Inchcock’s Diary: Friday 31st October 2014

Friday 31st October 2014


I stirred rather sharply (again), at 0240hrs. I sensed a strange nervousness lingering?

Tried my best to get back to sleep without any luck, so read me book. (Oh poetry)

I treated myself to some Jersey full cream milk yesterday – and boy was my cup Yorkshire tea perfect this morning. Must remember to take me morning medications later.

Had a look at the ‘Inch’ – I’m getting fed up with it now, bleeding again!

Not a lot but surely it’s time for the cream to have had some effect?

The laptop let me get much work done this morning. Coreldraw lasted longer before it jacked in as well.

04Th02Took medications around 0445hrs then continued surfing! (Not in the water like)

I got the things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and set off on a walk into Sherwood with it.

It stuck me how picturesque the area just quarter of a mile away from home was, and I tooketh a picture of it.

04Th03I wandered on, and decided to take the route along Bingham Road, where long ago I lived on the ground floor of number 30.

And I stood there after taking the photograph and my mind delved back to the many good times I’d experienced then.

I used to take a holiday away every year, met cajoled with Grizelda there, I was able to enjoy a drink, was in the boxing club, the fishing club, played squash or badminton every twice a week, I was so happy in my job then, and I really did enjoy my trusty old pipe… I got to feeling a bit down about it then and decided it was best to carry on my journey and try to forget about it.

04Th04Not easy when the mind wanders off on its own tangents’ is it?

As I got onto Mansfield Road I noticed how many signs there were along that stretch of pavement.

The Church, parking, shop signs, traffic signs etc.

 I pressed on and noticed the Computer shop was open so went in to see if he could help me getting a second hand laptop that could cope with Coreldraw on Vista.

I asked him about the only one on display that was a Vista set-up and he said it would not cope because of the processor. But he had one waiting in the back to be reconditioned and he could make that one okay. He said to call next weekend. So I said I would. I just hope this one lasts that long.

I set off and eventually got to the Hospice shop and dropped off the things.

04Th05Then called in Wilko to get some face clothes, then I could use my current ones to tend to the little ‘Inch’ and throw them away afterwards.

As I neared the end of the walk back to the flea-pit I noticed the place that got burglarised the other day had a new sign up telling folk a security company is monitoring the place. I think that might have been why the police called at the dump yesterday?

As I turned into my street checking for any jobs by taking a circular turn if you know what I mean; I noticed that a gallant giant hard working spider had spun a massive web from the telegraph pole across the pavement to the flat roof of someone’s kitchen! I was amazed. I took a few photo’s in the hope that one might show the size of the web without luck, but one of them did show the giant spider, just. I’ve circled it with yellow ring on this photo. I’ll make it bigger in the hope that you can see the mammoth web he/she was spun. I suppose as soon at gets windy or rains they will lose it after all that hard work. Poor thing!


Got in and had a gorgeous cuppa with the full cream Jersey milk.

Started the laptop and updated this diary.

04Th07Made (Well heated) me shepherds pie, had some last day to use crispy bacon rashers with it, a lolly and took some bags of cheese curls and some Viennese rolls with me to nibble later.

I reckon HRM would be jealous yer know!

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    • Cheers Henry.
      I’m not going out today – staying in and working on me graphics for later blogs while the laptop will let me – although I’ve had to restart it eight times today. Tsk!
      Hope you are keeping well Sir.

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