Inchcock Today 2 Mar 15: The day of decrement… of his concentration

Thursday 2nd April 2015


A murky start to Thursday

I didn’t nod off last night until gone 0400hrs this morning.

Woke at 0815hrs wide awake, made a cuppa and took me morning medications – a bit late like but still.

Me ailments seemed to be kinder to me this morning. Testimony to the effectiveness of the Pressure Relief Pillow?

IMG_0008Found the 50p book I got from the charity shop yesterday near me sleeping spot on the floor – so I assume I must have tried to read it last night when I couldn’t get to sleep – though perhaps not because a quick glance at the first page held no memories for me.

Not that that is anything unusual for me nowadays. Tsk!

Started this diary then did a bit of facebooking before getting myself ready for a walk into town on a ‘Bling Photo Search’ for the TFZ gals. (Managed to get two decent ones.)


The sky brightens up a bit on me hobble into Nottingham

Set off on me walk into Nottingham City Centre – a bit brighter now, the wind far less than yesterday thankfully.

On my hobble three pavement cyclists passed me before I’d gone 500 yards – but I couldn’t get me camera out in time to take a shot of them.

I was moving well this morning until I got passed Huntingdon Street and a dizzy got me – not very comfortable feeling but it dissipated in a few minutes I’m glad to say – must remember me GP visit next Tuesday about this problem. Left the hands shaking a bit this time, and the itching and aching started inside the upper arms again?


Pegasus At-Risk updated

Made me way to the Nottingham Central Police Station and mounted the steps outside, then the steps inside up to the desk/counter.

Where I took another look at the updating letter I’d received that needed filling in – then asked the lady at the counter to have a look see if I’d done it correctly or not.

All was okay and she posted it in her internal mail for me back to Pegasus.

How kind and patient she was – bless her cotton socks.


The old BBC building slowly disappearing now…

I had another nasty dizzy as I left the Police Station – bit worrying that one.

Over the road towards the Vic Centre and Tesco with the intention of getting some more of the special offer Burtons biscuits at £1 – to find they have gone back to £1.59… huh!

Still, I did get  some Marmite crisps and cheesey seaweed that is rather a delicate flavour and is not on me list of banned foods yet.


Nibbles from Tesco today

Limped through Victoria centre shopping mall and on me way noticed that the ‘Boost’ franchise had once again got some customers at their stall – well one anyway.

Two staff working there today – things are looknig up for them methinks. I’ll have to try one myself one day – mind you, I didn’t look but I’ve been told they are very expensive?


A customer!

I took some ‘Bling’ photos en route for the TFZ gals to post on their site.


Kids at risk!

As I came out into the air I stood a while with another dizzy, not a bad one though – and took some photographs of the Nottingham pedestrians love of danger as they crossed the road against the lights with little interest at all in the safety of their kids.

I felt okay again and walked on over the crossing… with the pedestrian lights on


Danger Zone for the less mobile of us

green I’d like to add (Hehe) and down Clinton pedestrianised street – where I received many knocks with people banging into me as I did me best to avoid getting actually knocked off me feet!

The mobile phone user were out in number and I’m considering asking for them to be classified as a dangerous to health species?


Refuse lorry mounts the pavement in Nottingham’s Slab Square as I hobbled through it

Onward down to the Slab Square where I noticed a refuse lorry using the pavement.

Plenty of Nottinghomian’s about today.

I slipped some seeds to the pigeons.. I know I shouldn’t but when I see one injured I can’t help myself.

I hobbled through the walk to Marks and Spencer’s where I thought I’d see if they have any of the Marmite biscuits in stock – they didn’t.


Bin lorry seeking victims to crush…


As I came out of the store the same refuse lorry I saw earlier was now seeking pedestrians to crush outside Marks and Spencer’s, I assume he’s managed to miss those at the tram stop.

Feeling a bit tired now, I made my way back up to the slab square – just managing to avoid being clobbered by one of the City-Hire mobility scooters near McDonalds – a close thing this time – Tsk!


The Sky darkens…

The place seemed to have attracted more folk than usual.

The sky began to darken a tad as I walked passed the front of the Council House – and I noticed that there must be another wedding ‘do’ on, as taxis were dropping folk off near the steps… the steps that weary 69 year old disabled Nottingham folk get thrown off of by CPO’s when they try to shelter from the rain so as not to impede the ingress of those who have paid a fortune to get into the wedding… never mind.


Protector of the Rich… nice gal!

I spotted the same CPO doing the same duties on the steps and took a photo of her as protected the well off against any Nottingham citizens with the cheek to want to climb the steps and hinder the affluent in their… I’m getting carried away again, sorry.

I wobbled up King Street to the bus stop and managed to get a seat on a Carrington bus.

As I sat waiting for the bus to set-off, a kerfuffle was taking place outside a store on Parliament Street, but the windows were too dirty for me to get a photograph of the shoplifters removal from the store – Tut!

Dropped off the bus and checked the twitchle for yobboes – all clear, so cut through feeding the club-footed pigeon when he saw me and came down for a nibble.


Black bean feast… lovely!

In the hovel and WC’d.

Took me evening medications.

Made a microwaveable Iceland Chicken in Black bean sauce, putting a tin of garden peas in it and had it with some bread, a banana and a cuppa.

I have to say the flavour was gorgeous.

Fell asleep.

Woke after about 2 hours I woke and set about doing this post – and Coreldraw9 froze four times over the next four hours! I tried Serifplus after the first Coreldraw let down, but that crashed too.

It took me many hours to do this diary with having to force close and restart so many times – but it’s how things are – no one can help me just to get Coreldraw9 working properly. I’ve tried with all the laptops I’ve had. This is the most powerful one I’ve ever bought – and still the frustration remains.

Fed-up? Depressed? Me? Yes!

Did some Facebooking, set my reminder about Iceland delivery tomorrow and continued to involuntarily pass wind frequently, with obnoxious results. Tsk!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today 2 Mar 15: The day of decrement… of his concentration

    • I added a tin of garden peas into the chicken and black bean sauce nosh Rachel – very nice too Mmm!
      Photo assignment status sit-rep:
      Unfortunatley, I managed to lose some (2) of the photographicalisations wot I dun in readiness to compile me assignment. The window reflection and the funny sign were lost (Sob) The Tel box, someone taking photo of me and them, room in house are already in your file – that should leave me with stranger to smile, summat hot, summat cold, funny sign and the reflections to do. Time flies by. Mission will M’am – eventually… Tsk!
      Take care.

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