Thur 16th July 2015: Hot water… at last! Whoopsiedangleplop! Busy busy day!

Thursday 16th July 2015

Got a good dream filled 6 hours kip in last night! (Not that I can remember much of them, just gallows, many witches and me drowning) 

Woke up with a start again – mind racing…

‘Got to meet Pete 1000hrs at his bus-stop in town’: Can’t do that, I checked the buses last night, first one at 0930hrs doesn’t get into town until 1008hrs.

Fretted a bit over the bills that had arrived.

Must get back for 1230hrs as the maintenance man is coming to refit the door lock twixt then and 1630hrs. Will I have time to get me things done – wanted to get some hearing aids from the audio clinic, call in Jessops to get help with me camera and get some bread… Something will have to be missed. Tsk!

Delighted when I made a cuppa to take my meditations and found that I had hot-water coming from the taps.

Had a bath and wash-up. during which I found: The wrist bruising is much less now (Not that that stopped me banging it on the cupboard door twice like).

The ‘Little Inch’ was so tender and had been bleeding again.

The cancer wound was itching more than ever.

Me knees wus having a visit from Arthur Itis in a bad mood.

Anne Gyna was giving the usual signals that she does sometimes before playing up. Oh dear!

The haemorrhoids were tingling a bit, but very little blood.

The usually sticking-open Reflux Valve has sank back down a bit into me chest – not sure what to expect now – it very rarely does that?


Put some baked beans in a bowl and marinated them for later on: A little touch of mild curry powder, half a teaspoon of English mustard, a sprinkle of Worcester sauce, a splash of vinegar, a spoon of unrefined demerara sugar and a few sultanas.

Made another cuppa, the first one went cold. Pondered on me repair jobs upcoming: Today: the locks being changed. Friday: Kitchen vent being repaired. Monday: Kitchen cupboard being repaired. Tuesday: Store Room checked for safe to use situation. Thursday next: Draughts in Kitchen to be assessed. Wed 29th: Smoke Alarm checks… on and on… And along with the many already set and expected weekly medical appointments it’s no wonder I’m a confused little Nottingham Lad. Hehehe!

I wish I could stop me mind racing fretting and unendingly (Now there is a word one doesn’t type very often! Just a thought – plenty of them bouncing around in me confused mind at the moment) banging away.

Laptop on and started this diary, checked emails, got this posted.

Got the things I’ll need for the meet with Pete. Bus-pass, timetable, notes of what needs doing (Not that will get done anyway),  nibbles for Pete and Jane, camera, mobile phone… bet I’ve missed summat out.

DSCF0122Put me alarm on me new little £3 clock to remind me when it got close to time to get ready fer bus to meet Pete. Natty little clock Did a bit of Facebooking. It’s got a little tiny light on it to the left of the face so I can find it in the dark… hehe!

And it tells me written on the box that it is Recyclable too.

Went down to the lobby and had a go on me crossword book, some residents arrived and I managed to get a little nattering done with some of them.

Dean Walker (The Heroine of mine who found me keys the other day) came in and was so busy. She handed me the new lock that was to be fitted to me flat door later, replacing the excellent one already fitted?

Caught the bus L9 in to town and met Pete at his bus stop, timed it just right for once.

We went to the Jessop camera store and a young man was very patient with me and showed me how to clear the grid I’d managed to get on the screen. He said the photographs were already being saved at the smallest available to these cheaper-end cameras. Humph! Hehe.

We plodded up the hill to the Audio Clinic. Gawd me feel and legs were hurting summat rotten by the time we got there! Agonomy it wer!

0302Got me batteries and some tubes for me hearing-aids. And we strolled down the hill into town.

We walked down St Peter’s Street. A quaint looking old street indeed.

Pete took a photo of me near the Noshery, with a view of the old street in the background.

Not many folk on it nowadays, it’s used more as a cut-through than anyone actually shopping in it nowadays.

We went into the slab square0303.

Where I spotted a crow manipulating a discarded bag to get into the contents. Much impressed I was too with it’s dexterity.

I wonder what it was in the bag that attracting him/her to work so hard to get at it?

I left Pete and wandered up to the bus-stop to catch the L9 to the flats.

When it arrived, I put away me crossword book and went to get on – Whoopsiedangleplop time again! No bus-pass to be found!

0304The bus pulled off and left me feeling a twit and searching me pockets for the pass! I knew I had it when I got to the bus-stop… repeatedly searched me multitude of pockets without any luck.

Then, noticed it laying there on the pavement. I know I’ve said this before and will again no doubt – Wot a plonka!

Actually it turned out okay, cause I realised I had time to get a bus to Carrington and get the meters read for the gas and electric, and collect a bag of stuff to take to the flat, so maybe it was good that I didn’t get on the bus to Sherwood?

 dropped off in Carrington, no yobs about, and made me way to the dump.

Someone had filled me bin with rubbish bless them.

Got in and down the cellar to record the meter readings and wrote them down!

Then had a search round for things I could manage to carry in me bag back to the  flat. Got some hearing plugs, paperwork to sort later, a blanket, some trousers, cutlery and socks.

Some mail had been delivered – including me INR test results.

0201AppsLater I called the doctors about this – as they told me over the phone yesterday (Unless I miss-heard them) that my next appointment was for Monday 27th at 0915hrs. The hospital record card said it was for the Monday 20th July?

She initially said yes it was for the 27th – I pointed out the QMC results I got through the post to the old house  said the 2oth.

She then said she would change it to Monday 20th at 0950hrs – but I had two appointments on that Monday with the repair men coming. I explained this but they had no free appointment for the time the repairmen were here… Tsk!

So she made it for the 21st on Tuesday – now I’m going to get letters e-mails and phone calls from the Anticoagulation at the Queens Medical Centre about missing me Monday appointment and I’ll have to explain everything to them again! If I can remember all this then like.

Got me bags, not too heavy if I wasn’t going to walk a long way with them and made me way to the bus-stop and caught one into Sherwood.

Me feet and knees were really bad now.

In Sherwood when I dropped off bus, I walked up the hill to the bus-stop going in the opposite direction. To see if an L8 bus was due so I could avoid the slog up the hill on Winchester street wiv me bags like. No, 40 minutes to the next one – so I painfully struggled up the hill to the flats.

Quite proud of missen when I got in the flat. (Smug mode adopted – mind you the cramps will get me tonight for all me hill climbing – Hehehe!).

I WC’d and made a cuppa. Put me bags in the living room and set about sorting the paperwork. What a grind that was.

Laptop on and updated this diary of Woe.


Looking out for the locksmith chap…

Cleaned the bathroom with me new ‘do-as-it-wants’ expensive mop. Talk about streaks. Huh! Might have been me mind doing summat wrong?

Waiting for the worker-chaps to arrive to do replace the flat door lock.

Got an email from the GP surgery telling me I had an appointment on the 29th with the surgery nurse at 0930hrs? Well, that’s the day that Swift’s are doing the Smoke and Fire alarm checks. Int life complicated sometimes! Huh, Tsk and flippin’ ‘eck!

The locksmith chap arrived and put the new lock in – took him about three minutes. He gave me two keys and toddled off.

I tried to clean the frame of the window in the kitchen – even tried scouring pads, but not good. The decay and ground in marks ain’t ‘avin’ it!

Put me beans in the oven to bake em a bit more with the veg pastie and two sausages. Doing them slowly, don’t know why mind.

0305I found a photograph what I took today amongst the ones I knew about that I’ve already posted – but this one is a total mystery to me?

The only thing I can think of, is maybe either the Jessops man or missen took it while he was showing me how to select and deselect the grid option on the camera… perhaps. But I don’t know really. Have you any ideas please? Ah well!

Nosh in’t oven not quite hot enough yet. Tested it by opening oven door and sticking me finger in the beans. I like the taste of this recipe, must write it down for later.

DSCF0129Ah, ready now, excuse me while I get it down me neck.

8.5/10 for this, it was great tasting!

I decided I’d go out for a walk like, and take some photographs of the park and call to see BJ.

When I left the flat – the new door lock would not lock!

Hellfire damnations and huh! – a Whoopsiedangleplop not of me own making this time!

I went down to the lobby to find the number required from the lost on the wall and a lady told me to dial ‘O’ on the internal phone to get someone to talk to about it.

So I thanked her and did like.

The chap at the other end (Couldn’t hear him 100%) I told him about having a new lock fitted today and he gleefully said “Who fitted the lock, it’s in your tenancy agreement you can’t do that without permission!”.

I told him City Homes fitted the lock and he said no more on the matter. He then told me he’d contact City Homes and get back to me about it.

So, I’m updating this diary while I wait.

“Whistling tunelessly and picking my nose now…”.

“Scratching me bum now…”

Too late for me to go out now and see BJ to look at the bed he had in mind for me.

“Washed the inside of the microwave while waiting…”

No one rang back, but a chappy-fella arrived and got the lock working working. I asked him what the problem had been and he said sometimes with these locks when you install them you can push the outer-lip out a tad too much. So when you use the key you must press and hold it in and not pull at the key when it is in the lock.

Very encouraging that. The old lock I was happy with but officialdom deemed had to go was never any trouble. Be interesting when I come to use the key when me arthritis is playing up… oh I’m fed-up!

Got another City Homes pretend maintenance man or men coming tomorrow as well. They or he or she is coming to mend the broken Air-vent in the kitchen.

Well past my bedtime now, so no Facebooking tonight.

Such a tiring day again.

Woke with a start – dream fresh in my mind: I was running on ledges outside sky-scrapers being chased – I was wearing yellow day-glow tea shirt and long-john underpants – I felt young… then I was stood in a long queue at St Peters gate reading an electric wiring leaflet for toasters, although it was written in French? – Mmmm? 

Take care all, cheers.

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    • Two of a Kind (1961)
      Haha… brings to mind the Morecombe & Wise opening song to their shows from the 60’s:
      ♫ Two of a kind, for your information, we’re two of a kind,
      Two of a kind, it’s our observation, we’re two of a kind,
      Like peas in a pod and birds of a feather,
      Alone or together, you’ll find
      That we are two-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo of a kind! ♫
      I had to look that up, but the tune came into me mind as soon as I read yer comment Dunc.

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