Inchcock Today Wed 1/3/15: Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit – especially Inchy!

Wednesday 1st April 2015

I awoke thinking or rather trying to remember the dreams I’d had in me longest bit of head-down I’ve had for yonks – must have got although I kept repeatedly waking up and nodding off again, a total of 7 hours actually sleeping. I can’t believe how tired I still feel despite this.

First day of the new month eh? Did me ‘White Rabbits’ did you remember yours?

0301Went down, photographing the morning Sky as I did, and made a cuppa and cleared up a bit and make up a few pots of medication doses from the last of me supplies 0302tabsthat were available to last me until next Tuesday.

Started feeling a bit chirpier after having me cuppa and getting going on doing this post – then the inevitable happened while ingeniculating, a twinge of gargantuan proportions emanated via Arthur Itis reminding me not to feel so happy, contented or confident again – I should have known better really – Tsk!

Still on the bright side Anne Gyna is leaving me alone up to now, the torn muscle is fully bearable, the reflux valve is behaving, the duodenal ulcer is fine and no dizzies. Only the haemorrhoids are joining in the attack with Arthur. There I go again, getting confident and opening me gob…

The INR Warfarin level test results were delivered – 2.7 now, much closer to me target now.

Did some Facebooking for an hour or two (Well four).

Had a ‘getmissenwashed’ session and got the bits ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and set off in the gloomy windy weather with em, the rain had long stopped. (Try saying that quickly when you’ve ‘ad a few – Hehe).

The wind hindered me progress as I walked into Sherwood.

0303carI noticed a car pull up dead on the double yellow Bus Stop sign in the bus-lane outside ST John’s Church on Mansfield Road – the driver got out and collected something from behind in the middle of the road that he had lost or had dropped off his vehicle and placed it in the boot? Wonder what it was?

I plodded on up the hill and down into Sherwood then up the hill through Sherwood when I came upon the take-away food shop that did the nice roast potatoes. Although it was getting late I nipped in to see if they had any hot-food left.

Seeing they had just three portions of roast potatoes in trays I joined the three other customers in the queue – then realised I had not got enough money on me – Knockerbongoblow!

I nipped out and next door to get some, money from the Co-op cash machine.

Then returned to join the queue again, with just one tray of potatoes left on show – luckily none of those in front of me bought it and I was well pleased with getting it.

Of up the hill towards the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop with the clothes and DVDs – as far as Wilkinsons when I realised I only got one bag in my hand and not the two I had earlier – oh dear… hobbled rapidly back towards the take-away convinced I must have left it in there. As I passed the Co-op there is was stood near the cash-machine – Lucky lucky lucky!

41T7Saw a poster for a sale where they were selling a ‘Fire Opal’ necklace/broach at an auction: ‘Reserve Price Applied’ whatever that means.

But the I photo’d the photo as I thought it was so beautiful for the TFZ gals.

Onwards up again to the Hospice shop and had a little natter with the girls there, handed them the donations and a little bag of nibbles.

Down the hill and at the bottom I had to go into the 0304vanroad to get around a self-hire van. Then seconds after taking this photographicalisation of it – a bus had to come to a full stop as the traffic accumulated at the traffic lights to the left causing a queue of traffic as far as the eye could see.

But it allowed me to limp around the van into the road to get passed more safely.

Up the hill and down towards Carrington.

0305homeThe sky suddenly brightened for a minute or so, then darkened rather quickly.

I could tell we were in for a drop of rain – and boy did we get it later… unfortunately the wind didn’t lessen any when it came, but again didn’t stay too long.

However I did get in the hovel and perched on the porcelain before it came down.

The pain from the rear continued but no new bleeding – that’s good.

Had a wash and reheated me potatoes in the microwave with a beefburger.

I used the remaining two tasteless insipid bland Asda cheese and onion cobs and had me nosh. Gawd those cobs are like cardboard, perhaps less flavourful even – Eurgh!

The rain started again – but the sun still got through at times – did a scan for a rainbow but none to see.

The famous ‘Inchcock collapsing time came and the sudden tirdeness crept in.

Took my medications early as I felt I could nod off at any time…


Ooh… nearly forgot to mention this, the pressure cushion that I bought yesterday and thought a bit expensive at £20 works a treat!

So for any other sufferers of haemorrhoids or Coccydynia,

 here’s the photo again so you can know which one to buy – Ahhh!

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