Tue 14/4/15: Inchcock Today – Nowt Much Occurring at all…

Tuesday 14th April 2015

IMG_0019Didn’t get to sleep until gone 0430hrs Tsk! Woke up .

Woke up and WC’d 063ohrs and did me ablutions and took me medications and Blood Pressure.

Made a cuppa and took a photo of the sky from my usual position enroute.

The growth on my shoulder the only one of me ailments really bothering me this morning – I must remember to attend the Treatment Centre next Tuesday and not go to the launderette I thought – which prompted me to get moving.

IMG_0020Sorted me washing ready for the launderette – BJ rang asking if I still needed a lift and I said “Yes please” – I have three dirty-great bags full to take and launder.

Made another cuppa and started this diary to here.

BJ arrived and we were off.

IMG_0021I fed Fatima and Fred as I left the house – noticing that a newcomer was with them – a wood-pigeon.

The traffic was bad.

We arrived at the launderette to find Mandy on duty with one woman customer doing her washing – and using four machines!

I wondered how big her family was.

I managed to cram all me three bags of washing IMG_0022into the two machines left available, got em going and then took a photo of the three occupants, BJ the lady and Mandy in the background.

The reflux valve started to play up and BJ started to pass wind regularly – so with my belching and hiccuping and BJs musical alto passings of wind from his rear-end, the lady hurriedly packed away her washing and left the launderette.

Oh dear…

AsdaWe were soon done and BJ gave me a lift with him to Asda.

Where the aroma from their cafe attracted me so much – I nearly almost went and considered getting something to eat there.

Neither BJ or I could identify what the aroma was mind.

I proceeded to spent far too much again.

We were soon out and on the way home – BJ forgot I was in the car and drove passed me street then realised what he’d done – we did larf!

He went back and dropped me off, lifting the heavy stuff to the door for me – bless his foibles!

Now me plans were to have summat to eat and get me medication pots tended to.

IMG_0023I made summat to eat right enough.

A vertible feast – but couldn’t eat it all, me eyes bigger than me stomach again – Still I did me best and the pigging it seemed to calm down the reflux valve a tad?


Then I had brief idea that I should now be making up me pots of pills – and fell asleep! Huh!

Woke up hours later, just in time to take me evening medications (Missed the midday ones) and pass a lot of wind from both ends.

Did this diary and then some Facebooking before spending several hours praying to get some more sleep in…

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    • I did a spot with a mate years ago at the Musters Club in Bridgford Dunc – did the audition blind drunk and won it we did – come the night… oh dear, the end of our entertainment career! We were sober yer see? Hey-ho. Take care Sir.

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