15 July 2015: Inchcock Today: Double Council Tax to pay!

Wednesday 15th July 2015

Sprang awake at 0105hrs – the dreams still making me shake with sheer fear at the memories of them. Made a cuppa, laptop on and started this diary off:


I seemed to be living in a mixture of all the dwellings I have ever lived at – the common denominator was gangs of various types attacking me every time I tried to get in or out. At one time I had concealed myself at the edge of a canal on the grass bank with binoculars, my old leather-bound motorbike helmet on and with a feather duster again?

When I woke I remember feeling so relived it was over and not real!

Started working on a LOMM site blog-post about the LOMM Partly political party and it’s Shadow Ministers. Got carried away and spent hours and hours and still didn’t get anywhere near finishing it when Glendora from Age UK rang the intercom to be let in.

We got so muh more sorted today thank heavens.

She rang Age UK in response to an insurance advertisement they sent me – and after only 58 minutes it was sorted. Of course the £59 they suggested it would cost, had gone up to £89 by the time all the extras had been added! Tsk! Still, I can stop worrying now, I think I’m covered – but it was so confusing all the questions – Good job Glendora was here.

She was too early to call the NHS line to change me address so I can get me iNR Warfarin level test results sent here and not the old place. The help line is only on three days a week and then only from 1100 to 1500hrs.

She then set about calling the Council about the tax, but as expected I have to pay both here and the old place until I sell it. Hey-ho!

We couldn’t get a hold of Steve from Age UK to ask him when he would be available to be here when the carpet fitters arrived to measure up, pick carpets and get the price off them. So no pint in ringing them yet.

Glendora took me down to the charity shop in Sherwood to see if the writing table and black comfy seat was still in stock – but no they’s been sold.


Age UK’s volunteer Gendora taking me shopping

She then suggested she take me to Arnold and another shop to try for a bed – but they had no full time staff on duty and the volunteers didn’t know what had and hadn’t been sold?

We walked over to Wilkinsons store and I bought a clock and small mirror.

Back to the flat bless her.

She rang the Helpline at the NHS and persisted getting an answer eventually and sorted the address change for me.

I thanked her and off she went.

I got six more letters for the Margaret the previous tenant and three for me!

Hang on, I’m going to open em now…

I don’t like this at all – a Council Tax Bill for 2015/2016 for the old place – Amount due £852.95 – and one for the new flat amount due £855.81!

The last one from Nottingham City Council with a City Card – and offering me content insurance with no Excesses for £25 less than AGE UK who I’d just signed up for!

Also told me of the Rent and the ‘Extras’ i have to pay for CCTV, caretaking, communal light, TV receptions (Although I haven’t got one), Sheltered accommodation services? Supporting person Charge warden and Care alarm property.

DSCF0120Now I feel right down!

Had me nosh, the bad financial news took the edge off me enjoying it.

Did some Facebooking and then got down to finishing the LOMM post.

Hard work but I enjoyed doing it’

LOMM Partly Political Party…

DSCF0121I realised when I was half way through me apple that I’d noshed the sticky label! Huh!

It wer one of these here like wots on the other apples like.


Quilt, cushion, throw head down on the Kitchen floor – No cramps yet. Soon nooded off despite me worries… poor old grumps eh?

3 thoughts on “15 July 2015: Inchcock Today: Double Council Tax to pay!

  1. Where’s Robbin Hood when you need him? Taxes are like Fruit of the Loom shorts: they are always sneaking up on you! But seriously, double whammy taxes really suck!

  2. You could throw your own version of our Boston Tea Party Inchy. Or burn something equivalent to a bra in front of the Tax man’s office.
    I have to admit I’m chuckling about you eating the label on the apple, but really having a problem with the fact that you have to pay taxes on a flat that you rent. Over here only the owner pays taxes, the renter pays rent, which probably has tax figured in it, but we don’t pay taxes on the apartment.
    I’m so sad to hear your sofa and chair were gone, but on the bright side that only means that you will have something much better coming on sale in the future. I’ve always tried to look at things that way, if it’s meant for me, it will be there when I get back, but if it’s gone, then something better will come along soon. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for something better, and soon, so you can sleep in a bed and not have to keep picking yourself up off that floor every morning. When I am on the floor I have to crawl around looking for anything that may have fallen and need picking up, cleaning up, or just dusting away, because getting down there is difficult, and getting back up is half a day’s work in itself. I wish I could send you a comfortable reclining chair like the one I sleep in, but I only have the one and it was a gift from my kids, so sorry, but I do need that.
    I hope tomorrow will be better for you my friend. Mine started with my phone out of order, but it is finally working, so I’m happy. Take care of you for me, okay? Love you my friend.

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