Tue 9.6.2015: Inchcock Today – Still busy the Lad is

Tuesday 9th June 2015

What a night, waking every ten minutes, panicking about I don’t know what… Huh!

IMG_0079Up around 0500hrs, painful porcelain session. (Nowt new there then!)

The moon still visisble in the morning sky.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Laptop on to start this diary off. Made the header yesterday!

BJ calling to lift me and me bags of washing to the launderette later, good of him.

0534hrs the pigeons came down for their breakfast.

I’m feeling apprehensive and nervous this morning and don’t know why?

Getting the shakes doesn’t help.

Did some shredding.

BJ arrived 0815hrs and we were off to the launderette.

IMG_0080The cuddly big gal was on duty, her with the twinkling eyes and appealing bodily features that stir things in my anatomy that have not been socially activated in donkeys years!


BJ went to the cafe for his IMG_0081beakfast.

When he returned to read his newspaper, he got a phone call with more bad news for him – it obviously upset the lad and ruined his day whatever it was.

I didn’t inquire what it was, if he feels he needs or wants to tell me he knows he can.

All finished we waved goodbye to the Polish gal (Sadly on my half) and we set of to Asda to get some shopping.

And what a clot I was. My intention was to get brad thins, tinned tomatoes and some herbs that I wanted to try out, Oregano and Basil.

IMG_0082By the time I got to the checkout, I had in me trolley:

2×6 Bread thins – Oregano – Basil – Milk – Hz Beans – Bleach – Dettol spray – Sausages – Bacon offcuts – Pickled beetroot – Pickled onion flavoured nibbles – Food containers and Spare Rib and BBQ flavoured IMG_0083pot noodles because they were on offer at 50p instead of £1.

I’m getting worried about me spending – yer can see why? No will-power when it comes to shopping lately. Tsk!

Instead of spending about £4, I spent £30.80!

Back to the flea-pit BJ ran me – I hope whatever is bothering him can be sorted-out.

Put me shopping away and marinated me tomatoes in a microwave dish with the new herbs Oregano and Basil with Himalayan rock salt and black pepper. Going to have bacon and sausage with it later.

Started the laptop and updated this bromidic tosh.

Did a bit of Fcebooking and WordPress readering.

IMG_0084Made me nosh. Rated it 7.8/10. Bacon misshapes, two microwave sausages in a can of chopped tomatoes seasoned with salt, black pepper, oregano and basil, with bread thins.

It might not look good, but it tasted good!

Got settled and had me medications.

Fell asleep for an hour and a half then  got this diary updated.

Read the instruction book for Serif Draw X6 – but I’m not any wiser now. Tut!

I had a pot BBQ pot-noodle… oh dear… the rear end is leaking blood again, better get it sorted.

TTFN all.

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