Inchcock Today: Thursday 9th October 2014


Thursday 9th October

Up at 0300hrs.


Oh dear oh dear… The ‘Inch’ was so painful. Swollen tender and bulbous, almost glowing red! At least the bleeding was far less this morning.

The pains in the left ribs had eased a bit too. The arthritis seemed not too bad, the angina was okay at the moment.

Got down around 0320hrs – laptop started and made a cuppa. Far too early yet to take me medications. Just took one Codeine Phosphate 30mg to ease the tenderness in the ‘Inch’.

Did some work on me Inchcock blog and posted one.

The Inch is far less painful and tender now, thankfully.

Made another cuppa and took me medications.

Got rather carried away again creating a graphic for hours… and you’ve guessed it, Coreldraw9 froze and I lost everything. I haven’t swore so much for ages.

The walkies plan today, was to take a walk to the Hospice shop with the stuff for them into Sherwood, then catch a bus into Arnold; where I hoped to get some of the ready meals from Iceland and lollies from Fultons.

I’m doing this because I give up on my failed efforts to get the Nottingham City Council Meals at Home service to keep the appointments they made to come and see me about it.

 Had a wash and shave and made myself look semi-respectable (well…), got the things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, made sure I’d got all me things needed and set off – just as the rain came!

I limped into Sherwood, and found the Hospice Shop was closed with a notice on the window ‘We regret this shop is closed today due to unforeseen, circumstances’ I hope the staff were alright.

I had to walk all the way back to the flea-pit with the bags, and the rain started again. (Tsk!)

I got in and left the Hospice bags, changed into a dry hat and set off again, but only to the bus stop to catch bus to Arnold and the freezer shops.

Arrived in Arnold Front Street, which was handy because both of the shops are on that street.

04Th02Called into Iceland where I got some wonderfully priced microwave meals (89p Special Offer from £1) – Shepherds Pies and Potato Beans and Sausage with cheese. I also bought a ready meal at £1-50 somehow I didn’t notice it had sweet corn in it so I’ll have to just not eat the sweet corn when I digest the rest of it. Dr at QMC said to avoid sweet corn, summat to do with me kidneys not liking them?

Walked over to the Fultons shop and got some lollies. While walking around the shop perusing, I had one of those conversations that stay with you a while… confuse you, but stay with you.

Me: Excuse me, could you tell me if you have any of the Microwave sausages in stock?

He: Microwave sausages?

Me: Yes, they were packed in 20’s and cost £1.99.

He: Did they?

Me: Yes.

He: Where were they?

Me: Here in front of us in the freezer marked sausages!

He: No… But we have Kipling Vienna cakes on offer!


I got me stuff and caught the bus back to Carrington.

As I got off of the vehicle, the rain started again.

By the time I had hobbled back to the dump, I wus well soaked this time.

As I got in I felt suddenly so tired and weary again.

Had a Potato cheesey bean thing (Nice though) followed by a lolly or two and me medications then actually fell asleep for once.

04Th03Woke up by the Meals at Home people phoning to see if I was in!

I explained as best I could without getting annoyed about their failure to keep two appointments that they had set to see me, and I was out buying food due to their second non-appearance yesterday. Eventually I just said: “If I need you I’ll phone later, let’s forget it eh? Thanks anyway.

Woke a few times with stomach pains, well lower abdominal pains.

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  1. Mr Inchy Sir – I wanted to share this on both Twitter and Facebook yet my laptop won’t let me today – it keeps coming up with a ‘High Disc Usage’ message and I haven’t even got back ache so God only knows what it’s all about!

  2. Have just shared this, Young Man, with all and sundry (nice girl!). What a very weird conversation re the sausages etc; makes one wonder about genetic modification in the young, doesn’t it? Or possibly in-breeding!

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