Inchcock Today: Thursday January 1st 2015

Dreams were rife but I cannot recall any part of them this morning – huh!

Got woke up at midnight of course with the fireworks and drunken sounds from all around the house – shook me a bit at first, I thought a war had started. Hehe.


Some of the Troll Free Zone gals bless em 

Got up about 0230hrs and made a cuppa and set to work doing a graphic for the TFZers site.

It took me until 0715hrs to get it right and posted, in fact I’ll put it on here hang on…

Here it is.

Took me medications and did a bit of Facebooking.

I’m hoping that the ice has eased off it didn’t look anywhere near as bad as yesterday when I peeped out of the windows earlier, so maybe I can get a good walk into town and wander around getting some bread and long sleeved t-shirts? I’ll see later.

Had a look outside and was well pleased to see the ice had all but gone now.


Rather peaceful for my locality this morning

So I did myself up hygienically like and got me clean togs on and set off on a walk into town.

Took a photo of the sky at the end of the road… that doesn’t the sky was only at the end of the road it means I took the photo of the sky from the end of the road yer see?

It didn’t look too threatening at all and there were no threatening folk, cyclists. yobs or muggers about – heaven really!


One car and fewer pedestrians this morning

I wandered down to Mansfield Road. There were few people about and even less cars at this point.

In fact I tooketh a photo of the road for I’ve not seen it so barren of vehicles for along time – then it dawned on me what day it was. (I get there in the end… usually).

All still sozzled I expect.

I pressed on the arthritis not too bad at all. The angina fair. The haemorrhoids calm. The rumbling innards fairly good, all in all I felt good to be out in the fresh air and limping along nicely (This situation was to change drastically later!).


How do they make it pay?

40 minutes later when I arrived in Nottingham and was going into the Victoria Centre through the bus station something else dawned upon me. There were no buses! So I’d have to walk all the way back as well after I hobbled there and around town to get me shopping… oh dear never mind I’ve done it before so I can do it again. Huh!.

As I waddled through the centre I noticed the Juice stall below was again customer free and had two staff on duty. I wonder how they make it pay?

0410I walked through and out the other end over walk-way and along to Primark to see if they had any of the really warm long t-shirts in stock.

I plodded up tp the gents department and found them still at £6 each so bought five of them and a pair of lounge pants reduced to £3. I got the XL size in them al this time making sure I did after getting the L last time and it’s an Hell of a job getting into and out of them I can tell yer.

Pleased with myself but not with the knees and angina starting to play up, I limped along checking on the few food stores that were open, but none of them had fresh bread in.

Eventually I found some store made cobs at the Mini-Waitrose. They each cost more than a loaf of bread elsewhere, but hey-ho I’d got me bread of sorts to have with the other half of me Prok Farms pie. I also got a tiny pot BBQ mix beans. Had I realised they cost £2.80 I wouldn’t have bought them, but I was so pleased at getting the warm shirts I didn’t notice the price of the beans. Tsk!

As I came out of the shop the police were cordoning off a bus shelter. As I passed by I could see some crushed spectacles and blood on the floor. I thought about taking a photo but the look the officer gave me discouraged me from doing so.


Rare dancing shoes on sale

I started me walk back to Carrington up Mansfield Road.

I saw an independent shop had some children’s shoes for sale: Girls Cromwell Shoes £5, Scottish Dance Shoes £10, Boys Jig Shoes £5, Jazz Boots £10 and Girls PU Cuban heel Top Shoes on sale. The prices seemed reasonable to me. However I didn’t know what some of them were, all dancing shoes of some type I imagine though? Notice the straw 0406hats? I liked them for some unknown reason.

As I struggled along with the bangs I had a dizzy spell. Not surprising in my condition with the blood being prevented from flowing and my hands were well red. (That’s not a typing error and meaning I had my fortune told be a gypsy like – I meant red the colour your see. Hehe! Forgive me, I feel so good getting me walk in)

As I crossed to the other side of the road I spotted three Police vehicles arriving at some business premises.

0407I took a photo from there and then one of the Scientific Support Vehicle when passed by it. The Nottingham burglars are not taking a day off for the New Year then I thought.

The New Year in Nottingham seems to have continued like the old one, muggings shoplifting burglaries etc?

A limped on, and I mean limped, the feet and knees were rather painful at this stage of me enforced longer walk, on up the hill and down passed the cemetery.


More Nottingham Street Art spotted

Noticing some more Nottingham Street Art in near an entrance gate to some student flats.

It was better than what I saw earlier, the blood and broken glasses in the City Centre anyway.

I plodded down the hill and three fire engines went by, blues and twos on. I hope all these emergency services activity are not a portent sign of things to come again this year in my beloved Nottingham. (Did I say that?)


The pigeons cheered me up

I was struggling walking now but got through the cutting and the pigeons came down and landed and looked up at me as if to say “Come on then, where’s the seed youth?”.

That cheered me up. I gave them some seed and earth-worm pellets and managed the last few hundred yards back to the dump.

A painful rush to the WC first thing demanded.

Took some extra painkillers, started the laptop and made a cuppa.

Started to finish if you know what I mean, this diary.

0411Well shattered physically, poor old twerp.

My nosh tonight consisted of Rustic cobs, pork pie, BBQ bean mix, crispy bacon rashes, Marmite crisps two lollies and a cup of strong tea, along with me medications of course.

An unhealthy choice and including some forbidden by the doctor foodstuffs. And the bean mix contained sweetcorn which is on my definitely-not-to-eat list. I ate many of them and enjoyed them before  realised they were in the mix – bet I suffer from the rear-end after this… oh dear!

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