Tue 2.6.2015: Inchcock Today – Very Windy, Withering day of Wistfulness

Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Woke about 0550hrs recalling a bit of me dreams:

Something about being thrown out of a helicopter and landing in a massive swimming pool filled with rice pudding in a field with hundreds of booing spectators all dressed up like General De Gaul around the edges of the pool?

Painful visit to the porcelain. Thought about the days demands while suffering. The GP surgery nurse for INR Warfarin tests at 1030hrs, and arrange CHA Health check appointment – Visit the Council flats near Winchester Street – Clinic visit – and possible trip to try and get some Microwave sausages? – Shredding to get some done at leasts. Oh, and try to get things sorted and taken for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop.

Still dark and drizzly this morning as I fed the pigeons.

Realised it is ten days to me skin cancer cut-outs session.

Took me medications with a good strong cuppa.

Mixed me curried beans ingredients and left them marinating to have later.

Put the water heater on for me bath before I go to GP surgery.

No launderette again today, I’ll try to get it in tomorrow.

Started this diary off and made the header on Coreldraw X7, which has now started crashing just like all the other versions I’ve had… Huh!

Did some shredding, then got missen polished for the trip to the GP surgery.

BJ rang as I was about to go out – he kindly said he’d pick me up after and take me to see the Winchester flat complex. He asked if I needed anything from his trip to Asda, and I asked him to get me two bottles of bleach. We agreed I’d call him after coming out of the doctors.

IMG_0003I set off on me poddle to the Sherringham Medical Practice surgery on Mansfield Road.

By gum it were windy this morning again.

The trees had all lost some branches and were a-blowing in the wind.

Got to the GP’s and remembered to book me CDH health check (Tue 23rd June @ 0900hrs).

The nurse called me straight in and took me blood sample for the INR test, and kindly listened to me moaning about me housing problems bless her.

She thinks the bleeding on me ankles might be where I was bitten last week on me walk in the country with brother-in-law Pete.

 I left the doctors and phoned BJ – he’s had some bad news about a death of someone he knew and I felt a bit bad bothering him. He asked where I was and I said “Walking up Mansfield Road on my way to your house, should be there in ten minutes or so”.

I made me way slowly to his house, and saw there was no car outside, so I waited in the wild wind for his arrival back from Asda.

After ten minutes BJ rang and asked where I was, I said “Outside your house mate.” He said he’s be there shortly.

Ten minutes later I rang him, and he was at my house – bit of confusion there in communications Tsk!

IMG_0005An irate BJ arrived and took his shopping into this house and lifted me to the Council Aided flats up Winchester Street.

We eventually found the Nottingham City Homes delegates and one of them took us round the first block of two near each other flats to have a look at the ‘single ones free’, IMG_0006there were several apparently.

Boy were they in a bad state! They all needed decorating, walls re-plastering electrics checking, door frame edges plastering redoing, and the smells that lingered… some unidentified ones and alcohol, tobacco and BO were present. Maybe that is why the rents were cheaper than elsewhere? The tiny lifts I’m sure would not take a bed or wardrobe in them, they shook too. The windows evidently were turnable for cleaning, I tried it and could not get them to turn enough so I could reach to clean them. Hey-ho… but the views from the top floors were great. I could hear noises from a neighbouring flat – the worst type for me, muffled and I did not know what was causing them or the exact origin of them. Not good.

I didn’t expect too much when I visited, but was taken aback by the damage and decorating that would need to be done if I did bid successfully for one of these flats.

A little dejected, BJ ran me to Mansfield Road so I could catch a bus to the Clinic. I thanked him and gave him some nibbles in appreciation.

I was soon seen to at the G.U.M. clinic, and told to keep on with the Clotrimazole cream.

I was out in half an hour and caught a number 17 bus on Hucknall Road into Bulwell.

I dropped off short of the centre and went into Tesco. Where I purchased a pot of Bay Leaves, tin of Baked beans, tin of garden peas and some milk.

IMG_0007Out of Tesco and a little walk into Bulwell and the Market Place.

So many pavement cyclists about i didn’t even think of photographing them.

As I wobbled down the pedestrian area to go to Fultons Foods store, IMG_0009I espied in a jewellery/Pawnbrokers store some watches for today’s TFZers ‘Bling’.

Some were incredibly cheap – perhaps too cheap?

But I liked the oval shaped one in particular, good clear non-fussy printing on it.

I popped in Fulton shop and had a look around, but no blackcurrant & vanilla ice-cream lollies or microwave sausages to be had Huh! – However, they did have some thick-cut Bacon Misshapes in the fridge, so I got a pack to treat myself and try and cheer up, because I was little down after seeing the state and smells of the flats earlier.

IMG_0008As I came out of the store I tried to split the things between me two bags – and the wind took one off me bags down the street at great speed – luckily a young chap chased after and retrieved it for me – restored my faith a tad that did. I thanked him profusely.

The Market stall-holder were having a battle with the wind too.

IMG_0010I made me way to B&M to see if they had any of the Irish Curried beans or jars of their sweet beetroots in stock – they didn’t.

I caught the bus back to Carrington, taking a photo through the window of the sky that had brightened a tad – but you could see the clouds belting across the horizon still.

IMG_0011Damnable wind nearly had me over when I got off the bus at the top of the hill on Hucknall Road in Carrington.

All down the street the trees had braches broken off or damaged.

Fed the pigeons.

WC’d (No blood) made a cuppa and put me bits away.

IMG_0012Started this diary off.

Then got me nosh ready.

Two thick bacon misshapes, mixed leaves, bread thins, an apple and my second attempt at home-made Curried beans. Today I added some caramelised red onion relish on top of the bacon steaks… I hope to return later to report on what it was like…

Later: Even better than the first effort – I’m proud as Punch! (Swagger, shakes head and trips over the shredding machine – Tut!). All I did different to the first one was add a bay leaf.

Nodded off eventually. Sprang awake half an hour later, not knowing why?

7 thoughts on “Tue 2.6.2015: Inchcock Today – Very Windy, Withering day of Wistfulness

  1. You had a long day Inchy. Sounds tiring to me. Your nosh really looks good though. I printed out the recipe for the curried beans, so I’m going to try them myself. I’ll remember to add the bay leaf to them also. Feel better.

      • I make my own ketchup Inchy, so I can make a batch with the onions in it. Never thought of using ketchup on baked potatoes. I’ll give it a try.

      • Glad to see yer willing to try summat new pet. I’m having baked potatoes later Angel. Most likely put some caramelised red onion chutney on today. TTFN

      • I’m always open for new things Inchy. How else will I ever know if I like it if I don’t try it? I’ve been thinking “baked potato” for several weeks lately, but haven’t done anything about it, but now that you mention it, maybe tonight is the night for one. I’ll add butter, sour cream and chives along with some of my ketchup without the onions, since I can’t get out right now to look for red onions. Our elevators are broken down since yesterday afternoon, so I’m a prisoner on the 16th floor of my building. Someone is going to die one of these days, and they will be guilty of murder then. They are already guilty of immense stupidity, but there is so much of that going around they don’t have enough jails to put them all in. Too bad.

      • You should be able to sue them for not ensuring the lift is available and working! Swines! Hope you enjoy your nosh gal. TTFN

      • It just doesn’t matter now Inchy. My grandson killed himself yesterday, and if I had paid more attention to what he was going thru, maybe it could have been prevented. Private message me on this. We are trying to keep it off Facebook.

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