Mon 13 July 2015: Inchcock Today: No hot water – INR blood-test – Prescriptions – Moved some stuff from old place – Bus ride to Arnold to get what I couldn’t get cause they had none in!

cropped-main3.jpgMonday 13 July 2015

DraughtsUp at 0110hrs: At least I got some sleep in.

Not so cold this morning, but I could feel the draughts coming in via the corner in the kitchen when I got up – Brrr!

Cleared me sleeping togs and made a cup of tea. No hot water again.

Mind racing again trying to remember what I had to do, INR blood tests at the GP surgery, visit from City Homes 1300hrs. Must try to get some bits from the old place and call at the chemists to see about prescriptions.

Had to stop missen taking me medications too early – must remember to take them later though.

Laptop on and finished off yesterdays diary.

DuSepiaDid a bit of Facebooking, then did some graphicationalisationing on Coreldraw x7 and Corelpaint. Thought this one of Duncan came out good.

I was pleased with the outcome for once.

It was from a photo I took of him yesterday and I tried to make it look aged and sepia like.

Another cuppa (I must cut back on these) and took me medications around 0500hrs.

Got in a bit of a pickle when saving some of the worked on photo’s – as I’d saved them in CPT (Corel PhotoPaint) format and of course they were not acceptable for loading on here. Had to reload and save them again in the other programme in Jpeg.

Got a letter for the previous tenant Margaret and on me way out for a walk to the GP surgery fer me INR tests I dropped it off to my heroine Deana at the community shed, and mentioned me email I’d sent about no hot water. She’s going see if they can have a decker at it.

Walked to the end of Chestnut Way and down to the bottom of Winchester Street and along Mansfield Road into Carrington to the surgery, 24 minutes.

Several infamous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists en-route. Tsk… gits!

Got in the surgery and the nurse called me in after ten minutes or so. I like this nurse, she’s patient with us old fogies. She had a look at the healing skin cancer wound for me – all looking good. Then she checked appointments –  apart from the INR tests that will come in, no appointments at the moment until the 27th July.

Then she checked that I had changed me address on the computer and it was in alright – but the INR test results from the hospital keep getting sent to the old address.

Took me blood samples and showed concern over me bruising on the wrist still not clearing – but said this happens when your INR level is too high – which I didn’t know for sure cause I wasn’t getting the results and doses through the post.

DSCF0107I thanked her and set off a a little walk to the chemists. Where me nonthly prescription were ready to be picked up.

Then nervously made me way, keeping to the middle of the road and avoiding any of the alleyways I made me way to the old flea-pit.

I couldn’t help but be so glad I’ve moved when I saw the view of the road when I DSCF0104turned the corner into it.

Although there was nobody around, I could hear the music blasting away from the house opposite.

At least it had not been broken into in me absence.

I had a good hunt around and found some paperwork I might need and be of use for Glendora if she comes on Wednesday. Then had a hunt round and got some bits, books, pliers, socks and sundry I would need, but the two bags along with the stack of medications limited how much I could carry back to the flat. Still, a bit of progress of sorts achieved?

 Got me bus-pass, locked-up and struggled to the bus-stop with me two bags. Dropped off in Sherwood, and went in the Dentist to alter me address there. The receptionist there was an Obergruppenfurher type as well. I came out a bag of nerves! Hehe!

Then a bit of luck for once – I was going to walk down and up the Winchester Street Hill back to the flats – but I checked at the bus-stop and an N9 inbound bus was due in 1 minute! Great! Especially as it was beginning to rain a bit.

Got off outside the block and made me way up to the flat -saw nobody on the way, which surprised me a tad as there are 200 flats in the block, and 146 of them are doubles.

Got in and put me bags in front room for sorting later, made a cuppa, WC’d for the fifth time today. Put the medications on the window ledge in the kitchen. And got the laptop on.

Put the JR radio station on the internet and listened to some Jazz ballads while doing this diary.

I actually heard a noise, and i was in he kitchen with the door closed -It was the Mail being delivered. Five for Margaret the previous tenant and one for me – from Nottingham City Homes informing me they were coming to change the flat door lock to a Suited Lock on 16th July twixt 1230 and 1630hrs. The idea being that when I pop me clogs or lay bleeding to death like, they (The City Homes folk) can get into the flat, cause they will have keys.

Added this appointment to the others on me Google diary.

Awaiting Deana (I think she said she was calling around 1300hrs – but…) and Iceland delivery. If both happen in time, I’d like to catch the bus into Arnold and back. See if I can get any bargains at the Fulton food store.

Still waiting for either or both…

IMG_0068It’s trying to rain again, overcast.

Still waiting for either or both…

Didn’t fancy going out on the balcony today – the rain made it look a bit slippery to me!

Still waiting for either or both…

Iceland arrived and I put away the nosh post haste and go missen ready to go on the Outbound L9 bus (Bless that free bus-pass) at 36 minutes past the hour that arrives in Arnold at 11 minutes past the hour, this gives me 19 minutes to do me shopping and catch the 30 minutes past the hour (Same bus on way back) into the flats. I think I’ve got it worked out right.

I only wanted three things and thought I’d get them all at Fultons Foods. Lemons, lamb shanks and microwave sausages.

Got into Arnold, nipped through onto Front Street and came out opposite Fultons.

They had none of any of em in stock! So I got some blackcurrant ice-cream lollies instead.

So I legged it back to the bus stop the other side of where I dropped off and caught the bus, it was three minutes early – luckily I was too!

DSCF0110If I’d missed it, there were no more direct buses and I’d have had to bus to town, bus out to Sherwood and have that long drag walking up the hill to the flats. Hey-ho.

It was drizzly and getting dark as I dropped off at the flats.

The driver saying “That was nippy shopping fella!”.

DSCF0112Made me nosh, chips in t’oven, peas and sausages I had left in fridge in microwave fifteen minutes later, and sliced a tomato – had some bread thins with it – I had them delivered earlier from Iceland along with some vinegar at last to have wi me chips.

I need not have worried about the oven smoking and setting off the smoke alarm – none at all – BUT! the microwave poured smoke out when I opened it – scared me to death in case it set it off. Opened the window shut the door and wafted away – pity cause that made the meal less than warm enough once I got to eating it! Tsk!

The chips were okay, the sausages fine, the garden peas nice but not very hot – but the Polish tomato was bitter as heck! Had an apple, me medications and an iced lolly afterwards.

No message from Deana – so I assume I got the day wrong for her calling.

Still no hot water. I struggled having to boil

kettle fer a wash and shave earlier. However the immersion water heater lit up this time and I left it on for an hour – costs a lot to use those do.

Long day.

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