Inchcock, Nottinghams Neanderthal – Saturday 19 Dec 20:

♥ Hello, who’s that at Jillie’s window? ♥


Saturday 19th December 2020

Italiano: Domenica 19 Dicembre 2020

23:30hrs: After three hours of bliss, the bladder and bowels woke me with the message that both are in urgent need of being emptied!

I rather hurried the usual battle to get my spare tyred bread basket and body, free of the battered, none-working recliner. Caught my balance, grabbed metal-Micky, and off to the wet room!

Although in such a rush, I couldn’t help but note how noisy the World Wide Hum was this morning.

I got in and sat down, the wee-wee flowed, but the rear-end evacuation, for the fourth time on the trot (It fitted that word did, haha!), was disinclined and uneager to start moving. Out came the crossword book, I took the top photo as I picked it up, and the bottom shot, as things started to activate. Note all the answers I got in? A sign of how long I was sat-sitting there waiting for the movement to begin! I must tell the nurse about this!

It was an unbroken flow this time, no stopping and restarting, the massive torpedo somehow got most of itself under the water. I feared this would need a few refills of the tank to clear away, yet it disappeared in one flush? A smidge messy despite its size, and the bleeding was of concern, I sensed hearing cries from poor old Harold’s Haemorrhoids squealing in pain! A good clean up and some gentle medicating were called for, talk about tender!

On the plus side, the newly cut toenailed feet, had got me about with much less hassle and pain… so far. Which reminded me to have a look at the appointment card that the attractive chiropodist gave me, at the hairdressing salon yesterday, but could I find it? No! I search through my pockets of the clothes I had on at the appointment, shelves, back and checked in the kitchen, the hallway, the three-wheeled walker bag and the carriers hanging from it, the kitchen. But no luck. Ah, I did ask Deana to send me an email to remind me, I think she did that while I was there, that’ll have the details on there later. I do feel a fool!

I consecrated… or even concentrated, (Tsk!), on getting the Friday blog done, it’s getting on now, I do not want any of my mass of fans, admirers and followers to miss this Inchcock Diary. They’d be devastated, both of them. Haha!

I got it done in the end, twas a long slog. Sent it off, then the email link. Went on Facebook catch-up. Then the WordPress comment answering, sone witty stuff on there today.

Realising I had not done the Health Checks yet, I did them. Starting with the Chinese made Harpin Xian Di contactless thermometer. I like this one, it’s so easy to use! The reading was another good one, then, with some trepidation, on to the sphygmomanometerisationing.

Oh, dearie me! The Chinese made Boot’s Sphygmomanometer, to find that the SYS was still way too high, showing 167. The Dia and Pulse were okay, though!

I went to take the medications, and yet again, I had not taken the evening ones! So I did! I’ll take the A.M. ones later on. It’s getting far too often that I miss these. What a pathetic, losing-it, thicko, and cogency-challenged old twit I am! I notice these things you know – but seem incapable of improving my condition.

There was a noise, like rushing water, followed by a short chugging sound? I’d no idea where it came from, but got my Sherlock Holmesian hat on, and went to have a look around, and searched every room in the apartment (All 3 of them!) Nowt found! While I was meandering around pretending I knew what I was doing, the blasted ‘Hum’ now got louder than ever!

Being the ditherer that I am, I got sidetracked and took some pictures from the kitchen window of the morning view. And made a brew of Glengettie tea.

The shakes were noticeable by there absence, and very pleased I was too!

Back to the computer again. After a few hours spent beginning this blog, the taste-buds craved another brew. (Not many wee-wees needed, by the way)

I decided to take the much belated morning medications. And had a good guzzle of the cringingly bitter Docustate medicine, and a Dioctyl® capsule as well. I’ll do my bestest to get the evacuations moving again, somehow. Or not. Hahaha!

I went to open the curtains, and spotted the appointment cards I’d been searching for earlier! Wot a plonka!

The cunning cards had hidden in plain view, on the TV stand in the plastic pen/pencil tray, on top of the DVD player, next to the Alarm Alert box right in front of the television. Even I could not understand how I missed them earlier! It may be all part of the losing-it with age, process? Or perhaps, the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court; the phantoms, kelpies, spectres, poltergeist, spirits, manifestations, zombies, demons, cacodemons, rakshasas, hellions, aliens, extraterrestrials, hobgoblins, apparitions, elfins, pishogues, apparitions, gremlins or Spirits of the dead might be to blame? ( A few terminological inexactitudes sneaked in there, sorry about that!)

I gave up trying to find the source of the noise, and returned to the computer, and updating this post. The noise still bugged me. I went into the wet room again, praying that on pipes had burst and now flowing out water – All calm on the Western Waterworks front, Phew! 

I had a look at the ankle ulcer, no wonder it felt so much easier, it had all but disappeared!

Will it return? It doesn’t look likely at the moment. I was well chuffed! Of course, I did not go into anything like a Smug Mode, too risky!

Jenny phoned, bless her cotton socks, asking if I wanted a Christmas Dinner doing. I thanked her for the wonderful kind thought, but there are so many things I’d love to have had, like sprouts, Cranberries, cherries, Sweetcorn, and brassica that I am not allowed to eat nowadays. An amazing woman! She asked if I’d like some minced beef getting on her Tesco order, and I took her up on it, thanking her muchly. ♥

I had the first Dizzy Dennis spell of the day when I was going to get the ablutions done. It got worse, the worst it’s ever been, I decided to abandon the abluting, and get something to eat while I could. Luckily the mince from yesterday is I the saucepan, all I have to do is make chips and warm the saucepan, not that I felt hungry this early. Still, I think things might get worserer before better, the head is spinning, and my concentration is shot to pieces, all in a few minutes. If I can get something to eat, I’m going to get my head down and rest or even sleep if I can. I’m feeling weird and unwell. Feeling terrible. Hopefully, I can add to this in this, if anything happens, to this diary in the morning, or hopefully later tonight.

12 thoughts on “Inchcock, Nottinghams Neanderthal – Saturday 19 Dec 20:

  1. I think the phantoms, kelpies, spectres, poltergeist, spirits, manifestations, zombies, demons, cacodemons, rakshasas, hellions, aliens, extraterrestrials, hobgoblins, apparitions, elfins, pishogues, apparitions, gremlins and Spirits of the dead are definitely to blame. Blimey bloody spirits! Your temp is good, and your SYS is better. Christmas dinner? Maybe you can get some tofu cherries and cranberries since tofu seems to get transformed to mock most foods people either can’t or don’t want to eat these days

    • Hello, Tim,
      The mysteries of Woodthorpe Court are the favourites to take responsibility methinks, too! Haha!
      I have a plan for the Christmas day nibbling; The traditional Pork Pie with pickle for brekkers – and a change this year for the main nosh… I hope to have some home-made, Chilli-Con-Carne! Oh, Yes! Jennie is getting the minced beef for me, bless her! I hope I can manage to reproduce the meal as well as the one in the week, I’ve even made a note of the flavourings I used in it. (Finger crossed!)
      The clouds have been covering the Moon and Venus lately over here. Tsk!
      Keep safe, wishing you all a great holiday!

  2. A cliffhanger there with that lightheadedness and dizzy spells following the ablutions, caused by Abby Ablutionary? Hoping that Sweet Morpheous saw fit to grant you an extended kip!
    Mayhaps a betterer Sunday.
    All the bestest to you, Sir.

    • Thanks Willumski.
      Bad news on the Morpheus good wishes from you, bless you.

      I think I woke up more times than ever before in my life. Six-hours broken, interrupted headdown, for about one hour of them in actual slumber, mate.

      Still, the feet and hobbling are better now I’ve had the toenails cut. Humph!

      The old head isn’t proper-right yet this morning Willumski? But its getting clearer as the day progresses (I hope).

      I pray that Lucious Lisa and your good self are familiarising yourselves with Sweet Morpheus a little betterer?

      I see we have identified a new strain of Covid-19, now. (Humph!) London going on a new stricter Tier 4, lockdown!
      Will it ever be beaten?
      Will the Tate buy your Red Car Reports?
      Lisa for President!

      Taketh care.

  3. Sweet Morpheous must be particularly busy these days — Covid, Brexit, and all that stuff. May your gait improve, sans gnarled sharpish toenails. 🙂
    Luscious (demonstrably) Lisa is sleeping at this very moment. Of course, staying up all night contributed to the exhaustion that delivered the kip. On the hand (or leg), Nibbles the Cat likes to sleep on Lisa’s leg, she is quite the lap cat by nature; when she isn’t napping on a leg or a lap she runs at top speed all over the house. Our latest moggie, Harry the LongFur, likes to use my foot as a pillow. 🙂
    I’m thinking that Biden might find out about Lisa and will designate her as acting President. Right now we are just waiting to receive the phone call — from Biden, from The Tate, and from the Department of Covid Strains.
    May much good care find you, Sir!

    Post Script: Lisa (the owl) just woke up and sends you her finest wishes.

    • You’ve nailed the toes whatsits, there, Sir.
      Liked the furries prose, Billum.
      Vote for Lisa, I love to do a graphic poster fr her, Billum, but when the net went down last month, I lost hundreds of photographs, including the ones Lisa sent me (they were too large for my memory), if you can sneak me a suitable photo of the gal to use please, shhh!
      Biden is not forbidden, so vice PResident will do for now… but she’ll soon be top of the heap!
      I’ll send him an email.

      My fondest wishes to the sleeping beauty, Sir!

      Keep Safe!

      • I can indeed wax poetic on gnarled nails, there are not many poets who can make that statement — my attempts at poesy do not have the range, vim, voice, and soundage of the odes you present for us on the inimitable “Inchcock Today”.
        Furries do inspire me to produce prosody that proclaims the prowess and prodigeousity of their ancient tribes. They are uniqueosities.
        Image files are one of my weak points it seems, so I implored Luscious Lisa to send you pictures of Lisa and Billumski. Organization is not one of my strongest skill sets. 🙂
        Good of you to send Joe my email address, I hadn’t thought of that. Sending telegrams sans a telegraph?
        Watch out for odd Covid strains, Sir!

      • Nottum so good this morninski, Billum. I think the anticeptic, no sone it again… antibiotic eye drops, are making me feel so tired. (Side affect?)
        Your proseability was pleasingly without petulance.
        I too have awards for Disorganisationabilty, Sir.
        Like with the new eye drops, they expect me to sort out taking the seven morning ones, two miday, five evening (variable, Warfarin), the four a day poo-softeners, the five a day Docusate medicine, as as when meeded Furesomides, and unbelievably, five-drops of the antibiotic ete drops, and four of the Carmellose drops – and not get it mixed up!
        they ask a lot!
        Lisa must take a grip of you! No reason, I thought you might like it.

      • That’s a jumble of medications to juggle multiple times per day, and adding the eye drops to the mix makes misidentification more than a likelihood. Be certain that no hardened peas roll into the pill minders, mind you.
        Lisa takes a grip *and* a gaffer to me. 🙂

      • Oh, Billum, I’m in a picklement withthe medications already. The eye drop spill all over, some of it must have gotten in the eye, I hope. It’snot going to last the two weeks they told me to use it… Humph!
        I’m having mushy peas today, at lkeast when if they escape I should see the gree blob they make on the floor, trousers and or chair.

        Lisa, I could do with a duplicate Lisa to guide me along. Hehe!

        Keep safe, its not good new from the UK about the new strain, Hey-Ho!

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