Inchcock Today: Friday 2nd January 2015

Last night I ate some sweetcorn I didn’t realise was in me BBQ bean mix wot I bought at great expense – I stopped eating them when I did realise… to late though. Boy did I suffer at the rear end last night!

I’m amazed  I had time to have any dreams with all the waking up I did. But I did my usual and had them, not that I can recall much other than: I kept getting caught doing wrong and gangs of people, some I’m sure were passed colleagues were goading and mocking me relentlessly… I seemed to be in a garden shed of sorts that had all sorts of machinery in it. That’s all I can recall of them.

I was up at 0240hrs and tended as best I could to the haemorrhoid problem. (Sweetcorn?)

WC’d then started the laptop and made a cuppa, too early to take me medications yet.

The knees were not pleased with being used again after yesterday’s marathon hobble.

After doing some graphics and posting yesterday’s Diary I made another cuppa and took me medications, applied the Phorpain gel and creams, passed wind and just got to the porcelain in time. It was not pleasant. Hehe… what am I laughing at?

I’d like to go to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop with some bits for em, then feed and photo the mallards today. Bit concerned about the arthritis in me knees and ankles at the moment, they’ve never been worse. Mind you, I can only blame myself for suffering the marathon hobble yesterday. Tsk! 

I forced me unwilling knees into action and had a scrub-up and got ready to go on me walk. I thought it best to walk to Sherwood first to the Charity shop, then catch the bus unto town perhaps according to how my ailments were.

So I set off on me hike to Sherwood, only to find the shop closed – I didn’t think of that did I?

0501FaaI was annoyed with myself, I turned round and walked all the way into town – painfully!

As I limped passed the Park Hotel I noted they had put up a new poster outside to advertise their gym. It said “Membership Sale 2 weeks free!” I saw a funny side to that and took a photo, but I can’t remember now what I saw funny in it? I know… sad!

0501FaI pressed on, and the wind was getting worse all the time – the weather wind I mean not me.

Hobbled to the top of the hill and as I walked down towards the City Centre a bus appeared, the first one in my up to that point 40 minute walk.

I walked through the Broad Marsh centre and out into Carrington Street 0501Fband nipped in Sainsburys for a loaf for the mallards on the canal, I already had some seed and earth-worms in my bag for the pigeons.

I reckon the wind was even stronger now, not cold with it by I had to take care not to get blown into the canal!

some yobs were lurking further along the bank, so I turned the other way 0501Fdand walked under the first bridge to feed the birds. In the distance on the photo you can just make out the mallards paddling towards me.

They were soon joined by the seagulls and Canada geese, then the pigeons too.

It’s incredible how much pleasure I get out of feeding the ducks and pigeons.

I checked first to see if the sign had been replaced on the tree informing folk not to to feed the birds but it hadn’t been, so I did.

And none of them pooped on me today.

0501FcThe youths were moving toward me and nearly under the bridge, so I poddled away under the second bridge and made me way up the path to road level, keeping an eye on them.

Two chaps were coming down the path onto the canal tow-path and the youths turned back the other way? since the last time I got mugged I’m very weary yer know.

I made me way into Broad Marsh shopping centre proper (limping well by now too) and foolishly called in Heron’s food store. I knew it would be bad for me legs carrying heavy bags again. Tsk! I got lollies, milk and disinfectant… oh and soap powder.

0501FfAs I walked through to the other end I took photo’s of a ladies-wear shop for the TFZ gals that I hope to remember to post later today.

I got out into the wind again and walked up Wheeler Gate, there were a few folk about and most shops open.

The street performers were out in number.

0501FgAs I passed Marks & Sparks the police were taking away a couple of young Nottingham shoplifters, I could tell they from Nottingham by the way they pronounced the swear words.

I was really struggling with the knees and feet now.

As I went passed I think it was the Dolcis shoe shop, I couldn’t believe my 0501Feeyes. On display in the window were children’s shoes including the one I photographed here reduced from £28.00 down to £22.00! £22.00 ($34.00) for kids shoes and they were only about 5 inches long?

There were some in the sale at £35.50 ($55) crickey… do they know how to charge?

I walked on along Clinton Street and on to the bus-stop – I was very lucky one was in and due to leave in two minutes.

I struggled along and got in the flea-pit in time to visit the porcelain without any problems being caused.

I got the frozen food into the freezer and at that stage remembered I’d ordered a delivery for the morning from Iceland freezer centre – Oh what a clot I am!

Made a cuppa and started this diary of woes.

Lost BT internet connection – no really, honestly, hard for anyone to believe but there you are. Fancy that!


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