Inchcock Today Thu 15 Oct 15: Trapped in the flat!

Thursday 15th October 2015

Up at 0555hrs – straight to the porcelain yet again – ‘Little Inchy’ in a state. Managed to slow the bleeding but will have to monitor it today. If it carries on bleeding like this I’ll have to call for some help. At least the rear end was not bleeding to bad at all.

I can’t remember getting up this late since I’ve been here – must have been well tired, I reckon I had 7 hours of kip and only woke up once or twice, good that… I think?

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Email from the GP surgery, they cannot give an appointment for me INR Warfarin test for Monday or Tuesday next, told me I have to go to the phlebotomy dep’t at the Queens Medical Centre to have my blood tests done on Monday.

That cheered me up no end that did. First a bus from here 0930hrs – into town 102ohrs – bus to the QMC arriving approx 1100hrs – wait in queue for an hour at least often longer, then all that pa-lava to get back and the day will be gone! No laundry will get done on this Monday then. Tsk!

IMG_0027IMG_0026The Morrison chappie arrived and I put the stuff away in me already bulging cupboards and fridge.

Good that though all the same. With me not getting out for a few days now I know I’ll not run out of nosh anyway. Hehe!

01topj6IMG_0014I posted the photographs of the pigeons I took yesterday to TFZ and the Birds & Plants sites.

I heaved a load of seed and earth worm pellets out for them and grabbed me camera.


I like the way I managed to catch them in the second photo with them incoming to land and fanning their back feathers to slow them down, claws and feet ready to land and to do battle with the others to get the fodder.

Couldn’t do that in Nottingham – I’d get a fine or arrested.

Made a cuppa, passed wind, rushed to the WC.

01topj2Facebooked for a bit.


I was just emailing Sir Lynton, telling him of me problems with the Wilko delivery – and blow me down – it arrived.

Stored it in the so called hallway.

IMG_0030Mind you I can’t get out of the flat very easily now it has come. Hehe!


I decided to get to the dentist to book an appointment, go to the Co-op to get a TV paper, drop me donations off at the Hospice charity shop and see if I can arrange to book some goes on their lottery and have a look in the charity shop over the road to see if they had any book cases in yet that might fit in the living room. oh, and drop in the Winwood Community shed with letters for the previous tenant that have been delivered.

Got missen ready, took me midday medications and set off.

Went to the shed, it was open but no one there. Left the mail and some nibbles for em and walked towards the hill up into the woods to trek to the shops and the L8 bus pulled in, so I got on that.

One of the residents got off and I gave her a choice of nibbles and said hello. The driveress, the nice one was driving the bus, so I gave her a choice of nibbles too. She opted for a bag of white chocolate mice.

Went in the dentist and bravely approached the Obergruppenfurher on reception and booked an appointment for December 7th.

Then walked over and looked in the Sue Ryder shop but they no book cases in.

IMG_0031Back across the road and into Wilko to see if they had any of the wood dye I got the last month from them – none in stock.

Out and back up the road into the Sherwood Co-op store.

Got a pot noodle BBQ flavour, a TV paper, some special offer priced Stagg Chilli-con-carne with wedges at £1 from £1.90 and a pack of two vanilla cream cakes fell into me bag somehow…

IMG_0032A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist shot in front of and over the road.

Walked back through the Woodthorpe Grange Park back up to the flats.

Not many folk about today.

Mind you, the few that were there had fun with their woof-woofs.


Almost looks like a painting?

The changing seasons were still offering some wonderful different colour trees for me to enjoy looking at though.

It seemed serene and peaceful as I plodded on up the hill and right down to the flats.

I struggled passed the Wilko box’s into the flat and to the porcelain.

I noticed some bits on the kitchen floor as I put the kettle on.


Scrubbed at and then soaked the glue residue for hours – to no avail!

Got the brush and pan out and swept the bit into it – but they stuck on the pan – the glue from the label was still there and hyper sticky. I decided it was well time to try again to remove it. Huh!

I tried various concoction and mixes of bleach, washing-up liquid, flash kitchen spray, Fairy power spray, Dettol cleaner, scouring pads, metal scraper liquid soda and elbow grease – to no avail!

So I left the pan soaking in the sink for a few hours.

Started the laptop and updated this diary.


Went back to the soaking pan and had another go at it with the scraper. Nothing – the glue remained in place! I may have to throw it away and get another one, but making sure the next one does not have a label stuck in it!

Then realised I’d stained the sink! Another job to tackle.

WC’d yet again! Worrying this is. Had to clean up ‘Little Inchy’ again. Not feeling too good now. Decided against starting sorting the Wilko order out until the morning – dizzy spell and headache now – what next! Tsk!

IMG_0035Going to have some Mulligatawny and Beef and vegetable soup with bread thins tonight methinks for a change.

Got it in the pan ready for later.

Took me evening medications.


Cleaned the sink and polished it – best I could manage anyway. Huh!

01topj3Did a bit of Facebooking and some graphicationalising again.

I discovered it is a Special Day today in America.

“White Cane Safety Day”!

Apparently: The United State president may issue each year a proclamation calling on people in the United States to observe White Cane Safety Day with appropriate ceremonies and activities. It is a time when communities across the nation re-affirm their commitment to improve access to basic services for blind and visually impaired people.
Organizations, such as Lions Clubs International and the National Federation of the Blind, organize promotional activities involving the public as part of a goal to help to increase awareness of the use of the white cane and the laws that govern its use. Activities such as visual displays, walks, meetings, public service announcements, and the distribution of t-shirts reminding people about the day are all part of the day’s activities. White Cane Safety Day also reminds people that motor vehicles and pedestrians should yield the right of way to blind or visually impaired people using canes.

Nice that!

WC’d. Getting a bit annoying this now…

I checked on the glue residue on me pan soaking in the sink – still there! Dried it off tearing the paper towels as I did so and making an even bigger mess!

Had me soup nosh and fatigued again I had a bath and shave and into me jammies.

Boldly reset the crap TV and managed to remove some of the stations so it is easier to check through them to find what’s on what.

Nodded off.

10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Thu 15 Oct 15: Trapped in the flat!

  1. I’ve been following your posts, but I haven’t had time to comment. I hadn’t heard the Lions Club mentioned in years. My dad was really involved with the Lions Club, and being a ham radio operator, he used to do the Lion’s Eyebank net. I remember one time I went out to the airport with my dad to pick up a pair of eyes. The State Police where there the transport them, and they had to open the container to check the contents. That was the first time I saw eyes out of a head. Like Little Red Riding Hood, I was surprised how big those eyes were. The old days.

    • I’m really glad this prompted some memories for you Tim.
      Seeing eyes out of the sockets must have been a shock to you?
      Have you ever heard or seen one of my favourite comedian Tony Hancock’s ‘The RAdio Ham?’
      I saw the first showing of this on a neighbours TV set and fell in love with his dry humour, or rather the writers dry humour and his interpretation of it.
      Bet your Dad wasn’t like this? Hehe!

      • That’s really funny. All the equipment is about right. I remember when I lived in Spain I met a Brit who was playing a game of chess with someone in South America, mailing their moves back and forth via snail mail. The game had been going on for like a year.

      • No. I don’t remember any May Days, but he did talk to people all over the world. He also had loads of vacuum tubes.

      • Can you recall if the tubes glowed and hummed Tim? I bet it was interesting. I had a scanner some years ago and found it fascinating to listen to other conversations, it would have been even better if could have joined in. Some of the things people discussed on air made me blush and blink. Hehe!

      • No idea what a linear amplifier is Tim – I put this down to me lack of education. Hehe! Nice to get the memory prompted now and then though. Reminded me now of the (don’t know what you call them now) radio Dad had to warm up for ages and then we kept losing the station and seemed to have to be retuning all the time. TTN mate.

  2. what’s in those boxes from Wilko, inchy ?

    looks like there might be some serious lifting/assembly involved here so perhaps best you don’t try to do anything with those parcels until BJ or myself are able to give you a hand !

    • Jolly decent of you Dunc. Made a mess of the ordering (Fancy that now). Thought I’d ordered brown cushions but they were cushion covers – Tsk! The big box’s are sets of three drawer cabinets. Hope your keeping well mate.

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