Sat 2/5/15: Inchcock Today: Hibernating Today

Saturday 2nd April 2015


Got to sleep around 0400hrs Tsk!

Up at 0800hrs – nearly had a wash…

Made a cuppa and got laptop on while waiting for me Iceland delivery to come. 0900>1100hrs.

IMG_0027Bloomin’ cold this morning – I’m shivering here!

The sky looks daunting again. It looks like one massive dark cloud in the sky.

Just looked at the forecast – plenty of rain coming it seems. Oh good!

That’s me in fer the day then – no good taking a risk while I’m not feeling well is there?

The rain came.

The Iceland man cameth at 1048hrs.

With difficulty I found room in the fridge and freezer fer me good.

IMG_0028The American Meals were not chilled as I anticipated, but frozen.

Thus is was a battle to get em all in the freezer along with me ice-creams, lollies, microwave chips and other ready meals. Tsk!

The instructions were 7 minutes in IMG_0029microwave then stir – another 3 minutes – but with my old oven it took 7 and 3 then another 4 to get it right hot like.

Sliced some tomatoes and put on top of it, had it with a Cox’s apple, bread thins and cheesey seaweed crunchies.

By gum it were grand too! Full of tangy flavour.

GC2cut07A reet treat for the Young Nottingham Lad…

I settled down to eat it and watch a ‘Jonathan Creek’ on a DVD.

Drifted off into a deep much needed sleep – good job I had no plans to go out today, didn’t wake up until gone 1700hrs!

I felt discombobulated to say the least when I stirred. What day is it, have I missed going to see Sister Jane? No that’s Sunday. Did I take me medications, then some memories of the dreams came to me and I wrote notes down before they all went into the ether.

Down washed me pots, bag out to bin, drizzling a bit cold now – the weather not me!

Made a cuppa and found I’d left the laptop in sleep mode, started this little diary.

Consulted me scribbled notes on the dreams:

I was in a massive queue for something or other, not sure what and kept being sent to the back of the line of people – some of who I recognised some not. 

I had to catch a bus (A Bristol Lodekka) back to the start of the queue each time I was rejected by the people at the gate where we were all in line to get though – the conductress would slip me a dried pilchard like fish to eat on each trip and give me a wink and a radiant smile?

After I don’t know how many failures the men at the gate got me to sign a note agreeing with the statement that I was riddled with rust and would leave my stocks of Duraglit to the Salvation Army?

Not sure what happened then but I found myself in a bath being bathed by sumo wrestlers who kept throwing flower petals in the bath while chanting Adam Faiths ‘My Last Wish’ song? I think they kept giving me some sterilised milk to drink from a Dutch clog?

I fell out of the bath as I getting out and that was it, I just kept falling and falling for so long I was welcoming a concrete floor to land on to end it all – then fell into giant machine which I came out of the other end with three legs and gigantic boil on me nose that impeded me getting out through the double doors?

One of me better dreams this one I thought. I sense there was much more to it but cannot remember, yet some bits I recalled in detail? 

Had a rinse WC’d (No bleeding), took me evening medications – wondered if I missed me morning ones? Then did me BP thingy like, later than I should have but thought that being as I missed doing yesterdays best do it anyway.

Sys 150 – Dia 73 Pulse 81 – Temp 32.4

Did some Facebooking.

Amazingly I still felt tired, coughing a bit too now.


Hello… better check the rear exit – think the haemorrhoids are leaking again…

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