Inchcock Today: Saturday 4th October 2014


Saturday 4th October 2014

Woke up 0245hrs, or rather sprang awake really.


Then wondered why I had come out of me sleep so suddenly.

I just had to have a look around the flea-pit to see if I’d had intruders to settle my mind. Stubbed me toe on the way and swore a bit.

Took a peep outside, all I could see were two intoxicated personages walking down the middle of the road in sight.


Tried to get some more kip again.

Woke again at 0425hrs.

Put some Clotromozole cream on the ‘Inch’, it wasn’t bleeding too much this morning (Yet?).


Tried to get some more kip again but gave up after a while.

0535hrs: Came down, but pots in soak, started laptop made cuppa and took medications.

Must remember to sort out how to tackle me trip to see me sister later today to arrive about 1300hrs as they requested and I gave them as my ETA. Because today is the big day for the Goose Fair mob and football fans travelling.

Updated this tosh and perused Facebook for a while.

aaaa3I was sat sitting ‘here on me laptop… not sitting on the laptop, but sitting using the laptop if yer see worra mean, I wus actually sitting on me stool at the laptop wot I was using like, the laptop not the stool, although I was using the stool as well was I not?… er… what was I gonna post?…
Oh yes… the sky outside (Well it would be wouldn’t it) turned into a red hue like I’ve never seen before.
So I went out and took a photo of it. Odd innit?

Odd innit?

Spent a while doing a bit of blogging preparation and Facebooking.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen went up and had a wash un shave and titivated myself.

Got the goodies packed up for Jan and Pete, made sure (Sureish that is) I’d got everything I needed with me, and set off on me walk into town – then saw the rain, but continued onward cause that’s the type of chap I am… Stupid!

The cut-though to Mansfield Road looked more like a stream, but I pressed on.

06St04All went okay until I got to the hill up passed the Goose Fair pedestrian entrance and the cemetery.

The drains in the road further up had obviously been blocked be all the falling leave and a min torrent was pouring down the hill – naturally a bus came up and created its own mini-tidal wave that kindly filled me bag on the right with rainwater, and left me with a wet right trouser leg!

I believe I might have said something like “Well blow me down fancy that?”

The left knee was not as bad as it has been this morning, and I couldn’t tell if ‘Inchy’ was bleeding or not due to the bus-soaked wet trousers as I squelched limping along. I actually laughed about it. Further proof of my mental status’ deterioration I think.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGot into town and caught the bus out to West Bridgford (Oh I do love me free bus-pass) and the rain eased off a tad, and by the time I dismounted the bus, it had stopped altogether.

A lady on a mobility scooter threatened fleetingly as she pulled out in front of me, but I cunningly avoided a collision that she knew nothing about.

I hobbled to the house of Jane and Pete, sending a text message that I was due in ten minutes and to get the kettle on sharpish.

06St05When I arrived, a cuppa was being poured our fer me – smashing!

I told em the tale of me meals at home and the bleeding Inch, then woke them up to hear their tales of the week.

Pete sorted out me new camera holder and shown me how it worked. A 4-9-4 3general natter followed and Pete took a photo with me new camera, then showed me how to delete it.

Jane wanted me to take some photo’s of her new plants in the garden – that she got with he prize money from cleverly winning a crossword competition.

4-9-4 4I took the first picture with the new camera (I’ve named Suzanne), and the others with the old one (Grizelda).

Pete was busy working upstairs by now and Jane pointed out to me that the bus was due in ten minutes, so I said my farewells and limped to the bus stop.

Caught the bus to town and called in the Chinese shop to get some cheesey-seaweed. (Gone up now to £1.89 from £1.69 – Tut!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWalked through the City Centre where they had some show on about old folk, but I was the only old folk there.

I struggled up King Street, managing to avoid the skateboarders and Big issue sellers alright.

Then over the road to the bus stop for a Carrington bus.

Limped off and walked back to the flea-pit, yobboes lurking at the far end of the street.

Got in and thought although it was late for me and I was tired, I’d try out how to get the photo’s from the new camera to me laptop so I could send them to Jane and Pete.

Whatta mistake to maka…

I’d loader all the photographs into Coreldraw to resize up nicely like… halfway through Coreldraw did it again – onlt saved em in black and white…

So, turned all me programmes off, removed all the Coreldraw files, restarted the laptop, re-installed the Coreldraw9 programme.

Restarted the laptop as it told me to.

And it worked again in colour.

By now I was well tired and frustrated… again.

Eventually managed to update this Diary of Woe. A weary lad…

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