Sun 9 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Working away…

Sunday 9th August 2015


0205hrs and every 10 minutes until 0515hrs: Woke with ‘Little Inch swollen throbbing, bleeding, sore and painful.

I don’t understand how I managed to get so many dreams in, I was awake more than asleep? Wrote down bits I recalled to put her later.

What a dream and a half!:

Drowning again, this time in paint! Massive vat of the stuff, every time I got near the side, someone appeared and laughingly pushed me back down again… this seemed to go on for ages, then some bloke appeared in the sky and shooed away the people, looked down at me, smiled gently and dropped a hand grenade in the paint?

The paint splashed out of the tank, and I followed it with me right arm missing from the grenade inflicted injury, and started cleaning up the splashes with a sponge on a stick – most odd.

A chap, who reminded me of Tony Blair, but looked like Stalin was singing on a stage in a cloudy basement that had pictures of concentration camps on the walls and was serving drinks with straws in to everyone, crowded, some people I thought I recognised. A fire started but no one seemed interested – I was trying to find the fire alarm and extinguishers but couldn’t.

When I moved to get up, the pain from ‘Little Inch’ was excruciating, and still is. The back is aching summat crude as well, and the reflux valve is sticking again.

0707bTook a photo from the kitchen window to doctor later, then one from the bedroom window through the netting of the CCTV camera that we all pay for on the roof, that was pointing well away in the distance towards Arnold? Lot of good that is as security for the building!

WC’d made a cuppa and took me medications, including extra painkillers.

Then got me head around what needs doing at the flat:

Today: Second load of washing to do – then I must empty the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen ready for the Nottingham City Homes demolition men to arrive Monday to tear them out so they can get to fill in one of the holes in the kitchen wall. Then move everything to the other side of the kitchen out of their way.

When (if) they get that done, Monday I must clean up after them, then get everything from the hallway bedroom and living room moved into the kitchen and bathroom so the carpet man can do his thing and get them fitted – then I have me ‘rearranged by the dentist without informing me’ appointment to attend at 1430hrs!

Friday this week, the next set of demolition men are to remove and install a new kitchen window.

I’ve depressed missen now thinking of it all. Tsk!

I had a go on Facebook, then do me photo doctoring while I’ve got the chance – cause I can sense that I’m not going to be feeling too good later – what with the reflux valve, Little Inch, the back-pain stabbing away and so much to get done having had so little sleep again. I hope I can get Little Inch to calm down when I have me bath.

So much needs doing, remembering and forking-out for, I think I might implode! Tsk!

DSCF0232 Spent hours sorting and moving stuff in t’kitchen ready for tomorrows repairs. After they are done (If they get done), got toDSCF0233 more, in fact everything else into the kitchen from all the flat so as the cowboy can fit the carpets!

Tired now, made some nosh.

The chips were tasteless and should be condemned as dangerous to taste-buds!

Rated 5.4/10.

I realised they were Low-fat after I’d bought them.

Got things ready and nipped down to the laundry-room, luckily one machine free, put the washing in and started it and nipped back up to update this diary.

Then down and did crossword book for a while until machine done, then into the drier. (The washing, not me like)

Popped out and had a little walk around taking me camera with me just in case, but ended up just going around the block and back in – boy the wind!

Did me crosswords until it were ready. Met a couple of the tenants I recognised and had a chin-wag which was nice.

Back up to the flat, made a cuppa, laptop on to finish this and took me evening medications.

Not looking forward to the next couple of days hassle.


14 thoughts on “Sun 9 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Working away…

  1. Let’s just see what this will do now. First, STOP! Take a day off and relax. Angel’s orders here. All of this won’t do you any good if you wind up in hospital from over working yourself to death. It is time for you to rest and relax for a day. GOT IT?

    Okay, now that we have that straight, I’ve forgotten everything else I wanted to say. Oh, I remember, I’m going to start a club for Insomniacs. I’ll give it a clever name if I can think of one, and you can be the Honorary Chairman, since you have problems sleeping because of the pain. I’ll blog about it today, so you can read all about it later, if you want to chime in about the name or some guidelines.

    Next, see the first part.
    Take care of you Inchy.

    • That sounds good to me Angie, taking a day off… but the next two/three days are fully booked I’m afraid gal, kind thought though thanks pet.
      Repairs, cupboards and drawers being ripped out this morning so they can get to the hole in the wall and fill it with foam (That’s the plan anyway?).
      Then Dentists appointment.
      Tues carpets being laid – I hope.
      Wed/Thr window being replaced in the kitchen, then Clinic appointment. I’ll need a few days after that to sort the mess out and arrange stuff to be brought from the old place IF I can get hold of the elusive Steve from Age UK that is…
      The Angel-Inch Non-kippers Club sounds fun. Hehe!
      I appreciate your care Angie. One day we’ll both get sorted out and relax a bit surely? TTFN pet.

      • Let’s hope we can relax, and soon Gerry. I need a cure for insomnia, and the sooner the better. One of the side effects of MS, or so they tell me. Almost as common as the headaches, and since I’ve grown accustomed to the headaches, maybe some day I’ll get used to the insomnia. It can’t happen soon enough for me.

        I love the name of the club. We’ll get that started by the end of the week, or month, or at least the year, depending on whether I ever get moved or not. They have stopped work on this building and started on the sister building, while about 25 projects over here are unfinished. I don’t know if or when they will ever finish, because they are running out of money now. Ah, life gets tedious at times.

      • It do too Angie. Having someone else like your pulchritudinous self to chat with and send cuddles to helps me. Cheers pet, i’m praying for yer get some kip now! XXX

    • Oh, well, if he can afford a vacation in France, he could even reach down deep in his pocket to come up with my raise. Or we could have one of those secret meetings, like they do in Washington over here, and vote ourselves a raise each, and take it out of a special fund, like they do over here, and just listen to him gripe while we laugh behind our hands.

      • Hehehe! Good idea Angie Angel! We have the @Look-after-yourself-at-all-costs politicians here too!
        They are generally Liars, nepotists, nihilists and ingordigious personages every-one of em!
        I imagine it’s just the same over there gal?
        Mr Steedenski, being addicted to the Claret, has the driven urge to go to France fer his holidays (Vacation) so he can sample the more expensive ones out of sight of the locals like. Hehe!
        Take care pet.

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