Tue 14 July 2015: Inchcock Today –

Tuesday 14th July 2015


Didn’t wake up until gone 0600hrs – got in at least 6 hours much-needed kip. Memories of dreams fresh in me head I wrote some bit down quickly to record later – which is just as well ’cause by the time I’d nipped to tend to duties at the porcelain and sorted out me painful little Inch problems, I’d lost all memories of the dreams and had to rely on the notes to tell of em.

No hot water again, only tepid and the immersion was not working, well when I turned it on, no light came on. Tsk!

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Nippy again this morning.

Stand-up wash and shave, feet in a bowl to clean and I dropped the towel in the sink. Oh dear, wotta good start!

Got the rubbish bags sorted to take to the chute later when it will be permitted to do so.

Boiled the kettle again, made a cuppa and put me cleaning cloths in the kitchen bowl to soak.

The ‘Little Inch’ is so tender this morning and needed much gentle attention. I’m a bit worried about its (the lesion’s) condition now.

Another trip to the WC, when I cleaned the bowl I came across some more of Paul the painter’s deposits and splashes and cleaned em off – will it never end. Hehehe!

Back in the kitchen I could hear a new to me noise and after investigation to put me mind at ease, I found it was the fridge-freezer, its gone from Grrr clump – clump shudder click noises to Grrrrrr shudder bang clump grind click noises now.

Laptop on to start this diary off and consulted me scribbled notes about the dreams:

A multitude of corridors, people chasing me – when I stopped they had disappeared? – I ended up chasing after them, searching rooms… fell in love with a woman I found hiding behind an old-fashioned blackboard and easel with writing on it from L R Johnson’s Erskine Quint book about Volga Olga in an office… Music started playing, jazz and I was then in a submarine… The crew wanted to know where I came from and Himmler appeared to ask for peace terms and I hit him over his head with a giant candy-floss?

There was a lot more but I could not decipher me writing. Huh!

Checked me emails.

Made up some graphics to use later with Coreldraw X7.

Took the bags to the refuse chute.

BJ rang, he’s coming at 1200hrs (Heard that before bless him) to kindly run me to the old place to collect some stuff and bring it to the flat for me.

I took me crossword book down with me and waited at the foyer for him to arrive.

He rang at 1215hrs, to tell me he’s on his way.

He ran me to Carrington and the old house.

Much lifting soDSCF0116rting and carrying later (Oh me back!) we were on our way back to the flat. When we arrived we carried the many bags into the foyer area, ready to lift into the building, the lift, then flat.

City Home’s Deana and another lady helped us carry them to the lift, then came with us on the lift and helped us carry them into the flat and front room! Most appreciated that was – bless them.

Boy have I some sorting to do here.

I’m not going to do any yet with them mind – going to get the carpets sorted first, but not until I get the repairs out-of-the-way.

Glendora Age UK volunteer should be here tomorrow, to do some phoning for me. Decent of her.

Brought the old computer with us to the flat today. Amazingly,the battery was still on 100%?

Had a bit of hassle getting Virgin internet connected but got there in the end.

Steve from Age UK arrived and we had a natter, he gave me some Carpet places to ring. He tried to ring the NHS to get me address changed but no one there.

DSCF0117Made him a cuppa Welsh tea and he was off.

Got me nosh ready.

Did some Facebooking then watched a Dr Who DVD.

Tired now… but happier than I’ve felt in a while… Oh dear… Shouldn’t have said that should I?

4 thoughts on “Tue 14 July 2015: Inchcock Today –

  1. Are you completely moved out of the old place now Inchy? And do you know what color carpet you will choose? My favorite would be some shade of green, like maybe sage, but most people want tan or brown, or the dull blue/brown/tan that is in my place now. Get some rest my sweet friend, and please take care of yourself. I sure don’t want to hear that you woke up dead from working so hard.

    • I’m living in the flat Angel – but commuting back to the house, so much stuff to sort out there yet pet. There ate bits of furniture I’d like to take with me, the things in the attic need a good sort out, but I can’t get up the steps and if I could, I couldn’t carry the stuff down. Tsk!
      Carpets… well I like dark plain maroons and dark browns too.
      I hope Glendora the Age UK lady is coming today, I’ll ask her to call a couple of carpet companys to get a quote from them and call at a time when someone can be with me when they do.
      I was thinking yesterday, if I don’t make some progress soon it’ll be too late for me to enjoy the place. Hehehe!
      Keep thinking of how you are coping with your move any if you have any help? A worrying time innit?
      Take care pet. Thanks.

      • I love maroon, so that has my approval Inchy. Dark brown is just too dark to put in a small room, and the maroon should be a medium, rather than dark, to make things seem brighter. That’s my unasked for advice for the day.
        As for my move, it just could be the big event that never happened. I’ve heard they have run out of money already, and are making cuts in everything that is done to the apartments now. It was all poorly planned from the beginning, and another story is that they are using some of the renovation money to pay the lawyers for the lawsuits filed against them by residents over the shabby treatment during this ordeal. At any rate, I might get new wiring and new plumbing, but that is probably all I’ll get. Putting dishwashers in single person apartments was the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. If they are not used they cause the plumbing to stop up, but who needs a dishwasher for one fork, one spoon, one knife, one cup, and one plate?

      • I’m with you on the not needing a pot-washing machine gal. Tsk, clots!
        I’m somewhat colour-blind pet, we tried to ring Steve from Age UK today to ask when he is free so I can ask a carpet supplier to come and measure and cost it for me – but no answer to any of me calls. I hope he’s not poorly.
        I wish I could come and give you comforting cuddle and have a chin-wag Angel. So frustrating for you. Take care. TTFN

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