Incubi Inchcy – Friday 22nd Jan 2021, Diary

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Friday 22nd January 2021

Welsh: Dydd Gwener 22ain Ionawr 2021

00:15hrs: I woke after a wonderful six-hour plus kip! ☑The headache from yesterdays clout on my head was much easier, although lingering a tad. I couldn’t even feel the lump, and it was not tender to touch. Amazing!

The customary wee-wee demand came along, and I carefully rose from the recliner, caught my balance, and passed a weak, but painful wee-wee in the overnight plastic bucket.

I took the bucket to the wetroom for emptying, cleaning and disinfecting. Doing this, the Porcelain Throne had to be utilised. So, I did;  And to say that I didn’t have a meal last night, I just can’t understand how such an elephantine dollop of the evacuated product came from my innards! So great was the volume, I needed to hand-refill the tank a few times to get it to clear the system. However, it was not gooey or messy at all. ☑ I washed and off to the kitchenette.

The moon was out and seeable for the first time in ages, and I got the Canon (no other camera left now, the other two have given up the ghost, Sob!) to take photos of the aforementioned planet. Possibly my worst three photos ever!  As I took the first one, SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) kicked off just as I was clicking! Tsk! Thus, I have an elongated moon shot, Hehehe!

It’s a shame about the Canon not taking evening, or any dark shots very well.

I made a brew of Glengettie and went to get the Health Checks done.

The BP machine showed another decent (for me) SYS reading of 159, DIA at 76, and Pulse as 81. Very similar to yesterday methinks, but of course, not sure. I’ve noticed that I’ve not sure about things nowadays, and am getting nervous about things that don’t or shouldn’t matter much?

The temperature reading was also a good one at 36.6°c.

To the computer and started to update yesterday’s blog. Which was soon done, in spite of SSS giving some stick. It is not a lot to add to it, just my clouting my head, then falling asleep for six hours. Hehehe!

All finished and posted off. Pinterested shots, then I emailed the link and went on the WordPress Reader section.

I got on CorelDraw, I desperately need some more graphics doing for templates. No one called, messaged, rang the door buzzers or phoned me. I spent five hours doing CorelDrawing, and I got some success. But now the weariness is falling. Tea and took the midday medications.

Had to go for another Porcelain Throne visit. I right bloody affair it was too. I’m not swearing, it was literally bloody. I lost my balance sitting down and plunked on something delicate, and the fungal lesion started bleeding. Another painful cleaning and medicationing to be done.

I went to check on the day and time of the Sainsbury order. And Google Calendar would not open! Huh, I thought I was doing well with the graphics! I search for help with what to do about the Calendar. Plenty of advice, but every one of them I looked at said something like Go to…. and select, make sure you are in ….. before going to options in bi… Do not… I just didn’t understand what they were talking about. So gave up.

Back on CorelDrawing, got a headache now again, damned computers!

Another few hours, and I had to stop, I was mentally all-in!

At least I’d got sp far with the graphics.

No templates were done yet, of course, but that will be my mission in the morning. First thing, I have no choice, I’m out of them now.

Turned off, and got some chilli and meatballs on the cook.

A there began, a / run of bad luck started.

I took longer than planned to save the work on the computer, and a smell drifted in the room… burning!

I’d left the pan of fodder on a high heat setting. Oh, dearie me! I salvaged the eatable stock and got it on the basin.

Got the crap from the bottom of the saucepan removed them as far as I could, strained it, and into plastic bags, and those into waste bags. Put the saucepan to soak in bleach and washing up liquid, in the washing up bowl, that can be tackled in the morning, or whenever, if, I wake up.

Then got the basin on a tray, served up. Despite my cock-up with the cooking, this little feast went down wonderfully well!

No bread of course, but some should be coming on Sunday, fingers crossed. A Taste-Rating of 8/10.

Took the pots to wash. And had a go at trying to loosen the gunge in the burnt saucepan… and burnt my left knuckle when I picked up the loan after running hot water on it. Fool! Still, it’s not serious, and will soon clear up methinks.

I settled into the £300, second-hand bought, c1968, sickeningly-beige-coloured, not-working, uncomfortable, rusty, rickety recliner, and got the Heartbeat DVD on to watch. Years ago, I can remember when I was alive, getting home in a rush, from Tesco on a Friday night, to see these Heartbeat episodes. That was just before the Bailiffs came and emptied the house of everything. Then the police arrived, looking for Mother, who done another runner. Ah, memories!

No commercials to fall asleep to on the DVD, and I watched all three episodes! Fair enough, there were a few little nod-offs, but I rewound to see what I’d missed.

I had to get free of the recliner for a few wee-wees. But eventually, I drifted off into the land of Sweet Morpheus and had an uninterrupted three hours kip.

15 thoughts on “Incubi Inchcy – Friday 22nd Jan 2021, Diary

  1. No wonder the cats are asking all kinds of questions today. I like all your moon shots. That looks like a nasty burn. You made some good “crap” for dinner?

    • Amorning, Sir,
      I truly thinki I used to understand spome Cyril and Ladies thoughts, reading them from the movement and expressions they used. Cyril especially, gawd he was short fat, and yet so lively. The vet said his shape should not affect his health. I remember him telling me, cause it brought a wonderful; moment of joy to me.
      Thanks, Tim.

  2. Google Calendar took a kip with Sweet Morpheous is wot I think. Three hours sleep is better than three minutes, sayeth Billum. And you are averaging about half of the eight hours that some people get, whoever those “some people” are.
    Lisa is able to detect the slightest abnormal odor — such as burnt toast. Makes cleanups easier it does, caked and burnt nosh at the bottom of a pot is vexatious stuff — but you already knew that, Sir! Speaking of Lisa, an infected tooth required Amoxicillin (an antibiotic). Then the Amoxicillin made all her gums and her only tongue sensitive. Most foods became too spicey. Fortunately, the antibiotic regimen is now completed and we are hoping for betterer health consequences.
    We sends you wishes for a sublime (perhaps asking for too much) Sunday!!

    • Ich nicht komplain. No, I can’t remember how to spell it, Mr G will help, back in a second or two… Ah! I’ll try again, sorry I started this… Hehe!
      Ich beschwere mich nicht (I think). Dritte.. no, drei hours is good enough for me. Especially after having such mammoth sessions of five and one of six hours nocturnal bliss, lately.

      I was like Lisa, on Amoxicillin for a course, when the Fungal infection and urine went amber, Billum. It worked a treat, tell Lisa for me, please. I hope things keep improving ♥

      Expectations of having a decent Sunday,
      Althought for one I’d pray,
      I’d even gladly for one, pay!
      Best my hopes, in the box stay!
      To avoid disappointing soothsay,
      I loathe the seventh day, I say,
      Gawd, I hate every Sunday!

      Sorry about that, Sir. Not up to much this morning.

      May I wish improved health, upon you both! ♥

      • Wishing you a wooly Mammoth of blissful sleep, Sir!
        Lisa reports that the Amoxicillin performed quite an infection a’killin. Now she hopes to catch up on that sleep sore missed — if fate be a’willin.
        I’ve just noticed that Sunday has yielded to Monday in the Realm of Nottingham. We are still hours away from the Day of Mon. Only four (4) Sundays in February this year, I think March might bring betterer weather.
        And may improved health find you at the Thorpe of Wind. 🙂

      • Thanks, Billum.

        Lisa’s Amox worked, brought me a grin!
        Lisa can celebrate with a rum, or gin?
        Lisa, I pray sleep comes to her, wherein
        Lisa will feel betterer, get comfort within,
        Lisa the modern day, Rumpelstiltskin,
        Lisa, she get you in a right spin,
        Lisa, the gal we all want to win!

        The number of whatsits in thingymajigs, wether weather whatever it does bring, Does not make forecasting easy. (I think)

        Ah, merci. Winwood Heights, with Winchester Court, Winwood Court and Woodthorpe Court, only accessible from Winchester Street, no wonder the delivery people have problems finding us in the lockdown, I hope the one bringing the food today will find the flat. Hehehe!

        Swet Morpheus being sent to Lisa and your good self, through the ether.

      • Thank you for the fine rhyme for Lisa. I shall read it to her as soon as Sweet Morpheus is ready to release Lisa from dreams, only to find herself on this rather odd orb known as reality of course — which looks much irreal to the discerning eye.
        Woodthorpe is the only structure that doesn’t use a “Win” to announce it. Now I wonder why they hadn’t called your place “Winthorpe”? Confusionalities. 🙂
        We fank you for the excellent ethereal Morpheusnesses, kind Sir!

      • Ah, good on yer, let her rest while she can! Well done.
        Again, Winthorpe sounds good to me, Billum. I’ve just read that the Nottingham City Council may run the Nottingham City Homes… I thought they did?
        Poor old Morpheus, he didn’t stand a chance last night. I had to stay up late for a delivery, and over the next five hours, fell asleep a dozen or more times – I kept waking up with a jump, repeatedly… it was horrible!
        I finally woke wanting a wee-wee, so that was that. Hehehe! I’m ready to go back to kip again!

      • Lisa much enjoyed yer ode. She is also an aficionado of rhymes and kind words. A fan of the proper kip and a fellow follower of Sweet Morpheus. 🙂
        Kip well, kind Sir!

      • A’mornin’ Sir Billum (RCMS), BA (Hons), Bachelor of Science – BSc (Hons), Bachelor of Engineering – BEng (Hons) and Bachelor of Laws – LLB (Hons).
        I hopeth that Sweet Morpheus is being kind to you both, he was with me last night.

        But then again, I had to stay up late again waiting for the Pretzels to arrive, but by jiminee, they were worth it – Gorgeous!

        Cheers and best wishes for a gentle, easy going, relaxing day!

      • Wowsers, an alphabet soup chock-full of honorifics — heapingly accompanied with pretzels fit for the Gods. Morpheus was generous with goodly hours of sweet kipping. All kinds of pretzel crumbs all over the place. Worra mess, but worth their gorgeousness!
        A day gray and brisk, but easy on the eyes and gentle-going as all-get-out. 🙂

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