Fri 1/5/15 Inchcock Today: Reminiscing

Friday 1st May 2015

0501Woke at 0730hrs with a jump – almost in a panic and didn’t know why?

The sky looked daunting this morning.

WC’d – no bleeding from the hemorrhoids, but the lesion in me Inch was dribbling blood and very tender and the boil was annoyed when I cleaned meself up and caught it!

Took me temperature 31.1c – Forgot to do me BP tests – Tsk!

Went down and made a flask of tea.

Pulled the bins out for collection.

Took me medications and applied me creams.

0745hrs: Laptop on and started this diary. Opened Coreldraw to do the header for it.

0834hrs Got the header done and on. Coreldraw9 froze on me and I had to start again – Huh!

0502Did a bit of Facebooking then got myself spruced up and ready to go on a walk into Nottingham City Centre in search of some Bling’ photographs for the gals on the TFZ site.

The weather had brightened up.
Again some amazing patterns in the clouds this afternoon as I left the bomb-site.

I called in the Co-op on me way and got some bread-Thins and Jam Doughnuts.

0503On me hobble into town I was nearly assaulted by various Nottingham Pavement Cyclists – it’s getting worse than ever now.

This one with his back-pack was particularly dangerous due to the speed he was belting along at I thought.

No sooner had I belatedly took a photo of the animal and a few hundred yards further on another one came belting passed me swerving all over the pavement en-route.

0504 Getting a tad nervous now as me ankles were worse, much worse than usual and my agility – such as it is, was much impeded.

About half way up the hill and as I stopped to take a photo of the trees in the Rock cemetery from the other side of the road, I gave such a sneeze – and this shook even me – that one of me hearing-aids fell out.

Painfully I bent down to retrieve it.

Then yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came passed – I think this one 0505just might have been a touch tiddly.

The immature yob-hoody lookalike who was obviously so tough he was too scared to cycle on the road was gong all over the place – a straight line was not in his vocabulary today.

Maybe he thought he was on the road?

Who knows eh!

Up to the top of the hill and down into town.

0507When I reached the junction with Woodborough road I kept me camera in me hand, a this is a regular spot for the inconsiderate unconcerned nonchalant nasty nihilistic Nottingham Pavement Cyclists to appear on me walks into town.

Today though it was one of the Councils electric powered mini-street-cleaners that nearly hit someone (Not me, the bloke in the picture – who was not pleased at all).

0508I plodded down onto Milton Street and faced the prospect of getting through the maddening crowds on Clinton Street.

I managed to get through unmolested to the back of the Council House.

Slipped some seeds to the dicky-birds.

As I passed some people on the Coffee Shop seating I realised that they were all drinking out of giant size mugs and didn’t seem to be enjoying the drinks really.

I wondered if it was addictive qualities of coffee that make folk pay £3 a mug like and still not be happy?

0509That started me reminiscing about the old days when around the corner from where I was, used to be a Cafe where coffee was four old pence and tea three old pence a cup and we enjoyed it?

I was so deep in me memories that I nearly walked into a tree – luckily nowadays me rate of knots was slow I managed to avoid this at the last second. Huh!

I crossed the road and went down Bridlesmith Gate.

0510No street musicians, no Big Issue sellers and no yobs about in the area today – good that.

I did notice a shop selling ladies shoes had a special offer on some of them… ‘Save 40% on the latest design footwear’ the sign indicated.

On a closer inspection I saw the ladies could get a pair of crocodile high heel boots for only £299 in the Sale – £299?

Crickey and blimey!

0511To the end of the street and facing the entrance into the sad Broad Marsh Shopping Centre I took a photo and started to reminisce again…

All the retail units that used to be their now closed down.

Worse still, the wonderful Drury Hill this medieval street was destroyed to 0518make way for this doomed shopping mall – a crime if ever there was one by the Nottingham City Council the Banks and the nihilists in charge at the time!

They should be brought back to life and flogged!


I went in and had a look around the 99p shop. I got a microwave dish and some bikkies for the nurses amongst other bits.

I walked down and through the pathetic centre.

A stall was selling mobile phone accessories and I asked if they had any for the Nokia Lumia – he did at £9.99 – which was much better than the £25 they wanted at the EE shop, so I got one.

0512Out the other end onto Wheeler Gate and up into the City Centre.

Plenty of street musicians and entertainers around this area – Muslims pushing the Koran and trying to convert peoples, Christians pushing the Bible and trying to convert people, Opinion surveyors stopping people (Mind you, they see me hobbling along and never seem to bother me?).

0513Up through Exchange Walk and into the slab square.

No CPOs around today – the cut-backs I suppose.

Around passed Primark and up Clumber Street – right and up onto the Walk-over to take a photograph from a different angle of the traffic.

0514I say different, but nothing seems to stop the suicidal Nottinghamians from crossing the traffic lights against the signals.

I carried on over into the Victoria Centre and had a gander around the market – gad it is so sad there nowadays. Closed stalls, un-fresh produce at high prices with owners who are likely to cut yer fingers off if you have the cheek to even look like your about to touch ‘Their’ fruit and veg on display, which is not the fruit or veg you get served with, they come from behind and under the counter of course.

0515Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist minging with pedestrians on Upper Parliament Street.

I limped on in some discomfort now – the knees have join the ankles in a mutual effort to make Inchcock hurt. Hehehe!

I went into Tesco – and what a mistaka -to-maka!

I spent a small fortune.

The Pork Loin, the Polish Chicken Sausages etc 0517bwere all too tempting for me.

So, along with the bread and doughnuts from the Co-op earlier, I’d got cooked sliced beetroot, Japanese Rice nibbles, Pork Loin, Chicken Sausages, New Potatoes in herbs and butter, Cox’s apples, tomatoes and a much lighter wallet.


0516As I left the mall, I espied a single Robin in the centre.

Poor thing seemed confused.

I hope it finds its way out safely?

I departed and walked up to Trinity Square.

There were many more fold about there today,but none of them seemed very happy.

I took a photograph of some ‘Bling’ for the girls at the TFZ on Facebook during me 0517walk today – Broad Marsh, Vic Centre and in Kings Walk.

Bling04aThis one on the left was me favourite one.

Pearls in reality as the girls on TFZ are also Pearls in reality.

I poddled down and caught a bus back to Carrington. (Long live the Free Pensioners Bus-pass!).

Got back and WC’d, applied some more cream on me lesion.

Oh how I dined!

0518Tesco New potatoes – 10/10

Strong Amsterdam Cheese – 8/10

Tesco Vine Tomatoes Dutch – 8/10

Tesco Sweet Beetroot shredded – 7/10

Rocket – 8/10

Polish Chicken Sausage – 9/10

Co-op Bread Thins – 6/10

Cox’s Apple (Tesco) – 10/10

Co-op Jam Doughnut – 7/10

Marvellous, and I watched a DVD ‘A good Day to Die Hard’ while I ate it – I bet the Queen didn’t?

The Polish cooked chicken sausage was excellent.

Fell asleep.

Woke up three hours later disorientated and wondering what time and day it was.

Laptop on and updated this diary – during which a nasty dizzy spell visited me.

Took me ages to get this done.

Take care all and thanks fer reading.

7 thoughts on “Fri 1/5/15 Inchcock Today: Reminiscing

  1. Did you ever take your BP? I am so jealous of your meal. It looks so delicious. I still have to put my chicken is some buttermilk to soak some juiciness in so I can roast it tomorrow. Of course I could also just soak it in salt water, since I’ll roast it on a can of beer—if I can get it to stand up in the oven. Some way, I’ll make it stand up for me, just haven’t figured it out yet. That makes the very best chicken though, and it’s the best way I’ve found for using beer.
    You take better care of yourself my friend. Did you see the doctor yet? DON’T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE!

    • Thanks again gal. The chicken sausage I tried today was great, never seen any before. Mmm! Doc says to take the BP during the same hour each day to get stable readings? I don’t know. Hoping to see GP next Tuesday pet. Hope yer chicken comes out smashing! TTFN

      • Just got to my chicken today Inchy, and overcooked it. Dern it, half an hour earlier it would have been okay. Too hot for the oven so I stuck it in the slow cooker. Should have known that would happen. Had some tomatoes, onions and garlic with it.
        I’ve had turkey sausage and loved it. Much better than the pork, not so much fat content.

      • Good that your experimenting with yer nosh gal. These ‘ere Chicken sausages taste so sweet and delicate. Of course I can’t remember where I got em from… Tsk! Good eating Angel!

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