurians?
        You’ve propba;y guessed that my concentration is not good today. Tsk!
        When I get all uptight, Confusion Conrad has a field day… I might ask Mt G where that phrase came from, unless you know Sir?

      • Roulette
        Eel Tutor
        Eel Trout
        Lee Tutor
        Lee Trout
        Leer Tout
        Reel Tout
        Tree Lout
        Ole Utter
        Tole True
        Outlet Re
        Rule Tote
        Lure Tote
        Let Outre
        Let Route
        Let Outer
        Lute Tore
        Lute Rote
        Eel Or Tut
        Eel To Rut
        Lee Or Tut
        Lee To Rut
        Ere Lo Tut
        Tee Lo Rut
        El Roe Tut
        El Ore Tut
        El Toe Rut
        El Re Tout
        El True To
        El Rue Tot
        Ole Re Tut
        Let Re Out
        Let Rue To
        Lute Re To

        Rearranging those mixed up pills is something like creating anagrams, innit?

        Hoping you can get help with those shuffled pills before the BP takes another leap:

        Looks like “field days” go back to 18th Century military customs, where gathering troops on an empty field was akin to drawing up clever schemes on a paper in a war room somewhere. Maybe they had a competition going for the best field days. Hmmm?
        Captain Confusion Conrad

      • Yes, I got mine from the same site, Sir. Just picked out the oddest. one. (How did you know?)

        Matron Julie said the pills are to handed back to the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, next to the pub, near the Lidl… Do I think they may use them again for someone else? No, never! Hehe!

        Having a field day? I did get to check on Word Hippo. They gave me: 1: A ceremonial display, formal inspection of military forces. 2: A favourable circumstance or occasion. 3: A military drill or training maneuver. 4: The humoruous or amusing aspect of something. 5: Activity done for enjoyment hen not orking. 6: A period of engaging in joyful activity. 7: A period of celebration (religious). Methinks that numbver 6 is the one I meant. Hahaha!

        I sat, sitting on the Throne,
        Although I was all alone,
        Crossword puzzle, answer, Zone,
        And then the flashing phone!
        A kerfuffle, pain and a moan,
        To the landline I did goan (Well?)
        Stubbed my te, did I groan!

        Fare thee well, and keepeth safeski!

      • Let’s not get into numbers, please. You know it confuses me.
        I’ve often wondered why I’ve gone from efficient calculator, not good, but workking out trading stamp disriution, and cashing up ten tills daily, was no problem then?
        The Stroke, I imagine.
        I may ask Mr G for assistance.

      • I was quite remiss there, Sir. Gave myself a sharp rebuke, forgetting that one.
        Fortunately, Mr G does the calculations for us — and has a better memory than I.
        TTFNski, mon ami!

      • Memory? What’s that?
        Oh, yes, I remember now… I think… Hehehe!

        Are Covid inoculations starting your end, Billum? The Queen was the first to have one in the UK. Although the press tell us: A UK grandmother has become the first person in the world to be given the Pfizer Covid-19 jab as part of a mass vaccination programme.
        Margaret Keenan, who turns 91 next week, said the injection she received at 06:31 GMT was the “best early birthday present”.
        I’m holding any judgement until we know if it works, first.

        Mr G will guide me… Hahaha!

      • If memory swerves — and it does.
        Our crack Covid team: “Operation Warp Speed” has been reassigned to conspiracy- theory hunts, I think. Being assigned to a ministry of silly walks would at least have been funny. 🙂
        Yesterday, we broke the 3,000 deaths in a single day milestone — and have stockpiled around 2 million doses, enough for 1 million people in a country of 328 million. Perhaps I am being a tad cynical? Planning to lighten up my tone in the next reply 🙂

      • I rather like your opening gambit, there Sir Billum RCMS.
        Your cynicalisationing, I can understand!

        “No one, must accept less than more that one can offer!” A bloke said this to me in about 1954 – mayhaps you would care to guess who it was, Sir Billum? Nobody famous, a clue? Certainly; He was a leader in an educational establishment. And was about to give me a thrashing with his cane! Hehehe! I’ve no idea why I remembered this.

      • Cynicalisationing accretes a layer at a time until, as a Scottish friend once quipped, you recognize the essential absurdity of life.
        My own “leader in an educational establishment” was a nun named Sister Richard. I’ve memories of that thrasher since 1954 as well. The more brutal the “educator”, the more are they praised for their ruthlessness. On those occasions when I wasn’t being sent to the office for a paddling, I was often “asked” to stand up so that my classmates could see someone that they would not want to emulate. Happiness was leaving that fount of knowledge (St. Dominic in Cincinnati) in 1961 and having no memory of seeing her again — though she does make regular appearances in thought storms and nightmares.

      • A tale that invokes my empathy, indeed, Billumski.
        Such tellurians remain with us forever, although unwanted.
        My you future nocturnalistic fantasies be free of the demon!

      • Thank you, kind Sir! Such tellurians are a minority but they find welcome arms in the rarified air of power.
        May your nocturnalities also be as demon-free as possible!

      • Merci Mon Ami.
        I hope things improve, but one cannot rely on people to do the right thing in this panemic – Why?
        Beats me, they even had an Anti-lockdown march in Nottingham! Humph!

      • Doing the right thing seems quite the rarity in this curious year. I’ve read some accounts of just such things happening in the most recent panic of 1918. Humph too!

      • I saw a documentary on YouTube about the 919 flu pandemic. Doug. It esdn’t nice, but has made me more determined to take precautions.

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