Wed 10.6.2015: Inchcock Today

Wednesday 10th June 2015


Woke at 0530hrs, Porcelain visitation a lot easier this morning.

In the dreams I’d had, one about Patti Berkert I could remember bits of: Patti, Lynton and I were in a giant teepee – Patti wearing exotic native Indian head-wear telling me off for something or other, Lynton kept hitting me with a purple coloured bamboo cane whenever I spoke… inside with us were a giant typewriter, an artists easel and a Monopoly game? That’s all I can recollect. But it gave an the idea for a graphic for Patti. Which I managed to get done later and posted this off to Facebook and Patti. 

Down, laptop on, made a cuppa, fed the pigeons and took me morning medications and changed me dressing, managing with ultimate ease to bang missen on the head on the corner of the cupboard door Whoopsie2 – I believe I might have swore! Oh poetry!

Started this diary off and did header in Coreldraw x7.

Indian3Then I worked on something I’ve been planning for ages now – a graphicalisation of Patti Bekert in Native Indian clobber. This took three hours, up to now, but I really wanted to do it and hope cross-fingered that Patti likes it.

I’ve put Lynton on this version being as he had the nerve to come into me dreams… Tsk!

As I was finishing off the graphic making new pains shot across me chests – I don’t think it’s the angina this time. Whoopsie2 My reflux valve that is normally protruding has disappeared from view and feel as well, no lumpy extrusion? Just a sight or feel of any raised bits?

Today I must go to the GP surgery to book me INR Warfarin blood level test with the surgery nurse, and take some nibbles to the Launderette gal. Thursday going to the hospital with Pete to have his skin cancer cut out and tested again. Friday it’s my turn to have the same at the same place. Friday I must also go to the City Homes and Guinness Homes in search of sheltered housing at a price I  can afford.

0302I’d better get myself ready now, and get off. Spit and polish time then…

It’s the first time I’ve passed the St Johns graveyard during the day and found no dogs in it – thought I’d mention it like.

Plodded on to the GP surgery where I asked the receptionist for an 0303appointment early on Tuesday so I could keep me appointment with Steve from Age UK Concern about viewing the flats available.

After much ado, I settled for one on the Monday Whoopsie2 (A day early like)

Nipped to the launderette and gave the gal her nibbles.

Then, off to the bus-stop to go to town…

Whoopsie2 Oh dear oh dear oh dear! No bus-pass in me pocket and the zip on the pocket was down!

0304A quickish hobble back to the dump and search for it was fruitless!

So, I walk into town was called for in an effort to see if it has been handed into the City Transport Travel centre, where I got it from in the first place.

So off down Mansfield Road and through the City Centre and to South Parade where the centre is.

0305A little further on, and this young git of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist actually caught my left arm/shoulder as he belted by me!

Whoopsie2 They keep coming don’t they! Tsk!

I don’t think he even knew he’s done it as he just carried on threatening the other pedestrians as he disappeared into the distance.

0306Down and across into Clinton Street and bravely through the milling crowds I continued on me quest.

Down and around the back of the Nottingham Council House, and right onto South Parade and down to the City Transport offices to see if me bus-pass had been handed in and how to get a new one if not.

0307It’s near the tram stop and Betfred bookies, just passed the pub.

I went in and explained the situation to the lady, who took me details and checked to see if it had been handed in.

It hadn’t – and I asked her if I should try the Transport Centre in Broadmarsh. She said “No point, they usually get handed in here, and we can do nothing about re-issuing you with one until 48 hours has passed from your losing it!” I explained that it was over 24 hours now – but she didn’t seem too interested and told me call back in a day.

0308So I poddled down to Broadmarsh anyway, being stubborn and worried like.

En route there was a five man street entertainment band giving out some jazz near Marks & Spencers.

Had things not been so hectic and me worried about me bus-pass I might have donated a bit and stopped to listen to them.

0309I got to Broadmarsh bus-station and into the Transport centre there.

I explained things to the lady there – and she said there would be a £10 replacement charge if I needed one, and took me details and went to check.

She has lovely smile on her face when she returned – with the Bus-Pass!

Someone had handed it in – boy was I glad! Good job I didn’t take the advice from the other woman on South parade innit?

Me feet and knees were hurting badly now – but somehow I didn’t mind.

0310I limped back through to the City Centre slab square and waited for a tram so I could go to Bulwell to see if they had any cheapo microwave sausages in stock yet.

I was going to take photo of a family playing in the fountains.

But being as another Nottingham 0311Pavement Cyclist came into view, I took her instead.

Swiped me treasured Bus-pass on the machine and waited the arrival of the tram.

Not never seen owt like it when it arrived – I nearly got mangled in the flood of aggressive passengers storming it to get on! Cor blimey, talk about risky business!

0312I got into Bulwell and visited some shops that might have had the sausages in stock that I wanted, but no.

I took a Bling photo for the folk on TFZ.

Then back to the bus station and caught the bus home to Carrington.

A few yobs lurking now the better weather is here. Tsk!

WC’d made a cuppa, and marinated me baked beans with Patti’s curried bean additions ready for me nosh of beans and bacon later.

Updated me Google diary with the appointments I’d made during the day.

Then updated this ‘ere diary.

Aching legs and feet, but so happy to and grateful to whoever handed in me bus-pass.

IMG_0097Got up to make a cuppa and boy did I have a dizzy spell – alright now, but I must inform the nurse on Monday about the increase in severity and frequency of these.

By gum I enjoyed me nosh tonight!

Varied the ingredients in the curried beans a bit this time:

1 pinch curry powder – Worcestershire sauce – half teaspoon Unrefined brown sugar – black pepper – BBQ Tomato ketchup – sultanas – basil and caramelised red onion relish. Not bad at all. Rated it: 8/10. Mind you, the bacon was Gammon misshapes this time.

Whoopsie2 Going upstairs had a dizzy at the top and I went over. All okay though, banged me elbow that’s all. I’m hoping there will be no more Whoopsiedangleplops for a while now.


TTFN all.

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